Adama – Telos II – Chapter 13 – by Adama

Dear brothers and sisters! I AM ADAMA!

Today I’m going to comment on chapter 13 of book II of Telos. I’m going to comment on a very interesting subject that will seem totally out of context to many. I’m going to talk about dragons. A long time ago, everyone on this planet lived in harmony, many beings that you now think only exist in children’s stories coexisted naturally with humans; everyone was respected, among them the dragons, with their huge wings, their enormous bodies, they participated in our daily lives peacefully

And what happened to these beings? These beings are empowered with great power. They use, treat and work with the elements: air, water, earth and fire. There are elemental dragons that are exclusively the elements, but the great dragons can live and dwell in any of them. In the minds of many humans at the time of the fall of consciousness, this ability was much envied because humans wanted power. They understood that this magic would come from the blood of the dragons, and so the killing began, so that they would have access to the blood and supposedly acquire the power of the dragons.

I can’t deny that many of them joined the humans. In an attempt to survive, they chose the wrong side and began to have attitudes that were not very appropriate for a Being of Light, but they all understood that they had made a mistake. And today, they are practically all within the Light. What can I tell you? That they have immense power and are actively participating in the evolution of the planet. Yes, they are here, along with all the other galactic brothers and sisters in your skies.

Now it’s very important that each of you doesn’t look at it as something to be discovered or with curiosity. There must be respect for them. They are very close to those whose hearts have opened to the Light, and they stand as protective beings for many inhabitants on the planet. And I can assure you that they are fabulous guardians. They keep their protégés safe from any attack, no matter what. Having a dragon by your side isn’t something you ask for, it’s something you earn by walking the path, by rising up.

So you can have one, two or even more dragons around you, as well as your masters, your angels and your guides. It’s a real army protecting just one human being. But these human beings who have this protection are special beings, beings who, if they didn’t have this protection, would no longer be on the planet, because they are beings who bother those who are still dominating the planet. But there’s no way to get to them. There’s no way to get to them. They are very well protected.

So if you want contact with a dragon, all you need is a very pure heart and you simply agree to receive a guardian. How will this happen? Within your own journey. Each of you will be led to have this contact, to acquire this gift. There’s no point in insisting, there’s no point in asking, everything will come at the right time, for each of you. No, I’m not saying here that you will all have dragons to protect you, but you will have their energy around you, helping you to rise, helping you to ascend.

So, my brothers, simply open your hearts.

They are flying around in your skies. Anyone who can reach the frequency of the Fifth Dimension will be able to see them flying naturally, because they are here populating your planet, only in a higher dimension. Soon, you will all have the chance to see them. Because there will be a day when they appear to you. There will be a day when all the elementals of earth, air, water and fire will show themselves to you. All the elementals of the forest will show themselves to you.

And then many humans will understand why they have always believed in these beings, they didn’t know why, but they believed in their existence. It’s because in your hearts you’ve already lived with these beings, made friends with them. The respect was mutual. So deep down in your soul, you always knew that they existed, and there will come a time when each of you will come into contact with them again. All you have to do is continue on this path of ascension. All you have to do is keep rising and believing that everything, everything has to be done through one path: through Love.

Translated by: Leticia Balbino

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