Adama – Telos II – Chapter 14 – By Adama

Dear brothers and sisters! I AM ADAMA!

Continuing our journey, today we are going to comment on chapter 14 of book II of Telos.

In this chapter, two important glands in your bodies are discussed: the pituitary and the pineal glands. Many people wonder why some brothers and sisters have easy contact with Beings of Light and others do not? The path of each soul is defined at the moment of its creation. Each soul is created for a purpose. No soul is created without a purpose.

Some souls are special; they are souls who take on interstellar missions, who come forward to be part of armies, to work directly in battles against the non-Light. And so they are prepared throughout their existence for the moment of that mission to happen. But at no time there is never a lower or higher soul; there are different purposes.

Many people ask themselves: “What have I come to this incarnation for, what is the purpose of my soul?” And many can’t find an answer. Why? Because they basically compare themselves with other, more evolved souls. And from the moment that comparison is made, the ego starts to trigger that…” You’re nothing, what have you done, where are you important?” and then you start to think you’re really inferior, that you’ve come here for a ride, as many of you say.

So I’m going to give you some examples of the functions of souls: those who come to shelter new souls; to be mothers or fathers of important souls, because they must know how to raise them, educate them so that they become what they were created to be; many come to take care of animals; many come to bring peace among a people; many come to serve, but to serve with their hearts without diminishing themselves for it. So I can tell each and every one of you that your souls did not come here for nothing. Each soul has a purpose when it incarnates. And each soul fractal, wherever it is, will be fulfilling the same purpose; in different ways, but fulfilling the same purpose.

No one is inferior to anyone else; neither as a human being nor as a soul. So what is said in this chapter? That very soon, all those who continue on the journey of ascension will regain their innate soul powers. All souls have powers. Over time, with the incarnations you’ve had and the whole process of duality, these powers have been obscured or obstacles have been created for them to act. But they are there. They belong to the soul. The fractal has the same powers as the soul.

So many today already have their powers active, others are just starting out. But is anyone superior because of this? No, they’re not. Let’s just say that many have come on a mission to be a little further ahead, so that they can attract those who come behind them. So don’t think you’re inferior to those who today have direct contact with the Beings of Light, because you all have this contact. You can’t because you don’t believe. You can’t because you don’t train. You don’t succeed because you think you’re not worthy. 

The day you accept that you are the same as everyone else and that you will be able to have this contact, you will. Because it’s there, innate in your soul. You’re not doing anything to get something new. What you are doing is unblocking something that has been prevented from acting. And that’s what the incoming Light is doing. And that’s where the glands I mentioned at the beginning come in. The pineal gland of most of human civilization is practically a stone, because substances have been put into their food to calcify this gland. What happens to a calcified gland? It almost runs out of energy; the energy needed for telepathy, for contact with beings. It is the gateway to your communication with your Higher Self, and from there with all other beings.

So what is the Light doing? It is decalcifying this gland. It is constantly bombarding this gland so that it goes back to what it once was. Is the process quick? No, it isn’t, because it takes millennia, millennia and millennia to calcify this gland, and the decalcification has to be proportional to the evolution of the being. For those who have not yet awakened, the intensity is less. Why is that? Because it depends on their will. For those of you who are awake, the intensity is maximum, so that you can decalcify this gland and it can serve its purpose, which is contact with the astral.

Many of you today already have this contact, but you don’t believe it, you think it’s a thing of the head, a thing of the mind. So start believing in what you receive as thoughts and in your intuitions. When you come to believe that they are not things of the mind, you will see that contact exists. We make no distinction as to who calls us; neither we nor the Beings of Light. Each person who invokes our name or thinks of us, the connection ends; we receive, and we give back. It’s up to each of you how you receive it.

Many of you are receiving our communication directly because you are on this journey. We, the Lemurians, are acting directly on your hearts, giving you strength, courage and help on this journey, showing you some things, helping you to find your way. So don’t think that we’re just here talking, talking, talking. We are all connected to each one of you who is making this journey, and we are passing on to each one of you a lot of Love and a lot of Light, collaborating in the process of ascension, collaborating in the decalcification of your pineal gland.

Fear nothing. The powers will appear the moment you are ready. Nothing happens before its time. You can’t have all the powers without being ready to live them. Many say they see, they do. Beware! Those who spread the word that they see, do and happen, usually none of this is true. The powers belong to each individual. It’s the ego that needs to spread them, not the truth. 

So if you have something that’s happening to you, that’s yours, you don’t need to publish it to the world. Live in your moment, because this is also evaluated, and you can take a step back. So everyone lives your moment. Each of you increases the intensity of the Light that comes in so that everything begins to change. And it is in this way, always moving forward, that you will get your powers back, but each in your own time when you are ready.

I tell you, these powers are often not pleasant. You won’t always see good things, but you won’t always be able to move on. Then you’ll suffer alone without being able to say a word, because what you’re seeing is part of the other person’s journey and you can’t help it. Is that easy to live with? I assure you, no. It takes a lot of love in your heart and a lot of preparation to access everything that is to come. 

So be patient because everything will happen at the right time, at the right time. And don’t think that you will have powers just for the sake of having them; these powers must always be applied in the name of Love, in the name of the Light, otherwise you will be leaving the path of ascension and entering another path in a very dangerous way.

Your glands are cleansed by eating, drinking lots of water and emanating lots of Love. The more you take care of this, the faster the process becomes. You are prepared more quickly. Just trust and believe, everything will happen at the right time.

Translated by Luiz Santos

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