Adama – Telos III – Chapter 4 – by Adama

Dear brothers and sisters! I AM ADAMA!

Today we’re going to comment on chapter 4 of book III of Telos. In this chapter Aurelia opens her heart about the many doubts she still felt in her heart. I’m not going to comment on Aurelia’s doubts here.

The aim is to remind each of you, to look inside. You have been used, guided and led to create routines for survival, to stay in this dimension. You have to wake up, get ready, work, look after the house, look after the children, look after the family. Nothing can go wrong. Nothing can be faulty.

Some of you even take these routines lightly, but many of you give yourselves over to them as a life goal, and if anything goes wrong, it becomes an eternal despair. They even break their own balance. I’d like each one of you to look into your heart and ask yourself a single question: “This task I’m doing, am I doing it automatically or am I doing it because my heart asks me to?”

I’m sure many of you are already saying: “We do it automatically”. And why does it have to be like that? Why does it have to be repeated line by line, every day? Why? Because someone taught it to you, because someone imposed it on you, because society wanted it that way? Then I’ll ask you another question: “What does your heart say?” And I’ll answer it for you. Most of you will answer: “That your heart has nothing to do with it”. And when you listen to it, it’s very upsetting.

What is ascension to the Fifth Dimension? It’s freeing yourself from ties. Freeing yourself from beliefs. Freeing yourself from routines. Freeing yourself from patterns. The ego loves patterns, it loves routines that are never broken, and why? Because it’s comfortable for it, it knows the beginning, middle and end of that process. So it’s satisfying, it doesn’t bother. If you break a routine, break a pattern, the ego gets lost, and then it starts thinking: “You’re not going to make it. This path isn’t the right one. Why did you change? It’ll be worse, it won’t be better,” and you end up believing in it, because it shouts at you so much that you stop trying to change.

So I issue a challenge to each one of you. Change your routines, break your patterns. You are in charge of your homes. I also understand that there are partners who don’t agree, who don’t accept, who need to continue with the patterns. So you have a second task: to change, to break your patterns, but not to provoke the anger of those around you. You’ll have to learn to go slowly, but change.

The answers are quite interesting: “I can’t change jobs. I can’t change my family. I can’t change who I have around me”. And I answer: Why can’t you change jobs? Did you set out with your heart to find something better for yourself, or are you just stuck in the financial world? The moment you open your heart and allow yourself to receive what the universe has to give you, I guarantee that another job will appear, and it will be very good for your heart.

You can’t change your family. And I ask you: “Why not?” Do you prefer to lead disharmony and imbalance because you need to maintain a family, or maybe you can change and come to love this family even more? Everything are rules. Everything are standards. You’ve been taught that you have to live together at all costs, even if it brings suffering and disharmony. Who is that good for? It’s not good for anyone.

Understand, you really can’t change the people around you, because everyone has their own path and their own ego, but I assure you that if you change, it may be uncomfortable at first, but you’ll be doing what your heart asks you to do. And if those people don’t accept you with your change, that’s something you need to think about. You can’t try to change people, but you can be an example to them. You can present new arguments, but with no arguing, just showing what you’re managing to absorb and gain from your change of attitude.

Each one of you is part of the Whole. A drop doesn’t just hit the place where it falls, it spreads, it causes a movement. So be a drop. Start listening to your heart. Get out of the rules. Get out of the patterns. Of course, within the world you live in, there are some rules that can’t be broken. So let only those block you. Only those. The ones you can’t go against. They are the rules of your world. So you don’t have much choice. Now the rules imposed by society, by customs, by habits, are good for whom? For those who created them, to keep you always inside your cocoons, so that you never put your head outside. Because outside you have freedom, you have Love and you have the happiness of following your heart, not what is imposed on you.

Don’t confuse freedom with mess or disorder. Freedom is doing things without rules, without standards, and if you say to every repetitive task: “I’m going to break this rule, for something that’s good for my heart”. Memorize this phrase, and with each thing you find yourself repeating, because it’s a rule, affirm these words, but affirm them from the heart. And I guarantee that you will begin to attract new possibilities, new paths, which will certainly bring you more joy, less weariness, less routine.

My brothers and sisters, it is the heart, not the mind, that must command your paths. The mind brought you here. The mind has filled you with judgments, rules, which today no longer serve you, can no longer be part of your souls, your minds. Do you want to ascend? Then listen to your heart. Break the patterns. Break the rules that can be broken. Look at everything with Love. Look at things from the positive side.

Even in major disasters there is always a positive side. For those who are in the middle of the problem, they can’t see this positive side, because they only look at the suffering, the pain. But there’s a lesson there and for us it’s a positive side, it’s a moment of evolution, it’s a moment of learning. When someone mentions something negative, put it on the positive side. Break that energy, don’t continue the subject. Break the energy emanating from that person, and if it was you who emanated it, do the same thing.

Always look on the positive side. Speak positive words. Don’t comment on the negative. Your world is now full of negative things for you to comment on, to focus on, not on the positive. As we’ve been saying, the masses are boiling, because they’ve reached their limit. So they need to turn your world into a boiling cauldron, so that you only comment on the heat and pain of the boiling. But your world is not that cauldron. Your world is much bigger than that. So look at your world with Love. Always look on the positive side.

You want to ascend, we know you do, so start changing. So that the change is light, easy. Because there will come a time when you need to rise, and the lesson can be very painful, very painful. Don’t let your lessons be heavy. Minimize the force of the lessons. How? By looking at everything with love, breaking patterns and rules that can be broken. Make yourself happy. Forget about others. Don’t live in dependence on others. Others are others, and they have their own journey. If they judge you, that’s their problem, not yours. Follow the path of your heart and you’re sure to raise your vibration quickly.

Translated by: Ivana Bueno

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