Archangel Michael Live – 07-12-23


Since you always want to, I’m going to use an expression I hear a lot: putting the cart before the horse. Wow, I’m not even going to comment on that, it’s not worth it! Everyone is already tired of knowing everything they can and can’t emanate. So, my brothers, as I was saying, there’s no point in despairing! There’s no point in wanting to get ahead! There’s no point in trying to impose your will! In fact, you will no longer decide anything, that’s all I’m going to say! I will decide everything now! So there’s no point in pulling this way or that, to please A or B or to be good for A or B, I’ll decide! So really, wait for the instructions. It’s still early days, it’s not yet time to make decisions for the next meeting. Wait!

So, what subject am I going to talk about today? I’m going to bring you a subject that I think is quite interesting! A subject that we’ve already talked about here, but we can’t repeat it enough. How is each of you positioning yourselves in relation to future events on your planet? Many people, don’t think not, many people think that everything we’re talking about won’t happen, that everything will continue to get worse and worse and nothing will happen. And to add to this, there are ideas that I don’t even like to repeat. In other words, total distrust, total non-acceptance of what we say. Am I worried about this? “Very!” Now, my brothers and sisters, I know exactly everything that is said here, it’s up to you to believe it or not. But we’re not worried about that. Everyone is making a choice about their life and future, as you know the time. There’s nothing we can do about it. We would just like you to get more and more involved in the whole process, trying to understand, trying to understand how everything is happening.

And there’s a very interesting point: your galactic brothers. Many of you say, repeat, that you would very much like to have contact, you would very much like to have them around. Would you? Are you really ready for a spaceship to land in front of you one day and a being who is totally different from you to come out and say: “Hi, what’s up? I’m here and you’re there! What’s your name?” and start a nice conversation. Do you all think like that? Oh, I’ll answer no! Many accept it, many believe it, but they don’t see themselves in this role. They don’t see themselves at any time talking to or having contact with a being they don’t know. So I ask you: what do you think the Universe is like? What do you think the developed planets are like? Do only the original race of the planet live there? Doesn’t anyone come there? No one lives there other than the inhabitants of the planet? You really don’t know the Universe, you don’t know anything! Some souls here do, because they’ve lived on other orbs and will start to remember that very soon. So, I ask you: is this how you are ready for the whole process? Many people think that the ships will arrive and collect all the inhabitants of the planet so that they don’t suffer from Gaia’s adversities. That would be very interesting! But where would the lessons be learned? Where would be the opportunity for many to leave? No, I’m not making any more sweet or honeyed words, I’m being strictly truthful!

When we talk about many people leaving the planet, how do you think that’s going to happen? There really is going to be a streetcar (as I call it, right?), there’s going to be a big streetcar and people are going to get on and then the streetcar will take them away. Did you believe it would be like that? Then start preparing your hearts because it won’t be like that! Everyone will be taken off the planet as souls, not bodies! They will reincarnate in other Third Dimension orbs, but as souls. So, I don’t need to talk about this anymore, it’s very clear to me and I’d like it to be very clear to you too! And among those who won’t actually stay on the planet, there will be those who will go to the Fifth Dimension, but who don’t want to go in the physical body, it’s a soul choice too. 

So, my brothers, I can’t say here now that the golden times will come, but they will come very easily, very calmly. No, they won’t! You will have to go through a lot before you really understand everything you need to understand! We can’t lie to you! We can’t keep throwing stories at you that won’t happen! You have to remove the weeds from the planet, and the weeds will be removed. This is definitely true! And no, there will be no rescue, everyone will be on the same surface of the planet. That’s what we’ve been saying: you have to be ready! You just have to believe and never forget: the building and its surroundings may fall down, but if you believe, you will stand up! I’ve always said that here, it’s not news to anyone! That those who take on the journey to the Fifth Dimension, the choices to go to the Fifth Dimension, will fall on their feet! It may be that their whole environment will collapse, but they will fall on their feet! But you have to believe it!

So I can’t just come here and say nice things, talking about a time that will be wonderful. Yes, there will be a time that will be wonderful, but it will take difficult times to reach it, so that many learn what they don’t want to learn yet. We are giving everyone on the planet every opportunity to ascend, everyone. But the vast majority are not concerned about this. A large majority don’t want to get involved. A large majority think it’s all a lot of nonsense. Then there will come a time when they will see the size of the nonsense. There will come a time when you may even regret not having believed them when they told you what was going to happen. Many people don’t believe anything! They think that those who speak are crazy, unbalanced, totally out of context. But I’d say they’re the ones who are crazy, because they can’t see beyond their own noses. They only look at their own navels and the world around them doesn’t matter, they only care about themselves.

So, my brothers, once again I ask you: how do you imagine the future will be? The future for you? How do you imagine it? How will things happen, in what way so that everyone learns what they need to learn? I’ll tell you something, my brothers, you’re going to be very, very surprised! Because so much is going to change, so much! And all of you going through it consciously, with your minds and with your physical bodies! There will be no difference! Everyone who is on the path will go through everything! Some more deeply, some less, but everyone will go through it! So start learning to look at the here and now. It’s the here and now that will guide your path! Try not to make long plans, because you’ll have a lot of frustration! Plans have to be short, very short, because everything is changing and the changes will affect everyone! I guarantee that! Of course, we’ve always said that our help is just a call away! And that’s the truth! But it’s important, right now, to stop looking at the ego, to look primarily at the whole, not just at yourself. Forget that you exist as a being. And always remember: “I am part of the whole! I don’t exist alone! So if it’s good for me, it’s good for the whole! And if it’s bad for me, it’s bad for the whole!” Never forget that! And don’t try to find joy and happiness only for yourself, you have to learn to look at the whole! You have to learn to live within the whole, that’s the Fifth Dimension!

So let’s simply open our hearts, let the light in and every day believe more and more in the power of this light that comes and that illuminates and helps your hearts to make the right decisions. Everyone is being guided by the light of Alcyon, each and every one of you! So just believe! Just receive this light! Look at your chest and see the light shining in your chest, in your heart! And each time you see this scene, of the heart being illuminated by the light of Alcyon, the more your heart will become balanced, ready to live anything, without fear and without any problem. 

Enjoy this period! Enjoy the light that is coming! And live the here and now with intensity, always knowing: what is happening or what will happen is part of your journey, nothing is being invented, nothing is being provoked by anyone! Everything you go through is caused by the choices of your souls, never forget that! The other person is never to blame for anything! And if the other person does something against you, you attracted that energy! Believe it! Somehow you attracted that energy! So always be ready to go through anything, with courage and determination.

We are always ready to welcome you, to help you, to guide you. All you have to do is ask! All you have to do is seek us out wholeheartedly! And everything, everything that might even seem problematic, difficult, almost impossible to get through will become light and practical. This is what we want you to understand: that believing and following the flow will lead each of you to green fields, with very few obstacles because you created it, you wanted to live it. Now, if you choose to experience suffering, scarcity, fighting and violence, you will always have more of the same and it will get stronger and stronger! So make your choices and your decisions! Which side do you want to be on? At what point do you really want to shout and say: “I want to go to the Fifth Dimension and I accept every light that comes into my heart!” And let’s give time for everyone to find their own way. So that everyone can find their own way to get there! And rest assured: you will get there, for sure! 

So, once again, await further instructions about the next meeting. Take it easy and stop thinking about your own navels! Always look at the whole, not one, two, three. Decisions must always be based on the whole! This is also a teaching! And I hope you start learning to live like this, always thinking of the whole! For those who think only of themselves are still worshipping the ego!

Where are you at? Do you still worship your ego? Then I’d say you’re well behind on the journey! Because those who are effectively on the path today can no longer give way to the ego, it is incompatible with the path! I leave you with this thought: 

How am I conducting my walk? Who is in control, my ego or my heart? Look for the answer, but look for it from the heart! Be true and there is still time to make the right choice! And I hope that everyone will make it!

Translation by Deepl Translator

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