Archangel Michael Live – 08-01-24


Yes, I’m coming here today, a little earlier than we agreed, but there’s no problem with Me coming here today. I’m sure not for you either! I’m extremely grateful to see so many little hearts shining, simply because of my presence. This is, let’s say, wonderful because, as I said the last time we met – I want these little hearts that shine by my side! At this moment I can see each heart shining, each heart bigger than the other and simply shining, shining so much because we are all gathered together at this moment! That, my brothers, is what I want! I want united hearts! I want shining hearts! I want evolved hearts! No more time for deceit! No more time for masks! There’s no more time for people not to be who they really are! No, I’m not going to talk about the Event today, that’s not why I’m here today!

We’re starting a new cycle! What did I say to you a while ago? That I would step back a bit and leave the running of this whole process to Sanada, and it happened! And Sananda, of course, has been able to bring this whole process to where we are, and very well at that! In fact, it couldn’t be any different! So we’re starting, Sananda and I, a new cycle, a new era, a new journey. No, no, it won’t be a journey in which we do a lot of things, no, not yet!

I said a lot will change, it will! You will receive a lot but in due course. But it’s always good to bring back a bit of memory, to bring back a bit of rules, which most people don’t like very much. The vast majority think this is nonsense… “Why rules? In the Fifth Dimension, we won’t have rules!” That’s right! But in the Fifth Dimension, there will be no duality! In the Fifth Dimension, there will be no evil, only one feeling: love! And do you emanate this feeling 100% here, today, and now? Of course not! Then you need rules. Yes! You need rules! Let’s just say that I haven’t said anything about it for a long time, I’ve let it slide (as you say). But, as I’ve said and I’ll say again, we’re starting a new cycle, so it’s always good to remind ourselves of the rules.

My brothers and sisters, the journey to the Fifth Dimension is made up of what? I answer, of choices! It’s made up of changes! It’s about eliminating beliefs! It’s not simply a path, where you take this path and follow it to the end, without any obstacles, without needing anything, quite the opposite.

The journey to the Fifth Dimension is becoming increasingly complex. Because as you go along, as you get closer to the central point, things will become more difficult. “Ah, but shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t it be getting easier and easier to get there?” No! If it were like that, you’d already be there! At every step there needs to be a test, at every step, there needs to be a rule, at every step there needs to be everything to prove that you are ready or not. I would say that the walk is a climb, I’ve always used this figure, where you go up and in a small misstep, you slip and go back a long way. That hasn’t changed and will continue to do so until the end! Now it’s up to each of you to want to climb! It’s up to each of you, with every slip, to think: “I’ll climb again, I won’t give up!” or sit on the path and cry, or “Oh that’s enough for me, I don’t want any more of this! I’ve had enough!” and let yourself slip down to the foot of the mountain, returning entirely to the Third Dimension. So it’s a climb, this path is made up of choices. If you’re ready for the challenges, you can slip as many times as you like, you’ll climb again and try, slip, try and slip until one day you’ll get past that obstacle because that’s what you want, you’re ready.

Now, at some point on this walk, there’s someone with a whistle: “Let’s go! Come on, people! Come on… come on… up!” Is there anyone like that? You’ve reached a point in the walk where there’s no longer any instructor or teacher pushing you up, saying: “Come on! Let’s go! Come on!” getting you excited. So now each of you is on your own, there’s no one in your ear: “Come on, get up! You have to go up! You can do it!”, no, this is over! You know in your heart that you need to go up, so no one else is going to tell you: “Go up, you need to go up! Don’t get discouraged!” No, it’s over! At this point in the hike, there’s no one else pushing you up! It’s just the will to climb, or not.

 So, I want you to take everything I’ve said here, put it all together in a bucket,

 and take away just one sentence: I’m on my own! It’s clear and obvious that we’re on your side! Whenever you ask for our help, we’ll be there! But we won’t give you any pushback! We won’t remove any tiny stones from your path! We can give you the strength and energy to keep climbing, that’s all. So, once and for all, stop expecting others to do what you need them to do! Stop waiting for others to tell you what to do! Stop waiting for others to tell you what to do! No, I’m not crazy! I’m repeating it for you to keep! 

At this point, the hike is individual, it’s no longer a group hike, it’s not the group that’s going to say, “Come on up, you can do it!”, that’s it! It’s you on your own! It’s you deciding: “I’m going up!” or “No, I’ve stopped here, I’m leaving” or “Oh, I’m going to rest for a while. Maybe in 10 years’ I’ll go up?” It’s everyone’s choice! So stop thinking that we’re going to keep our hand under your foot all the time, putting you on top of the mountain. We won’t do that! The journey is individual! Stop leaning on others!

It’s interesting how you want everything to be ready, you don’t want to do anything, you want everything to be ready. How wonderful it would be for you to take a pill and get to the top of this mountain, which would already be the Fifth Dimension, wouldn’t it? But there is no such pill! Everyone has to walk! Everyone has to climb this mountain! Everyone needs to look at their own path and stop looking to the side, at the other person’s path! “Oh, someone else’s path is easier than mine, why? Where is he better than me?” Oh, there are a lot of you who think that! His soul did what it could to make his path easier! But there’s no point in getting angry with your soul because it didn’t do what you think it should have done.

To what extent are you not to blame for all this?

You are the conscience of yours now, for you have done nothing?

So, my brothers and sisters, you will always have thousands of reasons to blame the other. So I’ll say it again: the journey is individual! You will follow it if and only if you want to!

And I’m going to add something very important to this: this woman is the channel for a lot of things to come to you, procedures, journeys, mandalas, courses. Yes, she is our channel. Now, understand once and for all: it’s not by doing everything that you’ll get to the top any easier! Because there’s no point – buying, doing, and not applying – or buying for the sake of doing, there’s no point! You fool yourselves with quantity when you should be thinking about the quality of what you do, not the quantity! We’ve said it here several times, he who has a lot of things could be parked at the foot of the mountain, why? Because he hasn’t been able to take advantage of anything he’s read or learned, he’s still making the same mistakes, he’s still being judgmental, and critical, and he’s still who he’s always been. “Ah, but I’ve done a lot of courses! I’ve done a lot of procedures! I’ve done a lot of things!” and it’s no use, because you haven’t changed, you’re still the same! You’ve expanded your consciousness downwards, not upwards!

Everything we bring is to help you on your way up! And how does it help? By actually giving yourselves to it. And the most important thing, which you ignore almost entirely: there has to be heart! Not everything that is done, that is put to you – hits your heart 100%. Everyone has their own way. So you can say, “No, I don’t like it here. I’m not going to do it!” Perfect! I like it! They’re not the ones who do everything, even if they don’t want to, just because they think they have to in order to get to the top. Then say no! “No, I don’t want this! I didn’t feel like it!” Perfect! 

Sigam o coração, não a obrigação! Não, “ah… se está aparecendo para a gente, então temos que fazer!”

No! Do it if your heart tells you to! Do it if your heart tells you to! So, these rules, can I call them rules or are they just the points necessary for evolution, and that many insist on not understanding? They insist on always wanting their own way:

– “Oh, no! I’m not going to do it like that! I’m going to do it differently, my way!”

All right, do it your way, you might get there. Why not? It’s not impossible! Now, don’t complain! Because if you want to do it your way, it’s because you didn’t have an open heart when you bought it, so there’s no point! Understand that too! We need to bring you many things so that you can choose the ones you like, the ones your heart desires, it couldn’t be just one because then it would be an imposition and that’s not what we do.

So I’m making it very clear here today: the journey is individual, not in a group! It’s not the group that will get you up the climb, it’s your will, it’s your determination, it’s your change that will make you reach the top or not.

You are at a point on the mountain where there is fog, so you can no longer see where the others are, let alone the path ahead. And each time this fog gets stronger because the path becomes more difficult. I hope you understand!

Your choices, now and always, will determine your path! That’s not what we say! It’s not what we show! It’s not what the channel goes through! What determines your journey are your choices! They will take you up or not! No one else, only you! Understand this once and for all! There is no one pushing you up! There’s no one in earshot, “Go! Ah… Don’t give up, go!” That’s it! It’s over! You’ll go if you want to, if you’re ready if you want to face the challenges. “Oh, but I’m tired, I don’t want any more!” It’s all right! Stay where you are or slide down to the foot of the mountain. Return entirely to the Third Dimension and join the ranks of the weeds, which are growing every day. Yes…! What do you think? That the wheat is growing? No, because the difficulties are causing many to turn back to the weeds and no longer want to continue. When I told you last time that this group would decrease in size, why did I say that? Because many will slip to the foot of the mountain, they will become chaff again. Because they’re tired from the whole journey. And why are they tired? Because they haven’t done anything from the heart, they’ve done it in the style of (as you say) copycats. “Oh, if you’re doing it, I’ll do it too! Ah, if so-and-so is doing it, I’ll do it too!” Until you reach a point and say: “Oh, I don’t want this anymore!”, because you weren’t doing it from the heart, you were doing it in different ways, but not from the heart. Think about it! What do you want? Do you want to carry on and accept any challenge, but wholeheartedly? The heart always has to be in the middle, because if it isn’t, you won’t get anywhere!

So this is the rule that I’m defining today:

Only those who effectively want to reach the Fifth Dimension remain here, within all these processes.

If you’re in doubt or tired, just let go of your foot, because you’ll slip quickly. Return to your integral life in the Third Dimension! Go back to living what you missed out on because you were on this journey, and what you missed so much! It’s as simple as that, my brothers and sisters! It’s just a matter of choice! Choose to go back to the foot of the mountain, you don’t have to stay!

And one thing that has to be very clear: “Oh, but I can’t leave because Archangel Michael brought me here, so if I leave he’ll punish me, my life will be bad!” then you haven’t understood anything! Because there is such a thing as unconditional love, and I and any other Being of Light will never sit here on our thrones and point the finger…”Look, that one’s gone, look. Ah… another one goes there, look! What are we going to do with them?” What do you think, that we keep thinking like that?

My brothers and sisters, I want a heart! I want a shining heart, not a black heart. So, if your heart isn’t shining, you’re not happy, you don’t want to, go down the mountain and live! I will always be the same for you, as anyone else here, as Sananda, as Mary! We won’t say or do anything against it! Unless you think that by making this decision we’ll be down there, “Well, what a loss that you’ve come down! Oh, we’re so sad!”, we won’t do that either, I’m sorry to say! We’ll just respect your choice!

So the crucial moment of my talk today has arrived, where I want all those whose hearts are tired, who are already fatigued, full of all this, who can’t take it anymore: to come down the mountain and live, be happy and everything stays the same!

I’m inviting those who don’t want to get involved, those who don’t want to follow the rules, and those who don’t want to do anything anymore, down the mountain! It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s easy! The ascent is difficult, but the descent is easy! So, I’m extending an invitation to everyone on the channel team. I’m not leaving anyone out! If you’re tired and can’t take it anymore, go down the mountain! There will always be someone who wants the job! The warning is for everyone, not just those outside the channel, it’s for everyone!

There are many groups on this channel, and many people think that the groups are theirs.

“It’s my group!”, no!

I’m sorry to say that it’s not your group, it’s mine and Sananda’s!

So, I say to you, if you think the group is yours and you want to do things your way, go down the mountain, leave the group! That goes for everyone!

Let’s say that the time has come to shake things up. Don’t forget that I see each and every one of you! Don’t forget that I’m watching each and every one of you! And I know exactly who is no longer there with an open heart, but because they think they have a commitment.

There is no compromise!

There is dedication and heart, not commitment!

I don’t demand commitment from anyone!

So the time has come to be extremely frank and tough, perhaps. But I know many of you can’t take it anymore, so it’s time to come down the mountain. Make yourselves comfortable, don’t worry, nothing will happen to you! If you don’t want to go down the mountain but want to take another mountain, wonderful! I’ll be very grateful, and very happy to hear that you’ve continued your journey, but in your way.

What I want is for this group as a whole to be all heart! If you think you can’t take it anymore, leave, no problem! We can always find a way! And if we think we don’t need groups anymore, we won’t have groups! Because the journey is now individual! It’s everyone for themselves, with their own choices, not with the choices of the group!

Don’t be frightened by what I’m saying, it’s not meant to frighten you! We just need to make things clear! Who do you think you’re fooling? That we don’t see anything, that everything is beautiful and wonderful, we know that it’s neither beautiful nor wonderful!

If you want to make your groups, feel free to do so, but off this site! Because there are rules here, there always have been and there always will be! Those who want to follow our rules stay, those who don’t, take another course and everything is fine!

Now I want truth! I want heart!

I want the exact placement of what’s happening!

 Don’t think you can fool me!

The time has come for you to be brave, to be true to yourselves and admit: “Yes, I have nothing else to do here!” and take another course. And all will be well! I’m giving you this opportunity, because whoever stays will have to follow the rules and I don’t want a peep out of you! Understand that!

I see everything, so be true to yourselves! Make your own decisions! Now don’t want to think that you can do whatever you want, because it’s not like that, it never was and it never will be! The road ahead will be tough! We will be together with those whose hearts are open. Because those who don’t have open hearts can be sure that if they don’t leave of their own free will, I will take them away! Then, yes, I will make sure you leave! I said at the meeting that many people wouldn’t go and they didn’t! No, I’m not being mean or vindictive, someone is already thinking that! That’s not the point, the point is the way in which you stand up to what I say! So I show it that it comes out, without me having to do anything, but it comes out!

So be real, that’s what I expect! Be real! No one here is going to turn up their noses, and no one is going to get upset because you’re asking to leave. I want only shining hearts, me and Sananda. So, think about it, whoever continues will follow the rules entirely. If you don’t agree it’s time to leave, that’s the moment! And I’m going to repeat something I’ve already said: I don’t care about numbers, because I know exactly who wants to get somewhere. And in the case of those who are going for the sake of going, they end up getting in the way of those who want to get there.

Today I’m being frank and truthful, I don’t mince words! Those who don’t have a pure heart get in the way of those who want to walk! So be honest with yourself and leave, simple as that! I want movement! I want movement from those whose hearts no longer want to go on! And that’s all right with me! Take stock, each and every one of you:

Where do you want to go?

What have you done to get where you are?

Are you climbing with your own legs or are you climbing over others?

Are you overcoming your own obstacles or taking shortcuts?

Maybe some here won’t understand much, but most will! From now on, the journey is individual! No more crutches! No more! From now on, it’s all heart! Whoever has a pure heart will be on the journey! Now, whoever doesn’t, won’t be, I guarantee it! But I would like you to make the decision yourselves, it will be better. Because it will show that you are being entirely truthful, and I like that, I like it a lot! There is no subterfuge! There’s nothing to stop you from leaving! So this is the moment! Those who really want to continue on the journey will remain, knowing that everything that continues will be because we want to!

Listen very carefully to what I’ve said here, don’t go out tomorrow spreading the word that I’m doing this or that. Listen very carefully to what has been said here! I said some very serious things and I hope you understood! Analyze your journey and whoever feels that they’ve really had enough, “I don’t want any more!”, perfect! It’s time to change mountains, that’s all! Or slide down to the foot, as you wish! It’s up to you!

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