Archangel Michael Live – 27-12 -23


No, I couldn’t stop coming here before this cycle ends! I won’t go on too long! I believe that everything we should have said has been said! We did a good job this year, a job of increasing awareness, of expanding consciousness, of physical encounters that reverberated so much for Gaia and for the whole. And we will be more and more united! We may not be able to keep this entire group for long, I’ll leave some question marks. Why? For the walks that many will take. Do not forget, my brothers, we are in the middle of separating the wheat from the chaff. Today I can say that there are a lot of people in the chaff, a lot of people! Unfortunately, they are people who put themselves forward, pretend to be enlightened, pretend to be awakened, but deep down they are always bringing discord, bringing doubt, bringing bad energy. Of course, at no time do we treat anyone differently, we are the same for everyone! But we cannot forget that there are choices. So, many who today are truly tares, but wear a cape of wheat, will not support this cape for long! This cover will fall and the truth will be exposed! So, I can say, not with sadness, because the certainty that we have prepared you all this time is enormous. We know the work we did! We know who we are touching! And we actually know who is wheat today, and who will be with this group until each one’s definitive moments! But, many will walk away! But, I repeat: I am not sad, because the truth above all, the truth not for us because we know exactly who you are, but the truth for many of you. 

So, my brothers, I can tell you that the next cycle will have many good surprises and others not so much. But then you’ll say: “That’s new! It’s always been like this, we have good surprises and bad surprises!” But I can tell you that the bad surprises will be extremely bad. And no, I’m not talking here about wars, nor disasters, nor catastrophes, no! I’m talking about Illusions! I’m talking about lies, manipulations that will be discovered and will bring a lot of sadness, because many won’t know how to deal with it, they won’t accept that they were deceived! It will be a year (as you say)… I’m not going to stay here repeating the cycle, cycle, cycle, you’re tired of knowing that we don’t consider your calendar. But, I prefer to speak in the language you understand! So, next year will be a year of revelations! 

So what can I say? What will it take for each of you who are truly wheat today? It’s feeding the heart with light! Fill your heart more and more with light, with love, with joy! So that when everything starts to happen, the light that will be inside will help you to face everything in a light and gentle way, without despair, without so many disappointments! Now those who are dressed in wheat will not be able to stand it! The masks will fall! And you will know exactly who is who on the planet! You will see who you really have by your side! 

So, I’m not saying all this to bring fear, on the contrary! Because those who are truly wheat today no longer feel afraid of anything because if they still feel something along the way, it is wrong. Because anyone who truly follows the path we teach is not afraid of anything! So, everything I’m saying doesn’t shake you, it doesn’t scare you, it doesn’t scare you! Those who feel afraid are because they are not walking correctly or have not yet decided which way they are going.

So, I just want to leave you with the certainty, the certainty of the light that surrounds each one of you that today is wheat, that today you have already made your choice! The light around you will increase more and more, so that you can remove from your path those who hinder you, those who no longer deserve to remain by your side! And this will not bring suffering either, it will be liberation, it will be the breaking of the burden, the breaking of the unnecessary load to be carried! 

So, my brothers, I am giving you a glimpse of what the coming year will be like! Whoever has an enlightened heart will become more and more enlightened! It will be the year of overcoming problems and challenges! And it will be the year of breaking all ties! Be ready! Because you have carried so much burden, so much struggle, so much pain that when you lose it all you will miss it and you will not know how light life can be. But, you will know! You will find this lightness! And as the light brings everything in a light and soft way, everything will be light and soft, without suffering, without resentment, without hurt, without anything! Simply the breaking of the burden! Now, whoever is not light or who pretends to be in the light, will not have the same help because the light does not vibrate, deception vibrates, lies vibrate, doubt vibrates. Then the burden will only increase! However, it is also worth saying here, the entire journey of each one of you is made by choices, so can wheat become chaff? He can, if he chooses. Can a chaff become wheat? He can, if he chooses. So, everything will depend on the choices you will be making in the near future. Believe me, nothing stands still! The process is moving forward at a fast pace! And emotions will certainly be intense next year! But, never forget: we will be just a request away! 

What will the speaker’s journey be like? I can’t say anything! What will the journey of the other brother who also speaks be like? I can’t say anything! But a lot will change! We will be doing intense and deep work, but no longer with everyone, everyone who is supposed to be here and isn’t. But those who effectively chose the light will have a whole trajectory to follow, very intense and very deep. So, it is as if we are preparing more intensely those who are truly light. No, we are not forgetting those who chose doubt or still don’t know what to do, on the contrary we are on everyone’s side. However, the journey of this channel will be to unite those who will effectively be part of a new journey. We will no longer attract those who just make numbers. I’ve never worried about numbers here and it won’t be now that I will. So, our forward trajectory will be to absorb those who are effectively light and the number may decrease a lot, don’t be alarmed. We know exactly what we are doing!

And most importantly, it has been said here for a while now, there will be waves of evolution! So, our goal is to prepare a big wave! Do you want it or not? Make your choices! Make your choices! It won’t be easy, I guarantee it! Because we will be acting deeply, but that’s what we want. And especially look not just at yourself, but look at the whole! Attracting those who today are in the middle of the road, see nothing, understand nothing, but their hearts are different. Then, you will be, what we always said you are: Pillars of Light! So that they can attract those who have not yet found the way! And they will start a new journey, while you will be up front. Whoever is light, be ready, take on this role with me! I continue leading you, of course by my side Sananda will be playing his role, each of us will act in a different way, wait and you will see! We will have a lot of intense work next year! A work where the light will effectively take care of those who are light! This is the moment, my brothers, who chooses to continue being light? Because if you have any doubts, there’s no problem, continue your journey, but you certainly won’t stay in this group! I don’t want numbers, I want people who are actually ready to live everything that is necessary, to reach the Fifth Dimension! Whoever is with me, I will not tell you to raise your hand because you are not at school, but whoever is with me, silently at this moment respond to me: “I am!” Don’t worry, my brothers, the way will be shown! That river starts to get a little calmer, there will still be dangerous, more intense stretches, but whoever is committing themselves to this journey will make it to the end, I guarantee that! But, never forget: you can jump off the float at any time, no one is forced to do anything!

So, I leave with you here today a message of hope, where I affirm that those who are light today will be even more light next year and will continue to be part of this great egregore! Now whoever doesn’t go, I won’t be the one to remove them, I will say that gradually many will leave, because they won’t be able to bear the weight of the doubts they carry. Because everything will become heavy for them. So, you will have many surprises next year, many! Our first meeting of next year, I will give the guidelines for our meeting in May, you will be surprised! But, I guarantee, everything will change, but it will definitely change for the better! 

So, I leave in the hands of each of you now, a small ball of blue light, tiny, it’s not big. Whenever you have a moment of sadness, pain, doubt, remember this ball! It will remain in your hands whenever you look and think of me, it will appear in your hands and you will have all my help, all my love! So, I leave this gift with each of you! And for those who responded that they are with me, this ball will reverberate throughout the body and all my energy will carry away some of the burden that you still carry. The rest will have just enough time to lose them. Keep all my love and all my dedication to this group! One day you will understand what this group represents for me and for everyone, one day you will understand! 

Translated by Deepl Translator

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