Crystalline Beings – Look at us with Love

Dear brothers and sisters!

I’m not going to introduce myself at the moment. I’d like you to feel my energy. Some of you may soon realize who we are. But right now, we are just emanating our energy. It’s up to each of you to trust and receive it, or if you’re afraid or doubtful, to close your heart.

We are everywhere on this planet. We are the foundation. We are the creators. We are the ones who maintain the accumulated energy. We are the ones who emanate the energy needed for each moment. We are immense. You discovered us a long time ago, you learnt about our properties, and because of this, you began a process of destruction. You gave us value, and because of this value, we are hunted mercilessly. But we have managed to stay on the planet.

Yes, we have often been exploited and taken away, because our properties have fuelled many other machines on other orbs. Greed accelerated this process. Today you kill for us. You cause the greatest damage to the planet’s surface. You poison the planet’s waters to remove us from where we are. But despite all the harm caused by extracting us from our mines, we remain on Earth.

Today, we are becoming more united than ever. No matter where we are. No matter where we live. It doesn’t matter which house, which company or which shop we’re in. We are a great network of energy and consciousness, and as such, today we are all united in one thought, in one consciousness.

We do no harm to anyone, but right now, everyone’s heart is defining what kind of energy they will receive from us. If your heart is pure, if you hold us with respect, with Love, we will protect your home, we will protect you, we will give you Love and strength to continue on this journey. Take care of us. Be loving with us. Don’t just treat us like a stone. We have a conscience, all of us.

Give us functions. We were created for this to help you with your protections, with what you need. Let us be in the sun, in the rain, in the storm, on the land, in the water of a waterfall, in the water of the sea. Let the energy of these environments take hold of us. And then ask us, a task, what we should do for you.

Your requests will be met, as long as it’s for you and it’s good for the Whole. Anything other than that we won’t fulfil. Now, there’s no point in having thousands of us, just to expand the size and number of your requests. Don’t forget, we have a conscience and we see your intentions. Often just one of us is enough to bring you a lot.

Don’t look at us as a number. Just treat us with respect. Don’t abandon us in some corner, because when that happens, we store a lot of stagnant energy, because that’s our role, but there’s also a limit there, and there comes a point when we can’t absorb anymore; we lose our function. So always keep us clean.

Even the ones you don’t want to use, wash them under running water and leave them clean so that we can fulfil our primary function, which is to absorb all the low-vibration energy. We do emanate energy, when we are suitable for it. The points receive energy and emanate it. So look after them in the same way. Clean them from time to time. No, they don’t absorb energy from the environment, but you do need to clean them.

Every energy received generates some kind of result from the process. When it receives a lot of energy, the crystal also absorbs the dirt from the atmosphere. So you need to wash us too, so that we can always stay pure and emanate as much energy as possible.

Now I’m going to talk about those who don’t respect us, who have us out of greed or for exhibition or ostentation. We do nothing for them. We have no function. We practically become, essentially, a stone, nothing more than that. We don’t emanate. We don’t absorb. We lower our consciousness to such an extent, not in vibration, but so that we have no function for that person.

Having us for the sake of having us, with a sense of ostentation or evil, takes away any of our will to be there, any of our will to exist. I would say that our consciences become so wounded that we practically hibernate, we stop exchanging with your world.

I think you already know who we are. We are the Crystalline Beings. We have an important function at this time on the planet. Our mines are at full power so that we can help Gaia in this whole ascension process. But right now we also want to be part of the lives of those who don’t have us, and to be even more involved with those who do.

Respect us. Always remember, we are conscious beings. We are not just a stone. We are aware of everything that happens to us, and above all, we are aware of and feel everything that comes from your heart. There’s no point in trying to deceive us.

Don’t throw us away in the rubbish bin. If you don’t want us anymore, for whatever reason, put us back on the land, in our mother, in our home. Give us back to Gaia, throw us in the sea, throw us at the bottom of a waterfall and we’ll be extremely grateful. Don’t just throw us away.

We are conscious beings, remember that. And we are always ready to help you at any time, to give you intuition, to give you protection, to give you balance, to give you joy, all you have to do is tell us what you want us to do for you. If it’s a positive feeling, if it’s something that will be good for you and the Whole, we’ll do it with all the Love we have in our hearts.

Of course, we don’t have a physical heart, but we like to say that we have a heart too, because it’s from there that all our Love emanates, and all the marvellous energies we can do for you.

Translated by I. Arantes

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