HILARION -Don’t be judges, nor make anybody guilty

Dear Brothers and sisters from the Planet Earth! I AM HILARION!I

enjoy coming here with you, always bringing an energy of balance and Love. Always bringing a great beam of Green Light, which at this moment is sweeping through your entire body, eliminating everything possible within your path. Of course, for those whose hearts don’t accept it, nothing is done. But we feel the heart of each of you and only those who allow us to act receive our energy.

Don’t make any judgment. Don’t wonder why so many haven’t woken up yet. I can tell you that everyone is awake. Everyone has a feeling inside their minds and hearts that something different is happening and that something great is on the way. Some religions have talked about this, but they put everything into the perspective that is important to them; not the true perspective.

Many are afraid; in fact, many are sown to be afraid. Fear of judgment. Fear of that moment when someone at a table will decide whether they are going to heaven or hell. Many still think like that. And today they are extremely terrified, not knowing what to imagine and what to expect from the future that is to come.

I think it’s worth remembering that this table with this creature doesn’t exist. Everyone’s choices, attitudes, thoughts, and emanations will define which way you go, and it’s not heaven and hell, it’s Light and shadow. Every time your heart is filled with Love, you change your beliefs, you open up to so many beautiful things, you get closer to the Light; you walk towards it. And everything around you begins to vibrate Light.

Problems are solved, obstacles seem to disappear or are so easy to overcome that they don’t seem to exist. These are the results of those who walk in the Light, of those who vibrate Love, of those who vibrate compassion, of those who vibrate every positive feeling. To vibrate Light is to look at any brother or sister without judging them, without discriminating against them, without separating them. It doesn’t matter what they’ve done or what they’re doing.

You don’t have to love a murderer, but you do have to understand that there is a soul there that has lost its way, and it really needs help, all the help it can get to find its way to the Light again. If you look at her with judgment, you push her further and further into the shadows, because your judgment weighs her down. And it’s a burden that pushes her further and further into the shadows.

Learning to look at a murderer, learning to look at someone who has done you any kind of harm, and understanding that there is a soul that is crying out for help, is a very important step, and one that unfortunately I’m going to say the vast majority of you are unable to take. You judge; you judge and condemn, and you don’t understand why it happened to you. You don’t understand why you suffered that violence.

So ask yourself, if you haven’t done the same thing at some point on your journey? That energy is just coming back to you. Or ask yourself if you constantly emanate fear, or ask yourself if you are constantly vibrating what you want to avoid. You never look at yourself, you only look at the other.

So as long as there is this feeling of judgment, this feeling of doing evil to those who do evil to me, the evil doesn’t diminish, on the contrary, it only increases; you are contributing to it increasing. And no, there’s no point in telling me: “Oh, so now I’m to blame for everything!”. I’ll tell you that yes, you are to blame for everything. There’s no point in thinking that you’re nice 100% of the time because you’re not. You have your moments when you give off bad feelings to others, and it doesn’t matter who they are.

So the time has come for you to review your actions and your attitudes. And if you can’t love them, at least help them to get out of this way. How? Just by not judging, that’s a great start already. Don’t judge them. Don’t wish them harm. Just hope that justice is done. For the time being, it’s still man’s justice, but the greatest justice will surely come, which is the Law of Return, created by God the Father/Mother.

Nothing goes unnoticed by the Law of Return. Many people think that the corrupts only grow, only increase their wealth and nothing happens to them. Is that so? Do they manage to live a calm and peaceful life? Can they attract good things along the way or are they part of a great theater, shown to always tell you: “Look who’s walking the wrong path, there are rewards!”

All fake. All very well rehearsed.

So at this very moment, I’ll say it again: Everyone is awake and awakened, but they don’t understand what they need to do. They’re lost within their judgments, within their judgment. “Do I go there or do I come here?” And many don’t know how to deal with this and become more and more angry, more violent. All this has been said, that many would go crazy, but it’s not that going mad and coming out looking crazy. It’s the going crazy of not knowing what to do. It’s the going crazy of leaving the plumb line of Love. It’s the going crazy of experiencing violence. It’s the going crazy of experiencing evil.

And many are experiencing this. People who have been and seem extremely kind, show another side, in fact, the true side they always had, which they masked for a long time. The masks have practically all fallen off. It’s up to you to see the truth. Look at people truthfully, but without judgment. “Oh, so-and-so used to be so nice and now he’s changed!”. Then there’s judgment.

Look at that guy and don’t say anything, he’s trying to get through this whole process. And what can you do for him? One important thing: don’t judge him. And if you want to do a little more, shine a light on him. That’s all. You don’t need to emanate Love, you don’t need to be a friend, you don’t need to be together, just emanate Light, wrap him in a cloak of Light. And rest assured, you’ll be doing him good, but above all you’ll be doing yourself good, because you’ll be learning not to judge, not to criticize, not to discriminate, not to separate.

Open your eyes, my brothers. Look at yourselves. You love to look at others, but what about yourselves, what are you doing wrong? You don’t like looking. So the time has come for you to do that. Before looking at others and judging them, look at yourself, but don’t judge yourself. Have you made a mistake? Make the decision not to make any more mistakes. Decide to take another path. That’s what you need to do.

Don’t let yourself go crazy over this whole process that is happening. Whoever lives within Love, whoever is vibrating Love, seeking to vibrate Love, is attracting more and more Light to their path, and everything will seem very easy, everything will seem to fit, everything will seem to be perfect for that moment. And only that will be the result of everything you have been emanating. Nothing else. You are getting back from the universe what you have emanated, what you have demonstrated, what you have lived.

Be Light, and you will surely attract only more Light.

Translated by: Ivana Bueno

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