Hilarion – The Result of Our Energies

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM HILARION!

Don’t expect me to come here with miraculous formulas or different potions that can eliminate all the problems on your path. The feeling is that everything in your world is getting worse. The world is difficult to live in. All the negative things are surfacing with immense speed and force. So I just say to you: The more you vibrate within these convictions, the more you will attract.

Always think of the following scene: You have a house in which the floor is extremely dirty. What do you do? You take a broom and sweep up the dirt. As you sweep, the dust, which are small particles, rises. But as time goes by, those particles also and you sweep, sweep, sweep, and you get a lot of the dirt off. Then you can take a cloth, wipe it down and the house will be clean.

So bring this scene to what is happening on your planet at the moment. A sweeping has been done. Everything that has accumulated over the eons is suspended to be seen, to be experienced, to be known, to be analyzed. No, nothing is worse, only the dust has risen. So what wasn’t seen is now being seen.

And most of what you see isn’t pretty, it isn’t pleasant. But, unfortunately, I have to tell you that you created all this. Every particle of it was an energy emanating from you. And everyone is now reaping their own energies.Yes, the energies released by different from the Light, have also accumulated for a long time, buried under your feet. Because you wanted them to. You didn’t want to see, you didn’t want to remember, you didn’t want to live those moments again. So you buried, kept, buried these energies. 

But at that moment, what did the Light do? It lifted everything that was yours. And like you, everyone else’s. So the energies are in the air. And everyone is receiving and vibrating their own energies. Often you think you’re living what your surroundings are bringing. No, you are living what you have emanated at some point on your journey.

If you experience violence, at some point you emanated this violence. It just came back to haunt you and to ask you for forgiveness. So don’t be surprised by what is already happening around you. Don’t think that the world is hopeless. Remember the scene. The sweeping has been done, the dust is in the air, but there will come a time when all this will be gone. Because those who are looking their own energies in the face with their heart, as a learner, are eliminating the dust from their path and will be able to cleaner, less polluted paths.

Now, those who are looking at all this dust, and complaining, and contesting, don’t want to do nothing, because they think it’s the world that’s vibrating negatively, they will carry their own energies with them. Remember: The chaff is being separated from the wheat. So there will be places where this very polluted energy will be concentrated. And those whose energies are being cleansed will also be concentrated, but in different environments.

When I talk about environments, I’m talking about vibration. There are vibratory bands and those who clean up their own energies go up in vibration. So look at everything, not with despair, not with fear, not with the certainty that the world is getting worse. Look at what is happening to you. And understand that everything that is coming your way, however difficult, however ugly, however complicated, it’s yours, it’s not the world’s, it’s not someone else’s.

 It’s everything you need to see, understand and deal with. But as we always say, it’s all a choice. You choose to treat it. You choose to clear those energies, or not. Just I remind you: the process is accelerating. So make your choice. Choose which path to follow. And you will certainly attract exactly what you choose.

Translation by: Leticia Balbino

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