Kwan Yin – A Box for the Heart

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM KWAN YIN!

I come with my white dragons to be with you once again. And why? Because, today, I only bring a gift with me. I will not bring teachings. I will not bring a message. I just want to leave comfort and peace in the heart of each one listening to me now. 

Hearts are often racing, heavy, sad, indecisive, and fearful. Therefore, I am coming here today to bring a gift. It is a box, a pink-coloured box. Just open your heart to receive it or not. We do not force you to do anything. Those who want to receive it only need to stretch their right hand. 

It is a magic box. It will absorb all feelings in your hearts different from the Light. It does not matter where you will leave it. It will constantly be absorbing everything bad coming up in your hearts. 

It is not endless. It will last for seven days. Therefore, put it in a proper place: an altar, close to your things, so that it keeps on having this function of absorbing everything bad that reaches your hearts. It is my gift. It does not matter how it acts or why I am doing this. 

We are trying to help you go through all the hard processes. Therefore, there is my gift—my contribution to this moment. There is nothing to do. There is nothing to activate. You need only to let it be there for seven days starting today, and it will have the function I mentioned. 

At the end of the seven days, if you want to receive the box again, you only need to listen to this message, and it will be given to you again. Fear nothing, my brothers. Believe everything is for a greater purpose. Prepare yourselves properly for the upcoming moments and be sure at all times that we are always at the distance of a request. 

Translation by Joana Rodrigues

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