Maitreya – Journey of Ascension

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM MAITREYA!

I bring with me much Light and peace for hearts.

The moment is not simple, the moment is not easy. But never forget, you chose to be here at this time. Your souls made this choice. Just remind each one of you that if you don’t want to remain in this incarnation, be careful with your choices, because they are being taken care of, very easily.

Right now, you are the consciousness of your souls. When each soul incarnates, it brings a program, brings a decision, brings the paths it will take, brings evolution; everything that is necessary for the fulfillment of what it agreed to before taking on a new incarnation. But you are aware.

You often hear what the soul says. But most of the time, you don’t. You let your ego, your pride, your power get the better of you and you take what we call shortcuts, totally different from those established by the souls. And then an incarnation ends with little achievement, with little evolution, because the shortcuts were so many that the soul practically didn’t get anything it wanted.

At the present time, the soul has made a choice: whether or not to pass through incarnation, to ascend to the Fifth Dimension. However, there is one small detail: this ascension will be allowed to all those who wish to do so in the physical body. So I could say that at the moment, your conscience is speaking a little louder than your soul.

Many will certainly not make it, physically speaking. Because the process is painful, and very, very difficult, very heavy. So the souls know you. They know the consciousness they are attached to. So many will leave. Even with the desire to stay, many will leave. Because the soul knows that the suffering would be too great.

A lot of people, the soul didn’t want to pass into the physical body, but you became strong, you became obstinate to the idea of passing in this way. So we can say that you will succeed, even if the soul is against it. It’s very interesting, quite different in the whole universe, because this has never happened before. God Father/Mother is having this blessing of allowing you this consciousness, unlike all the other planets and orbs.

Because a great project was established here; a project full of free will, which led you to where you are today. So it’s necessary for your consciousness during evolution, so that you know how to take the right paths; so that you know not to repeat the mistakes you’ve made. That’s why we say that the process will not be easy.

And why will it be painful? Because your bodies will change. The bodies you wear today are totally appropriate for the Third Dimension, for physicality. In the Fifth Dimension, bodies become subtle, almost just energy. But you will still keep your bodies for a while. But in a different way, not as they exist today. And this process, yes, it’s not easy; it’s painful and complex.

And how do you know if this has never happened? No, that’s where you’re wrong. Many people have already ascended in the physical body. It won’t be the first time. The Ascended Masters ascended in this way. They came and went many times. And they adapted perfectly. What we’re talking about here is a race, a whole planet ascending in the physical body. This has never happened.

So, we know exactly what happens to each body; with all the modifications, with all the changes that are necessary to become more subtle. That’s why we talk about diet and habits. We know that purity, on your planet, is a word that only exists in the imagination. Because nothing on this planet is pure, everything has been modified, everything has been contaminated. But we know that some are lighter, (some I mean food); they are lighter than others. And yes, even if they are contaminated, they still have the power to do your body good.

That’s why we talk so much about food. So that the change is less traumatic, less painful. But don’t think that it will be unbearable pain and that no one will be able to bear it. If that were the case, there would be no point. All you have to do is cleanse yourselves. Start on a journey to cleanse your body. Drink lots of water. You need a lot of water, because it carries away all the impurities that arrive in your bodies. It’s the water that sweeps away the dirty corners of your cells. So you need a lot of water. But it’s not just a glass or two; it’s a large volume of water,daily. 

So, my brothers, be ready. Don’t worry: “Am I going to pass or not pass in the physical body?” I would tell you that the experience is very similar. The only physical change, everything else is the same. The training, the quarantine, everything is the same. There’s just no physical change for those who stay. And no one is better by staying physically. Don’t think you’re better than those who have left. That’s a feeling you can’t feed. 

Yes, you will be pioneers. Yes, you will be. But you can’t carry this around like a trophy. I would more say that it would be a consequence of everything you have done on this planet. The pain you will go through will be necessary for you to remember all that you have caused; all the pain you have caused the planet and your brothers and sisters. So I would say it won’t be a trophy. It will be something to remember. Never something to be fed like a trophy.

Your journey is still long, very long. But for those who are destined and determined to pass into the Fifth Dimension, and I would say, no matter what, it will be a beautiful journey, where everyone will be able to tell their own story.They will be able to tell what they went through, what they suffered, what it was like. And everyone in the universe will listen.And many will have the courage to want to evolve. Because they will understand that everything that  always has the love of God the Father/Mother involved.

Translation by: Leticia Balbino

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