Maria – Believe without seeing

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM MARY!

Once again, I bring my mantle to cover the hearts of all those who hear me. It does not matter whether your heart is radiant with joy or heavy with sadness, my mantle will always embrace you.

My sons and daughters, this is a moment of a very profound transition. We can say that you are reaching the most difficult part of the journey, and it will be at this moment that each one will hear his heart or his mind. 

We always ask to believe without seeing. And this will be the moment in which this maxim must be applied. Everything makes you think that nothing walks towards the Light, that the Light has lost, that the Light cannot have control over anything anymore. But that is precisely what needs to be understood and seen correctly. The Light has already won. It is just that everything has the right moment to happen. And, at this moment, it is necessary to believe without seeing. At this moment, it is necessary to believe in victory, to believe in equality, to believe in love. 

There can be no shadow of doubt because for those who doubt, those who can no longer see the glorious factor that awaits them, it will be very difficult to resume the journey afterward. Therefore, my sons and daughters, there is not much to say, not much to add, not much to repeat. Just believe in everything that has already been said and wait. 

No matter how hard the times may seem, how the times seem to lack a solution, how the paths seem to lead to nowhere, that is just a grand illusion created precisely to make you think this way. Outside this bubble, there is an enlightened and ascended world that is already implanted in this planet. It is up to each of you to raise your vibrations to gain access to those places. 

And before many ask, those are not physical places. No one needs to physically change to another place to vibrate high and vibrate in these frequencies. What makes you reach these frequencies is vibration, thought, actions, and words. Therefore, seek to vibrate high to escape this dark and rotten mass embracing the planet’s surface. 

This mass is in despair because it is losing power. And, in this case, despair is your worst enemy because they will lose. They know they have already lost, but they want to cause all kinds of suffering to the inhabitants of this planet. And that is what we are taking care of. That is what we are preparing for so it does not happen. 

Believe without seeing because those who keep these feelings in their hearts will surely see the results. The others will still keep walking for a long time, searching for the Light. 

Translation by Joana Rodrigues

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