Mary – Ascension Journey

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM MARY!

As always, I am enveloping this entire planet with my mantle, bringing love, calm and resignation. 

My children, do not feed suffering. Do not feed pain. Don’t feed negative feelings. I would say to you that there is a curtain; a curtain that reflects everything you think you are living. If you open this curtain, the sun shines, the birds fly, the animals are free. Nothing is what it seems. Close the curtain and you will see this world of violence, pain, catastrophes and wars. Because that’s what you want to believe, that that’s all there is on this planet.

No, on this planet there is Light, there is Love, there is solidarity, there is friendship. All possible positive feelings exist on this planet. You just have to believe it, look at them. Open this curtain. Let the Light of the Sun in. Let the Light of the Sun illuminate your hearts. Stand with your eyes closed facing the Sun. 

Let the sun envelop your bodies, but especially your hearts. Stay in this state for a few minutes. Let yourself be enveloped by the Light of the Sun, by the warmth of the Sun. And rest assured, the energy you will receive will be intense and wonderful. And it will create a vortex of Light in your bodies, which will help you get through difficult times. 

I would say, my sons and daughters, that breaking this whole Matrix is not easy for you. Because you have become accustomed to it, to everything it offers. Many things that are necessary for you, but which we know are not. Many things that are indispensable to you, which we know are not. 

Try to find what is really important in your lives. Don’t cling to petty things, to meaningless things, to rules, to customs, to so many things that have been presented to you as a representation of a society; and which, in fact, only lead to separation, only lead to lack of love, only lead to violence. 

Each of you has a Spark in your chest, full of love. Created by God the Father/Mother. Let that Spark grow. Let it speak. Don’t extinguish it with feelings, with words, with low-vibration thoughts. Speak beautiful things. Think beautiful thoughts. Act beautifully. And this Spark will grow, increase, a lot in your hearts. 

Believe me, my sons and daughters, you are divine beings. You are Sparks of God the Father/Mother, and He would never bring you anything that would harm you. The ascension of this planet and of many of you. It is a gift from God the Father/Mother to the human race. Even with all that you have done. Because we can’t place the blame solely on those who arrived and dominated the planet. You accepted domination. You liked what they brought.

So now you need to understand that you were co-participants in everything that happened. You lived this process. But God the Father/Mother, in his infinite goodness and Love, is allowing you to ascend. And it will be beautiful. Millions will ascend. Unfortunately, it can’t be everyone, because the majority don’t want to accept what we are presenting. They want to continue living all the habits and customs they brought with them. And they like it, and they live it. 

Very well, they will have their moment of evolution. But this planet will ascend, and millions will go with it. Pay attention: millions. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to say that billions will ascend. The number will be very small. But rest assured that those who are already on the path today are receiving all the support, all the care, so that they are ready at the right time. 

Even those who come very slowly, it doesn’t matter. If the heart is pure and wants to ascend, it will. Everyone will have their own time to train and adapt. But choose the Light. Because whoever chooses the Light will ascend. Each in their own time, each in their own moment, but whoever chooses the Light will ascend.

The Code of Light that I bring you today will impregnate your hearts and souls. So that you have courage, strength and that fear dissipates. I promise, fear will dissipate.

Translated by Luiz Santos

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