Mary – Don’t be affected by suffering and pain

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM MARY!

I bring again a beautiful blue mantle, full of shining stars, that I place over each one of  you , that allows me to do this.

My dear sons and daughters, sadness sometimes hurts, it hurts the heart, it’s a powerful feeling that, if fed, can lead you to a state of torpor so great that the reason for living seems to go away. We understand that much of the time you live this feeling, for your own suffering, for the suffering  of  those  you love, but don’t let yourself become attached to this feeling. As I said, it’s   makes you doubt, you disbelieve, you ask senseless questions, so that there is no answer. It brings pain to your body, because your cells feel your sadness.

Don’t live this feeling for long time. Of course, we understand that much moments lead to this, but it’s important that you live that moment, and you start to get over it, to look at everything with enlightened eyes, not sad ones. eyes. What God the Father/Mother prepares for each child isn’t suffering, it isn’t pain. , it’s always light, joy and abundance. And why do you go through such feelings?

By the emanations themselves, by the journey of the soul, by the evolution of the soul. In simple terms, we can say that, along the way, you have made much people sad, and sadness is now returning as a result. But you don’t need to magnify it, you don’t need to feed what has arrived. You just need to understanding that everyone will go through whatever needs to be gone through

Don’t suffer the other person’s suffering. If necessary, be by their side, there like a sentinel, showing that you can help at any time, without words, without much, just showing your presence and all your love. Everything, every feeling, passes away; it comes with an enormous intensity and will dissipate. loses its strength; but if you feed it, if you allow yourself to be carried by it, it only increases. taking you to the bottom and making the journey back more and more difficult. the journey back. 

So, my sons and daughters, pain and suffering are part of the earthly journey. You have chosen to live through it, but don’t let sadness be the one that leads your lives.. Look at it and see it, but don’t let it dominate. Trust, believe that everything is already written, but that yes, you too can change the path of your lives a little, reducing the suffering, reducing the pain. And for this to happen, you need to raise your souls, raise your vibrations, so that you can your vibrations, so that you can receive all the help you need to minimize what you’re going through. minimize what you are going through.

I’ve given sadness as an example here, but any other feeling of low vibration is much more powerful. Don’t feed them. Don’t give them strength. Raise their heads. Raise their bodies, so that we can help them and make all  these moments lighter and easier to get through. Never think that God the Father/Mother has abandoned you, ever. But if you vibrate so much negative feelings, our help is hindered.

So you need to emanate faith and trust, and then we’ll be there for you. No I wouldn’t say carrying you, but stroking you, caring for you, cuddling you from time to time, so that your strength multiplies.  Never forget, my sons and daughters, my mantle will always be with you and, along with it, all my love.

Come into my lap, whenever you want, and I’ll be sure to help you through everything, whatever it’s.

Translation: Virginia Leite

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