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Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM MARY!

Today my heart is particularly full of joy, because so many children are making their supplications and their thanks to me on this day. No, there is no day for me. My day is any day on your calendar. But today there is a commotion on the planet, today there is an egregore of Love created, and I cannot ignore, put aside, so much Love emanating from me.

There are many beliefs, many forms, but what counts for each of us is not what you believe; what counts for each of us is how you live the word we say. What’s the point of being a fervent speaker, an ardent believer, if in your daily life you don’t preach the teachings you receive? What’s the point of doing penance, making promises, just for the sake of exchange? “I’ll do this so you’ll give me that”.

Most of the time, we ignore your promises because they are worthless. We don’t make exchanges. Often you receive what you ask for, but because of our unconditional Love, not because of the deed or the exchange. We don’t like sacrifices. We don’t like to see you in pain. We don’t like to see you hurt by a supposed surrender to a request made to us. We don’t like it, because it doesn’t change the way we see things, it doesn’t change the way we respond to the request or not.

We don’t value those who sacrifice themselves. We don’t value those who carry out extremely painful rituals, for so that we can see them. We don’t value that. We look at each of you through the heart; it’s the heart that tells us whether or not we should fulfill the request. It is the enlightened heart, the heart full of Love, that makes us transform a heavy lesson into a lighter one.

No, we don’t eliminate lessons. Sometimes, the weight we take off the lesson makes it so easy for you to see the answer, that you believe that the request has been granted, that we have freed you from it. No, we can’t interfere in your lessons. We always help, but according to each person’s heart; according to what each person emanates in their day-to-day life. What’s the point of walking for miles on your knees with a cross on your back, if in your daily life you don’t act like my son. You’re arrogant, you’re critical, you’re judgmental, but you think that by making such a sacrifice my son will forgive you and all your mistakes will disappear. Sweet illusion.

Stop believing that we are foolish enough to be fooled by your sacrifices. We don’t look at sacrifice. I repeat: it means nothing to us. What counts is what’s in your heart. What counts is what you live in your daily life. Don’t try to bargain with us. There is no exchange between us. We are pure unconditional Love, so we always give of ourselves, but the intensity and the solution are determined by your journey, not by sacrifices, not by promises, not by requests, not by prayers.

Look at my image, as you are doing today, and ask for help to solve your problems, of course I’ll listen, of course I’ll help, but I’ll do it within the return I see in your heart. The more enlightened your path becomes, the more I will help you, but I will never remove anything from your path, because each lesson is only removed when you learn it. We teach you how to learn the lesson, but it’s up to each one of you whether you learn it or not.

On this special day, I can tell you that you will receive all my love and light. Many of you will have your pain eased, many of you will see your problems solved, but only because they will be the result of your journeys, not because I solved them. Understand, my sons and daughters, don’t throw your pains in my lap or in the lap of any other Being of Light so that we can take them away. Pains are lessons. So the request has to be for us to help you see how to get out of them, or at least get some relief.

Because if you’re going through what you’re going through, we didn’t cause it, you did. Don’t barter with us. Don’t expect us to answer your pleas if your heart tells you otherwise. You have to follow the path of Light, you have to be a brother in Light, you have to follow my son’s teachings; and then your heart will light up and all your requests will be looked at with great fervor.

But always know that we don’t solve them, we just give you the path to the solution. And you often don’t even realize this, and end up believing that we have fulfilled the request. In the end, it’s all right. I leave you covered with my cloak, each one without exception. It doesn’t matter what your heart is; I cover you with my mantle, and if your heart isn’t of Light, it won’t stay. But if your heart vibrates with Light, it will remain there for a long time to come, protecting and blessing you.

Be the directors of the movie of your lives. Be the ones who command your paths. Take on your responsibilities, and once and for all, don’t trade with us, because for us, they don’t exist.

Translated by: Leticia Balbino 

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