Metatron – How to Use the Gifts We Receive

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM METATRON!

At this moment, I bring my tridimensional cube, and I will place those with an open heart inside my cube. This cube will remain around you for 24 hours. No, no one will activate or deactivate it. And you will receive the cube again every time you listen to this message. And what is the objective of this cube? It is to bring equilibrium, protection, and harmony to your bodies and minds. 

I will only leave a short message with this gift. Each gift you receive adds an energy quantum of very high vibration to your bodies. But there is always a point to consider. If you emanate any kind of low-vibration feeling or let yourself be involved by those around you who lower your vibrations, each and every gift is dissolved; each and every gift dissipates. 

Understand, they are very high vibrations. And to maintain them, a minimum of vibration is required in your bodies so that they settle and remain. That applies to everything. It applies to thoughts, actions, and what you eat. It applies to everything. You must be able to attract and keep all this energy in your bodies. Does it seem difficult? No, it is not. 

If you keep yourself within Love, keep yourself in equilibrium, try to move away from everything that might unbalance you, and always emanate high-vibration feelings, you can. You will maintain each energy around you. And a point that must be very clear: there is neither accumulation nor weight in the energies we send. Having one, ten, or twenty energies in your bodies is the same, meaning it does not harm your bodies. 

Of course, all that energy adds up. The more energies, the more vibration you receive. But that is proportionally increased in your bodies. We know precisely the necessary quantum we need to emanate so that your bodies remain balanced. Now, it is interesting that you make a balance. Do not wish to be eager for all gifts at the same time. 

Create a routine: each day, a different gift. The following day, you will attract another gift. You need only to listen to the beginning of the messages, where we deliver the gifts. Do not wish to be eager for everything at the same time. “Oh! But you did not say that before!” I am saying it now. No one has been harmed if he is activating all gifts every day. Just never forget that you need to think; that you also need to analyze everything you receive.

We do not like puppets. Therefore, know how to measure everything we are giving you. And another important point: each of you can attune yourself with a particular gift and not attune with the others. Is that wrong? Each gift properly attunes itself to the closer energy, more similar to itself. Therefore, it might be that a gift bothers you. Or you do not feel attracted to do it. And everything is alright. 

Choose one; choose two; choose three, but always choose what the heart asks for. Do not wish to do it just because you won it. Learn to always listen to your heart, always to feel your heart. Why are we giving so many gifs? It is a time for receiving gifts, isn’t it? If it were up to us, we would give gifts all year, but you would not know what to do with so many. 

Therefore, we are giving a few. I repeat: you are not obliged to do all; you are not obliged to receive all. Receive those which your hearts want. Then yes, we will be sure that you are attuned to each of them and receiving all the energy we emanate. And it will certainly always be good for you. 

Translation by Joana Rodrigues

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