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No, do not be surprised. We are taking that short break between one round and the next one. The journey will keep on, as mentioned. We will begin the second round next week. 

Today, I just want to leave you some points of thought and analysis. 

What do you fear? Do you fear what will happen to the planet, your brothers, or to you yourselves?

How are you facing this entire process? With absolute confidence? With doubts? Or a little of each?

What do you think about this entire process? Is there justice in it? Is there injustice? Is there another feeling that is only good for yourself now, though? 

How is your behavior? Do you believe in the Light? Are you completely confident? Are you still a little insecure or doubtful? Or do you think that all that is the fruit of your imagination that nothing will happen?

How do you behave before your brothers? With loving eyes or with judgmental eyes? With eyes of unity or with eyes of separation?

How do you see each brother, regardless of who he is? Do you make distinctions? Do you segregate? Do you discriminate? 

Are you caring for yourself with much Love, joy, and interest in what is about to happen? Or are you just carrying on because you think all that is nonsense?

Understand, my brothers, that you must stop and let the heart answer each of those questions because the ego will take the lead and answer all those questions with what we want to hear. But, in truth, that is not what we expect. 

We expect that each one opens his heart, enters it, and lets it answer, even if the answer is not the one we would like to hear. It will be a moment of self-reflection. It will be a moment of analysis of what you are really emanating. 

And I ask once again that each of those questions must be answered individually. I do not want commentaries with others. Those questions are addressed to each of you, not the group, not to the All. Therefore, may each one have his answers. Answer to whom? To no one. The answers will be to yourselves. 

Be truthful. Be truthful; no matter how you see that, you still need to improve a lot. And this is the point at which each one may still choose to change, choose the right path, and walk toward the Light. Fear nothing. Look inside you. See your shadows because they are there. 

At the moment, many think they are cleansed and ready. And I tell them that they are the ones who still have more shadows because no one is cleansed. No one is ready. Some are far ahead, but the great majority is very late because they let their ego lead them. The ego is still riding. The ego still says: “No, this is all a huge nonsense. Move on with your journey.” 

I will only tell each of you that the moments of choice are approaching. And, choices will or will not lead you to the right path; according to the ones you make each moment. There is no more time to listen to the ego. There is no more time to let the ego in control. 

Be truthful. Answer each question with the heart. Be truthful. And remember: no one is looking at the answers. No one is taking notes of your answers. You, yourselves, must look at the answers and analyze them to understand what still needs to be done—what still has to be done. 

Look at yourselves with Love and truth. Remember: no one is ready. No one is 100% ready. Do not compare yourself to anyone. The journey is yours. It is each one’s journey. Others have nothing to do with it. You may look at others, thinking they are at the ascension apex. However, in his heart, he is on the other side, together with the shadows. He hides it well. He makes you believe he is Light, but deep down, he is trapped in the shadows. 

Therefore, do not see the others. Do not look at the others. You must look at yourself. It is your journey, exclusively yours. Look at it and answer each of the questions. Make notes if you wish. In a while, you may repeat the test here and see if the answers changed or not. It will be great to see your evolution. 

So, I just expect you to do this exercise without commentaries. It is a personal exercise. You do not have to make commentaries; you do not have to ask questions; you do not have to expose anything. Just be yourself and nothing else. 

Translation by Joana Rodrigues

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