Mother Mary – My Mantle

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM MARY!

Today I come to be with you, only bringing my mantle. A mantle of Light and Love. May everyone who has a clean, pure heart enjoy this mantle. Those with dark hearts will also be able to enjoy the mantle, but they will have to make a choice: go back to the Light; or maybe go to the Light.

Those with enlightened hearts will gain strength, courage, determination and faith so that they can continue on their journey. This mantle belongs to everyone. Never forget that I’ve already donated it so many times. I’m donating one more. So, whenever you feel tightness, sadness, doubt, anger, discontent, any feeling that takes you away from the Light, take this cloak, wrap yourself in it, and immediately, my Love, my Light, will calm your heart, illuminate your heart.

And if that request for help, at that moment, is profound, sincere, rest assured, I will work miracles on your path. Trust in this mantle. Don’t doubt its power. Use it whenever you want. But remember, it only works when the request is sincere, profound and indispensable.

I have nothing more to teach you, my sons and daughters. The only thing we can do now is to always be by your side. But for that to happen, your heart needs to emanate Love, emanate Light. And rest assured, you will attract us all the time, and we will help you through your lessons.

You often find the lesson hard, but you have no idea of the force with which it comes. And that we act and diminish it so that you can get through it with as little suffering as possible. Never think that we have abandoned you. We are always at your request, at your thoughts.

Call us. Seek us out. We will always do what is best for each of you. And always remember: this mantle is light, it is powerful, and it contains a lot of Love. And it is this Love that makes miracles happen in the journey of each one of you.

Be ready, my sons and daughters. The road ahead. It will be troubled for many. But right now, it’s your choices that will create the road ahead. Know how to choose. Know how to position yourselves. And never doubt that all it takes is one request, one thought, for any of us to come to your aid.

Never forget that. Never forget that. Never forget that.

Translated by I Arantes

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