Rowena – The Magic Flower

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I’M ROWENA!

Following this journey that we are making for you, today I come to bring all the Love, all the joy, all the equilibrium  to your hearts. This Third Dimensional world is a world that constantly attacks you; it’s the problems of daily life, relationships, work, life as a whole. This whole context demands a lot from you. And hearts get tight, they get sad  discouraged, because many times they don’t see the reason for all this, why to continue, why so much struggle.

The answer is the own way in which you live. It was created with this purpose in mind: survival, the daily struggle, the constant difficult journey with obstacles, challenges, and the ego playing its part, always taking away strength, always preventing you from taking too many risks, because for him what you have already lived it’s already gone enough.

So my brothers, I bring for everyone  a small armor as a gift, but not the armor of your soldiers or those who fought long ago; an armor like a flower, but it is a magical flower in which, when you touch it, it enters your hands and goes straight to your heart, and it remains there, emanating Light, emanating strength, emanating courage, emanating Love.

So whenever you feel that your heart is tight, remember this magical rose. It’s a pink rose that is born out of need, born out of pain, born out of difficulty. When you think of this rose, it will be born; touch it and it will go to your heart, giving you all the strength and love you need. Don’t forget, it’s born from pain, it’s born from difficult times, it’s born from mistrust, disbelief, it’s born to balance these feelings.

But you need to think about it so that it appears in front of you, so that it appears, and you can touch it and it goes into your heart. Remember, my brothers and sisters, no step taken on this journey into the Third Dimension is in vain. If there is intention, if there is courage, if there is the will to ascend, nothing is in vain. The way may be hard, it may be full of thorns and obstacles, but it is in this way, by overcoming each one of them, that you will get to where you need to be.

Don’t lose faith. Don’t lose your strength. Always remember, you have friends to help you. That’s us. And at any moment you can call on us.

Translation by Virginia Leite

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