Saint Germain – Knowledge, Wisdom and Choices

Dear brothers from planet Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

I love alchemy. I love magic. So right now, I bring a little ball of very powerful Violet Light. I am molding it between my hands. I would like to leave it with each of you, but for that, I need the permission of each one of you, to want to receive this powerful Violet ball. Just say: “Yes, I accept.” 

It’s not meant to be placed in the heart; it will stay above your head, above your Crown Chakra, spinning and emanating Violet Light over you. And what will this Violet Light do? First, being above your Crown, it will eliminate any energy trying to penetrate your body that is different from Light. Anything will be transmuted into Love and Light, allowing you to be bathed only in the Light of Alcyon, the Light of the Beings of Light around you, the Light of Gaia. 

This ball stays there for as long as you want, just say every morning: “I activate my Violet Light ball from Saint Germain,” and think about the light, see it as a ball spinning above your head. If you forget to activate it, it won’t disappear, but it will start to dissipate. If that happens, if you forget for many days, just listen to this message again and receive the ball again. 

So, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s a gift I’m leaving with each of you, to help you simply move forward; to help you have extra strength, extra balance in your journeys. No, the journey to the Fifth Dimension is not easy and not simple, but what you always need to believe is that the result is always possible. We are living witnesses, not living in body, but living in soul, of this process. 

And not just us, many other beings have evolved over time. They evolve as souls. They reach a limit of knowledge necessary for their evolution. And all these beings are being very well prepared at this moment to return to the planet, but in the Fifth Dimension. 

Always look forward. We have said here that it is necessary to be in the middle of the battle to win it. This is true. No one learns to be a soldier without entering a battle. So you need to live, endure, experience everything necessary for your learning, so you can evolve. Evolution is not only knowledge. Knowledge brings the expansion of consciousness, correct, but it is not what causes evolution. Evolution is a combination of knowledge, wisdom, and choices. Knowledge is easier for you because you acquire it with what you want to learn. 

Wisdom, you have to live, you have to be experiencing each process to learn to get out of it. No one learns to get out of a labyrinth if they are not inside it. You won’t learn from the outside. So don’t be afraid to live anything. Don’t be afraid to go through anything. Never, listen well, never will anything be beyond what you are capable of enduring. This is also a Divine Law. 

Each being endures what is allowed to endure. Many of you don’t understand this because you immediately think of those who suffer from horrible pain, who have deep sufferings, and who cannot find relief. I would say to you that I could stay here for years explaining such situations. Yes, those who are going through situations of extreme pain, extreme suffering, but always be sure, all of this is a return of what they emanated.

So if they were able to emanate so much negative energy, they would be able to have it back; there is no other way. It is the Law of Return. And we must never forget that there is the choice of the soul. The soul chooses to go through that suffering to feel “in the flesh” what it caused itself. So everyone has their story. Each soul has its story. It is not up to you to judge or try to understand. Only in the presence of the Karmic Council does each soul understand everything. Without this presence, souls are somewhat lost when they are incarnated. They cannot remember and do not understand why many things happen. 

Just live. Immerse yourself in every challenge. Don’t run away from them. By immersing yourself in a challenge, you are making a choice, the choice to learn to transmute that energy you created yourself because that challenge is your energy; it doesn’t come from anyone else. Can you ask for help? Always. We are here at any time to help you, but not to diminish what needs to be, but to help you understand, and with understanding comes relief; with understanding and insight comes wisdom. And then you fulfill that second point I mentioned.

As for choices, we can do nothing about that because you have free will, and we respect that. So make the right choices. Don’t leave it for tomorrow. “Oh, tomorrow I’ll start.” Tomorrow might be too late. We have always said this here: Start yesterday; make the right choices yesterday, not tomorrow. Today you are already late. Do not procrastinate in anything. 

Do not push anything forward. Make your choices today. 

Change your journeys today so that you have understanding and wisdom. That is all that is needed. Is it too much? No, it is not. It is a daily soul learning that you will take into eternity. How do you want to go to the Fifth Dimension full of problems you have not solved yet? Full of vices that you continue to maintain? Postures and habits that you insist on keeping? 

Make a change. It is necessary to change, it is necessary to make the right choices. I continue to say: Ask for our help. And we will give you strength to overcome these obstacles, we can do that. So ask for our help constantly. And this Violet ball that I gave you as a gift today, will have this role: the role of helping you to enhance each well-made choice, each correct decision, so that you accelerate, even more, the journeys of each one of you. 

Translated by: Paula Prado

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