Sananda – Create your own paths

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

Participating in this Ascension Journey is something extremely pleasant for me, as I can, in this way, pass on my energy and my Love, in a very simple way.

My sons and daughters do not get hung up on bad things, bad moments, the news. Look ahead, always seeing an illuminated path. Always seeing the sun on the horizon. Fill your path with flowers, animals, things you like. When looking at a long path, it represents what you call the future; represents moments that will come ahead.

So, if you create an illuminated, flowery, open path, you are overcoming any and all adversities that may appear on this path. No, I’m not saying the problems are over. I am not saying that you will have a wonderful life without any obstacles. What I’m saying is that creating an illuminated and flowery path leads you to always be strong and ready to face any obstacle; to face any problem.

So the problems will be there because they were created a long time ago. But you, today, creating an illuminated and flowery path, when you reach the problem you will be immense and strong, and you will see the problem or obstacle as very small. And you will know how to solve it very easily.

Thinking about problems, thinking about the future with concern, is adding more problems to the path. It’s adding stones, walls, doors to the path, which will cause more delays in your journey. So I would say that right now, dreaming is the best thing. See yourselves creating this path, with everything that is beautiful, with everything that you like.

It doesn’t matter if you put something into it that is impossible for you. What matters is what you are emanating. Live in the moment. Live the feeling of what you have achieved. Attract joy to that moment. And you will see how the path becomes lighter and easier to walk. Problems become smaller, almost non-existent. 

Stop looking at everything with negativity. Stop absorbing the negative that is passed on to you. Always be positive, in any situation. As difficult as it may seem, look at the positive side. “Ah, but I don’t find this positive side.” I would say to you: That you forgot to dream, you forgot to think positively. Because even in negative things there is always a positive side to be found; there is always learning. So rest assured that you will find it. But you need to light up your heart, light up your mind, so that you can see the positive side of that immense obstacle.

My sons and daughters, do not expect moments of celebration. Don’t wait for moments without pain. But you need to believe that the path can indeed be illuminated, even with pain around it. Because the path is yours, but the pain is someone else’s; It’s not yours. So, create your bright and flowery paths, you will certainly be able to walk through the rubble, many times. But you will be able to get past them safely. Because the rubble doesn’t belong to you. They were the result of the surroundings, of the walk outside. And even if the rubble is yours, rest assured, you managed to overcome it. All you need to do is believe and create an enlightened and flowery path.

Start living this way. Put on the path everything you would like to have and whatever you would like to happen. Now, never forget: It is your path. Don’t put things that involve other people. It’s your path, it’s your soul. It may even be that the people around you benefit from your enlightened path. But you didn’t put them in your path; they are in their path.

So the requests, the thoughts, the ideas need to be just for you. Don’t involve other people. As much as you love them, the journey is yours. “Ah, but what about the children, how are they?” What did I just say? If you make your walk bright and flowery and have a child around you, the child will receive all the Light and all the flowers that you have placed in their path. Because you lit their path. And since you are responsible for them, they receive it too. But don’t put it in your way.

Understand it. They have their way. And you can’t create their path. The beings that protect them know their path to be created. There is still a lot for you to learn, respecting each other’s journey. Being responsible for someone is not imposing, it is not creating anything for that path. You take care of yours, so that, indirectly, you reach those around you. But it doesn’t affect the other’s path. Otherwise, this is an invasion of free will.

t seems strange, but it’s not. Each child is being enveloped by the beings that protect them. They are their flowery and illuminated path, which can be added to what you are creating by being their mother or father. But she has her own path. You are not the one who will create it. Understand this.

Children are not abandoned. They are not arriving on this planet to be dependent on “A” or “B”. They are arriving with missions. And it will not be you who will decide whether they comply or not. Each is being cared for by their soul masters. And at the right time, each one will do what is necessary.

So once again I remind you: Each of you mind your own path. There is no other. Right now, there is only one person: you!

Translated by: Paula Prado

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