Sananda – Focus on the Teachings

Dear sons and daughters of Planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

I’m delighted to be able to come here once again and talk to all of you. Many of you miss our messages. But we’ve made it clear that all the lessons have already been learned. Now is the time to apply what you’ve learned. Staying here repeating, repeating, repeating the same things is not useful. It’s only for those who haven’t learned anything and who always need a crutch to lean on in times of despair.

The messages are there. All of them. None have been deleted. Do you want to hear the messages? Go back in time and listen. Don’t keep emanating bad feelings because the messages won’t arrive. Always remember: What you send out, you get back. So why keep emanating bad energies because you don’t have the message you want to hear? 

Here or on any other channel, there is always guidance, except for those who are posting messages from supposed beings of Light and who have no guidance whatsoever. They’re acting like it’s fashionable. It’s fashionable to have a channel and post messages. So they do. But they have no guidance and even less of what is there comes from beings of Light.

It’s very easy for the dark ones to dress up as beings of light and pass on messages. E muitos poderão até dizer que são mensagens bonitas. Mas o que importa é a energia que está embutida nela. And many are getting carried away. So it’s not the quantity, it’s not the obligation to have a daily message that will get you going.

The journey is made by each person’s choice; by the choices you make about your path; not by the messages you hear or fail to hear. It’s all there for you to listen to again and continue learning the lesson. Because you still have a lot to learn. Especially those who keep complaining and emanating contrary energies because they don’t have what they want.

Look at your life and ask yourself why it doesn’t get better. Because I can assure you of one thing, my sons and daughters, whoever has a good heart, whoever has an open heart, whoever is ready to receive the Light, whoever doesn’t criticize, whoever doesn’t condemn, whoever doesn’t judge, the path is illuminated, and their lives are moving forward wonderfully well.

Now, if yours is tied up, stuck and nothing is moving, don’t blame the universe, don’t blame those around you. Look at yourself, look at your attitudes and your thoughts. And maybe you’ll find the answer to why your life is so tied up.

Understand, my sons and daughters, any energy emanating against another person returns to you and will not be like karma in the next incarnation. Everything is very fast, so you’ll be back even then. What’s more, you can come back almost instantly. So let’s stop whining, let’s stop complaining that you don’t have what you want.

If you want something, fight for it. It’s not the other person’s fault that you don’t have it.  He’s just being a mirror to show you what you need to do to get what you want. Go back and listen to the lessons, because many of you certainly still have a lot to learn.

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