Sananda – How to look at Suffering

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

I’m delighted to be here with you once again. My arms are open right now, welcoming all the wounded hearts, all the squeezed hearts.

My sons and daughters, don’t cling to suffering. Suffering is the result of your choices, from this or other lives. But it can’t be amplified. It has to come, looked at head-on, analyzed, and let go. You can’t feed suffering, because it has immense power. The more you feed it, the more it grows.

Then look at the problem that is causing you suffering, and envelop it in Light. Make each problem into a small ball; however shapeless it may be, and once you’ve managed to get the whole problem into that shape, wrap it in Light. And the Light will be able to dissolve that created form, little by little, helping you to find the answers, the paths, the alternatives.

You cling to suffering, you like everyone to see that you suffer. This is ego. No one needs to know what’s wrong with you. Others will rarely help you, because everyone has their own problems. Don’t expect help from others. Help has to come from the Beings of Light and, above all, from yourself, by not feeding suffering.

Look at it, and face it head-on, because there may be a lot of your mistakes in there too. And it’s precisely their mistakes that are fueling the suffering. Always looking straight ahead is the best strategy for finding the answer. Fear nothing. We’ve always said that here. Fear nothing.

Suffering is an incoming energy. As I’ve already said, it’s the result of current or past actions, it doesn’t matter. But it doesn’t come with all that strength; it acquires the strength you give it. So know not to feed it. Know how to envelop it in Light. And whenever a problem comes to mind, remember that shapeless ball you made. And again, wrap it in Light.

This is the path. And in this way, gradually, you will realize that everything has a solution, everything has a path, which leads to the solution of that problem, of that suffering. Now, the most important thing in all of this: Don’t listen to your ego. You have to listen to your Divine Presence. IT will always have the right answer to every problem.

Now be ready to always listen to what she says. And above all, to believe and accept what is said.

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