SANANDA – I Will Be With All

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA! 

I could not fail to be here today. The words of the one who was my mother while I was incarnated on Earth filled your hearts with Love and emotion. And so she is; pure Love, pure emotion. I won’t go on too long here. But I would like to emphasize that this date, which was created in your world, is recognized by me, and I am grateful for it. Not for the part created by men, of cheap consumerism, of exaggeration, but I can point to the positive side: the decorations, the union between families, the beliefs for children, all this is positive, as long as there is always balance.

It’s nice to see everyone engaged in decorating their homes, decorating the planet, for this festive season. It’s nice. It’s a shame that many people don’t put the meaning of this time into it; they put it into showing off, showing their superiority in showing that they can be more than the other person. It’s a shame, because they use such a beautiful date to show that they can, without really caring about the spirit of Christmas.

And what is the spirit of Christmas? I’d say it’s the love between brothers and sisters; it’s the love between families; it’s the love between friends; it’s the gathering at tables, whether they’re full or not. It makes no difference to me. If I don’t have anything to eat, I’ll be sitting there, just as I would at a full table. All it takes is for hearts to invite me, for hearts to call me to be there at that moment. And I will be, in every home, in everywhere.

My energy will be there and I will bless every table, every gathering, and for those who have little, I will give the abundance of Light and my energy, and everyone will be satiated, without even understanding how, but they will be, because I will be there feeding everyone. Don’t use this date for anything other than the union of Love.

Unite. This is a crucial moment in humanity’s existence, where unity is dissolving, Love is disappearing and only fear and violence prevail.

So love. Love a lot. Emanate a lot of Love on this day. No matter to whom. It doesn’t matter how. Just emanate Love. Be Light. Be Love. May you at least manage to create a great egregore of Love and Light on this day, and depending on its intensity, it could last a long time. It just depends on you.

So love a lot. Love a lot.

Love a lot. And all those who are pure of heart sitting at the table, united in one thought, in one heart, I will be present. I would say that I am an intruder guest, because you don’t need to call me, I will be there. All you have to do is emanate a lot of Love and Light, and I’ll be there, by your side.

I bless each and every one of you, regardless of the amount of Love you emanate. I bless you all.

All the inhabitants of this planet. Those who follow the path of Light and those who do not. I bless you all. And for sure, this will make a big difference. It always has and always will. And this world, as much as it may not seem like it, is moving towards the Light, and this will be my greatest task, my greatest mission; to raise this planet to the Fifth Dimension. And along with it, those who emanate Love and Light in their hearts.

I will be with them. I will be with everyone. 

Translation by: Leticia Balbino

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