Sananda – Look around

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

Again, my heart is filled with joy, not only to bring a few words, but to bring a lot of love to each of you.

We are coming to the end of this cycle. It doesn’t matter whether your calendar is correct or not. What you live is what commands the planet’s egregores and the hearts of humans. So there’s no way to tell you, at this moment, to forget everything and start considering something else.

Everything is in time and at the right time. The important thing is to follow your heart. Stop following what others say or what your society imposes. Always act according to your heart. This will always be the best path. Don’t get carried away by consumerism. Don’t get carried away by rules.

Look at the celebrations at the end of this cycle as an opportunity to look at your surroundings. Look carefully at where you live. Who is around you? What’s it like where you live? Look, I’m not making comparisons. Everyone is where their soul has taken them and where they need to be. But look at your surroundings. What do you see?

Do you see a lot of nature, a little one, or none at all? Do you perceive a lot of houses, a lot of neighbors, or none at all? Do you see a clear, open sky, or just a little bit of it? What do you see around you? So I tell you, it doesn’t matter what you see. The person who lives in paradise, surrounded by nature, with an open sky, is no better or superior than the person who lives crowded. There is no superiority.

Many of you might say: “Of course there is! Whoever is out there with nature all around them has a much more comfortable life than I have here in this booth, surrounded by many people? I’m not talking about someone’s finances; I’m talking about the heart. Does the person who lives in this big house surrounded by nature have a heart? Not the physical heart, of course, but does he let his heart speak? And you, who are complaining about that cubicle, are you letting your heart talk? Or are you both extremely grateful for everything you’ve been given, for everything you have? No? You don’t think of being thankful because nothing is good?

It will be very different from person to person. So I’d like to tell you that on this path today, those who have good financial conditions are equal to those who don’t because it’s not a weight, it’s not a determining factor, it doesn’t put you in front of the line, as many people think. When you enter the path of evolution, you are stripped of everything physical. You walk only with your heart, your choices, thoughts and actions.

The energy of money will do no good, because there will be no bribery or corruption and no better place in line. Everyone is on the same path, with the same tasks, with the same obstacles. Everyone has to overcome all the obstacles on that path, whether they are rich or poor. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old. What matters is the heart. What matters is what you feel at that moment.

Is the person owner of the big house grateful that his journey has brought him there? And you, who live in that cubicle and complain, have you ever been grateful? At least you have a place to live, but what about those with nothing? Rest assured that your soul is probably too stubborn, as you say, to learn things. If you’re still in scarcity, it’s because you haven’t learned the lessons or you don’t want to learn them. And maybe the person in that big house surrounded by nature has managed to overcome all the necessary obstacles, and all he has is abundance.

Is he wrong? No. Are you wrong? No, neither. Everyone has chosen his own path,  to learn or not to learn. So don’t judge what you don’t know. If your path is difficult, stop and think. Why do you insist on not evolving? Why do you insist on repeating the same mistakes? The person in that beautiful house, surrounded by nature, may not be so stubborn but they let themselves learn, evolve, and the universe provided for them.

That’s how it works. The heart is in charge. It’s the thoughts, the actions, the evolutions that are in charge. Or maybe you who live in this box have to live in a box for a long time to learn something. Is that it? Perhaps. So, my sons and daughters, this is not a time to compare who has more and who has less. This is the time for analysis. Now is the time to look inward and accept your mistakes; to accept that you still make mistakes, and lots of them. Now it’s not about judging yourself, it’s not about crucifying yourself because you made a mistake; it’s about making a decision: “I want to correct my mistakes and I don’t want to make any more mistakes! Perfect. That is the way to your evolution and your abundance.

So before you sit around complaining, crying, and cursing that you have nothing and the other person has everything, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone is there because of the results of their soul journeys, because of their own choices. Everyone in this universe has their own share of abundance. It is not divided into unequal parts, so you have yours. Now you have to make sure that you reach it, that you receive it. And how do you do that? By being grateful every day for every lesson, for every learning experience, for every challenge.

It’s not about looking at the challenge and sitting down and crying. It’s about overcoming it and being sure that you’ve taken a small step toward abundance. Look around you. What have you built? This is a time for analysis, and whatever you see around you, be grateful for it, especially as you realize what led you to where you are. The opportunities you’ve missed, the challenges you’ve refused to face, the people you’ve allowed to dominate you, the thoughts you’ve picked up from others, the desires you’ve suppressed.

 Think about it. Think about all this. And learn that no one can dominate anyone. Don’t let anyone stop you. Don’t use others as a shield for your cowardice. Everyone is capable of liberating themselves; everyone has that power. Those who allow themselves to be imprisoned are making a choice, because freedom belongs to the soul, to every being. And as we’ve been saying lately and always, ask for our help to free you, to make you see the path, to make you evolve. But be prepared, because the path is not what you want most of the time. The path is not so easy, it has stones. But what’s important is that with each stone that is removed, the leap is immense.

So know how to find your way. Look at each stone with love and you will surely change everything around you. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. What matters is that your soul must evolve. In this incarnation or in the next. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that evolution is always the path of every soul.

Translation by Helena do Lago Basile

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