Adama – Telos II – Chapter 12

Dear brothers! I AM ADAMA!

Today we are going to comment on chapter 12 of Telos Book II. This chapter talks about our children; of the Love they feel for the children on the surface. Today your children are exposed to stressful routines, preventing them from being what they are: just children. Parents need to work to survive in your world. Therefore, your children undergo a routine of competition, learning, and responsibilities that, many times, they are not yet ready to live. They are almost adult routines. That brings very strong unbalances to your children. 

For some time now, many children have come to this planet. But they are not children in souls. They are intelligent, evolved souls who are prepared to help in planet Earth’s transformation. Today, many are becoming adults in adult bodies. But unfortunately, many have forgotten their mission. They have let themselves be involved by all the existing attractions on the surface. Unfortunately, as I have already said here, they will not evolve with all the rest. Many will still remain on the Third for a long time, and, in the future, they will remember the lost opportunity and the non-fulfilled agreement they made when they incarnated on planet Earth. 

But let us resume talking about children. Let your children be children. Let them play with one another. You, parents, play with your children. Get off your devices and give affection, attention, and Love to your children. You are role models. What will children understand if you isolate yourselves in front of a device? Lack of communication; lack of discussion; lack of Love. And they will search in the same devices for what they do not and should have: Love and attention. 

There is a boundary for everything. You can use your devices, yes. But when you are with your children, forget about them. It will be their time. Your friends, or presumed friends, will need to understand your choice that your children are more important than a futile or foolish conversation. This problem vastly affects your children: there are no boundaries for them because, as you do not give them attention, you compensate your children with everything they want. That is not the correct way of educating. 

Always having everything he wants in his hands brings severe unbalances to a child. And that child will desire more and more, and the child will become a rebellious and highly restless child because the child understands he can do whatever he wants to gain also whatever he wants. He understands the power of bargaining. But that bargaining is unhealthy for him because he will become a similar adult who will not understand boundaries and will always want everything he wants at any price.

Today’s children live inside their own lives. They create their worlds in their devices, and when you, parents, find out, it is often too severe already. And why? No, there is no point in blaming life out there. You have chosen to be parents. Therefore, be parents. Do not just be those who bring sustenance and everything the child wants. Be friendly and Loving parents. You must be your children’s friends, not those they do not know, because they search for friends and indeed find them. 

Observe your children. Treat them with energetic therapies. Do not clog them with medication for them to be still. I am going to bring an example that many will recall: the genie of the lamp. When you rub the genie lamp, a great genie comes out. But then he must return to the lamp, which is so tiny. Therefore, see your today’s children like this genie. They find joy, freedom, and expansion when they come out of the lamps. But they are obliged to remain inside the lamp because your society demands it. And they stay there, small, cornered, and sad because they do not know how to live inside that lamp. Nothing there suits them. They want to expand. 

Therefore, bring this example to what you do with your children. You imprison them in rules, medication, and attitudes to satisfy society. But they have come for expansion; they have come for amplitude; they have come to be immense, free, and incredibly lovely, and many cannot understand this world out here. They learn to live inside the lamp, inside their world, because they do not recognize this world out here. They neither accept nor understand a world without the attention of those who should give them attention, a world without Love, which they bring overflowing in their hearts. Therefore, they withdraw. They go into the lamp. 

Then, at this moment, you ask yourselves: “What is wrong?” No, I am not saying here it is always the parents’ fault in these cases. But, if Love is intense, you can make those children come out of the lamp because of the Love they receive. And they will begin to understand that the world out here can indeed be a peaceful and Loving world like they were taught. 

Therefore, in this and every situation, love your children. They are not a problem. You chose to have them; even if you have not, you need to love them. But love them how they know Love: with respect, discussion, and affection, not with requirements and rules and yelling. They do not understand that. Educating is not screaming; educating is not imposing your will. There is an exchange. Ask your child if that is what he wants. Or are you making him do something you wish you had been able to do? They will be able to answer whether they want it or not, whether it pleases them or not. Or are you following a cake recipe imposed by society? 

Listen to your children; they have a voice. And today’s children have much voice. Look at your children not as children but as evolved and wise souls. And, incredible as it may seem, they can teach their parents a lot. Love your children. Respect your children. And make that Love and respect an exchange of experiences and knowledge. Do not look at them as inferior for being small. They may be small in size, but their soul is certainly infinitely greater than yours. 

Translation by Joana Rodrigues

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