Adama – Telos II – Chapter 15 – by Adama

Dear brothers and sisters! I AM ADAMA!

Today we will talk about chapter 15 of book II of Telos.

Celestia, my sister, brings us all the movement in Telos to increase the planet’s vibration. My brothers and sisters, how difficult is it for many to imagine themselves living everything we talk about? For millennia, and millennia, and millennia, you have lived through pain, you have lived through suffering, you have lived through duality and you are still living through it… So your souls have remembered very little of what they have already learned and experienced. Everything became a great contest, a great journey of elevation or attempts at elevation, to get to where we never knew.

The concept was to be born, live for a while, and die, nothing more. So why build so many things? Why try to live so many good things if the negative world attracted you more? The Light is perfect. Light brings balance. The Light brings joy. The Light brings everything you need. But you were taught that this was nothing and that you needed to seek your pleasures on the exact opposite side: from addictions, from ephemeral pleasures, from anything that lowers your energy.

To this day, many people ask themselves: Does everything that is said, really exist and will exist? If there isn’t a collective madness in which some people believe in this perfect world and start behaving in a way that is totally contrary to the rest of humanity? Will it work, does it exist and will it exist? Aren’t we wasting time, once again, in believing that we can be better, that our lives can become better? Is it? Is it? Is it?

Many people ask. And even those of you who are already awake, when you come up against such deep obstacles when you come up against virtually insurmountable walls, you ask yourselves: “Is everything I’m doing worth it? Is it worth believing in so many things I can’t see? Is it worth believing so many things that I hear but don’t feel in my heart? My brothers and sisters, all of us at Telos have had this moment of doubt and have sought the solution precisely on the wrong path.

When we, or other civilizations, or the Beings of Light, came here to bring a different perspective, a different path, we experienced it all. We lived in complete harmony, in balance, in Light and we allowed ourselves to be involved in exactly these points that you are involved in today. And the result is there. And yet many continue to ask: “But isn’t there proof that Lemuria, Atlantis, and other intraterrestrial cities exist? What proof is there, how can we be sure?

There is only one answer and that is in the heart. Your mind will never give you the right answer, because you have been used to believing what you see, what is tangible, what you can feel, see, to believe. But when you let your heart speak, all the stories you’ve been told start to make sense somehow. It’s as if you were a big jigsaw puzzle that today is full of holes and the pieces that complete it don’t appear. No matter how many times you incarnate, disincarnate, and incarnate again, those pieces never appear.

But by a strange coincidence, when you allow yourself to listen to your heart, when you allow yourself to believe everything we say when you allow yourself to believe and live what we say, those pieces start to appear, and you begin to put the puzzle together. And then some things start to make sense. And this is how you get involved, how you allow yourself to live more and more from the heart.

We know and we are aware that there will be times when you will still look at that wall, at first insurmountable, and say: “What was the point of me believing in so much? Here’s an obstacle I don’t know how to solve!” And I say to you: Any obstacle can only be solved with the heart. The more you make that obstacle a real, physical wall, the more it will grow. When you take that wall and turn it into a shapeless thing and you gradually begin to mold it in your hands, each time shrinking it down a little, acting with it as if you were a child playing with playdough in your hands. You will find it enjoyable, squeezing that mass that is so big and so shapeless, but with each squeeze, it gets smaller and smaller, and it becomes softer and softer for you to squeeze. Because you’ve made a game out of it, you’ve taken the strength out of that wall, it’s no longer a wall, it’s something you manipulate, and with your hands and your childlike joy, you shape it, you squeeze it, you shrink it, condensing that mass that was once so fluffy and is now becoming compact, but smaller and smaller. And there will come a time when if your heart’s joy in that play is so great, that mass will simply disappear from your hands. And you’ll look at that wall and you won’t see it anymore, because you faced it with the real strength it has, which is none.

The strength of any obstacle is placed by your mind. The obstacle is always a lesson, and it’s often small and easy to solve, but when you look at it with anger, with disbelief, it becomes that insurmountable wall, because you gave it the strength to grow, you gave it the strength to become a wall. Each lesson on your path will never be greater than what you will be able to do with it. All of them, you have the ability to solve. All of them. But everything has to come from the heart, it has to be that look of a child, of a sweet game of kneading dough.

Look at your problems in this way, and realize that more and more you will feel your hearts growing. More and more you will look at everything with different eyes. Things will no longer seem strange and you are unable to solve them. And always remember: you are connected to Gaia, to a global consciousness, and every point you resolve, you affect the global consciousness too, because you are part of it.

Each change affects the Whole. No one is imperceptible to the Whole. The Whole is the totality of all the energies of humans on this planet. If one person changes, it reverberates and change begins to happen in the Whole. So my brothers and sisters, Celestia and I are always here. Our children are always here ready to help you see things as play. Call on our children, they will bring you joy, naivety, and that seeing of the Whole with children’s eyes, with eyes that nothing is too important, everything is easy to live with, to change. Call on our children, they will bring you joy, naivety, and that seeing of the Whole with children’s eyes, with eyes that nothing is too important, everything is easy to live with, to change.

Believe me, my brothers and sisters, we are here to help you. The time has come for us to unite. Ask for our help. No matter how much you think nothing is happening, each person who connects with us becomes part of our journey too. If you don’t yet see or feel or know, it’s because it’s not yet time; your mind isn’t yet fully ready for what we have to show you. But don’t give up, keep going.

The process is not as fast as you think, but it is happening. All you have to do is let us help you. Let our children bring joy and naivety, sweetness, into your hearts. But don’t take this naivety to mean that you’re going to be silly on your planet; it’s that naivety of seeing everything through the eyes of a child, of seeing every wall as a game, as something they can climb over somehow and get to the other side without fear, because that’s how children are.

So let yourself be filled with joy. Connect with them, and rest assured, your journey will be a lot more fun.

Translated by Viviana Accorsi 

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