Adama – Telos II – Chapter 17 – by Adama

Dear Brothers and Sisters! I AM ADAMA!

Today, we will complete Book II of TELOS, Chapter 17.

In this chapter, Saint Germain expresses his gratitude for all we have done for humanity. Yes, my brothers, the energy of Telos and many other intraterrestrial cities have long kept this planet on the path of Ascension. Civilization, on the surface, has allowed itself to get involved. I am not judging, for we have made mistakes, as well.

For Gaia to reach this point, at this time, in the position that she is now in the Universe, and to have all this ascension capacity, a lot had to be done. We, the intraterrestrials, came together and did what we could, all this time, to keep the Ascension Flame burning so that Gaia could be where she is today.

Many people are asking themselves: “What is Ascension really?” There are vibrational bands between the dimensions. Today, you are vibrating between the Third and the Fourth. Who is in the fourth? Those who today are vibrating the purest love that they can,  who are not allowing themselves to do so many things that they have done in the past but seeking glory and light as the meaning of their lives.

So I ask you: What is Ascension? First, it’s looking at every step your soul has taken, no matter what it was, and understanding that there has been a line of learning and evolution and that nothing can be thrown away and nothing can be forgotten. The only thing you need to do now is to eliminate all the energy that has been generated at every step of this journey. All the energy of pain, all the energy of suffering, of injustice, and so many other words that encompass everything that is not Light.

You have to eliminate the energy generated at every point. How do you do that? By increasing the Unconditional Love in your hearts and seeking a more effective path of evolution. Michael once said that you are climbing a pyramid. With each ascent, you reach a new level. Continue to have that pyramid as a point of support and understanding.

With each step you climb and each floor you reach, many things will be released to you, such as paths that will lead you to this purification and forgiveness. Also will lead you to true evolution in your way of thinking and acting. Understand, my brothers and sisters, the journey is not over. It is still long, and many stories await you.

You still have many floors to climb. But what matters now? It’s that you know you’re on the right path. Deep in your heart, you may have doubts about whether or not you will ascend. But if you’re on that track and trying to take one step at a time to go up the pyramid, you’re absolutely on the right path.

But if you don’t reach that floor, the starting point for your ascent, one thing is important to say: your journey has not been in vain. Wherever you go, you will play your part, which is to help other brothers and sisters towards Ascension. Then your journey will have been beautiful and responsible. It may not have been this time, but we’ll all be here waiting for you to arrive shortly. You were this close, but you still had some things to learn. But be sure, you will not be abandoned. Very soon, you will be back with us here on Earth.

Saint Germain, the Chohan of the Violet Flame, as you all know, plus Maitreya and Sananda, are responsible for this whole process. We have been doing our part all along, and they are now preparing humanity so that more people can reach that level, the level where Ascension will be possible.

Don’t get discouraged at any time. Follow the path with an open and pure heart, and you will have much to gain.

Translation by Helena do Lago Basile

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