Adama -Telos III – Chapter 2 – by Adama

Dear brothers and sisters! I AM ADAMA!

Today we are going to comment on chapter 2 of book III of Telos.

In this chapter, I, Ahnahmar and Celestia, comment on the heart. 

What about the heart? For a long time you’ve been taught that looking at everything with your heart is ridiculous and pointless, because it’s the mind that runs everything. Your souls, or rather our souls, were created to be pure heart. Through it we were always connected to God the Father/Mother, to the Source. We lacked nothing, needed nothing, because he provided us with everything. 

With the fall of consciousness, we sought to know what the world would be like without the control of the Source. Because we understood that it was a control, but deep down, the great truth, there was no control at all, there was only a perfect world in which nothing stood in the way of Father/Mother God’s wishes. We chose to break away from that. We chose to move away from the Source. We chose to get to know the new world, a new way of living. And this new way took power away from the heart and put all the power in the mind. The mind decided what to do.

Only this whole process brought pain and suffering. The abundance, the lack of need for everything ends, and we start to have problems getting everything we had before. Some more, some less. And the mind ended up taking over completely. The heart took a back seat, but in reality it was never forgotten, because in your own world you continued to see it as the one that commands feelings, that commands Love. 

But it’s a totally distorted Love, a totally different Love from the Love he knew a while ago, because the mind controlled this Love. The mind dealt the cards that it should be a Love like this, like that, this way or that way. The lack of self-love began to prevail in everyone as the mind said: “You need to have a Love, no matter what the cost”. 

So everyone has experienced this at some point. We went through it a while ago, but we managed to evolve and bring back the power of the heart. And today we are here. And when we talk about the “Heart of Lemuria”, we’re talking about that great heart that encompasses all beings on this planet, not just us Lemurians. It’s a powerful heart, strong enough to emanate radiations of Love to everyone, so that everyone can absorb them and go on to increase their own energies of Love.

Today, your world, your society, has come to what it has. You can’t put 100% of what happens today in the hands of the dark. They gave you the weapons, you agreed to use them. And there is the result of all this. But right now we’re not judging anyone. We Lemurians are here to tell you: “You can do it. You can go back to the heart, back to that connection that once existed. A pure connection that asks for nothing, bargains for nothing, and is not passive either. It’s an energy of Light, of exchanges, but positive exchanges of knowledge and experiences.

That’s what we’re doing here today. When I come here representing my people, I’m bringing the… the story, the truth, of what happened to us and where we are today. Many may not believe it and may say: “But this has taken a long time!”. Yes, it took a long time. But each point in evolution has a… a time span as you know it. For us, that time was nothing because we don’t live according to it. We live in the present, the day, the moment. We’re not counting years. You are the ones who count this time.

So the great objective now is to rekindle the heart, to bring control back to it, to take control away from the mind. Will the veils fall? They will. But who will tear down the veils? You. Understand: every step you took away from the Source, a veil was put up. How many times and how many veils did you put on? Many. So now it’s the other way around. Every time you expand the power of your heart, a veil is eliminated. The elimination will not come from outside.

The Light does act. It acts by empowering the heart. If you accept receiving the Light that comes, your heart becomes stronger and you have more strength to tear down the veils. But they will only be torn down by you. Don’t expect help from outside. Don’t expect a miracle. If you want to, you can. You just have to believe that the power is in your heart. And there’s no point in looking back and judging yourself. 

Each time, each era, was a moment. At that time you knew it was the right thing to do. Today, your awareness is different. There’s no way to judge the past. The past was dark, the past was ugly. Yes, it was for all of us. But today you need to disconnect from it all. It’s about forgiving yourself. Use forgiveness to eliminate what you have caused. Only in this way will each of these veils fall away and begin to show you a New Time, a new universe.

Always remember, my brothers and sisters, everything is a set of attitudes. The heart commands and the mind executes. Change your thoughts. Change everything around you. Change your vibrations with what’s around you. Just let your heart speak. It’s not eliminating the mind. The mind is necessary. The presence of the mind is necessary, because it is the mind that does what the heart tells it to do. Let the heart speak and put the mind to work. It can’t be the other way around.

Stop letting the mind run everything, because it’s still stuck in a time of pain and suffering. And everything that is new, everything that is the right way to go, for the mind is a waste of time, because for it, it thinks it will be more suffering and more pain. Fill your hearts with Love. Accept the Love we are giving you. Accept the Love of the Central Sun. Accept the Light. And you will see how quickly you will be able to tread a new path, and tread the right path to tear down each of these veils. 

And certainly very, very soon, you will be able to access everything you want, but always with Love, always looking with the eyes of the heart.

Translated by Luiz Santos

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