Adama – Telos III – Chapter 5 – by Adama

Dear brothers and sisters! I AM ADAMA!

Today we’re going to comment on chapter 2 of Book III of TELOS.

This chapter describes a glimpse of our history, where we came from, who came with us, and who was the captain of our great ship.

Little by little, my brothers, you are beginning to understand the story and the path we have taken on this planet. Why did the Creator ask us to come here?

The planet was inhabited already by beings who came here not to bring the Light but to create the earthly experience. Yes, planet Earth was created as a great experience. No other place in the universe has had this dispensation. Those with closed hearts were already here, but our Light was intense because we carried the Light of the Creator in our hearts. We were evolved Souls, vibrating Unconditional Love in our hearts.

That’s how it was for a long time. We inhabited the continent we call Lemuria. However, the “disease” already here (I will call it a disease) gradually contaminated our people as it was in Atlantis. You know the rest of the story.

It is important, my brothers, that you deeply understand the concept of aspects of your souls, what you also call fractals; this is the only way you know how things really happen. An evolved soul can unfold as many times as it wants, mainly to fulfill the missions, for which it is assigned.

So all of us who have come here are a unfolding of our own soul, a fractal that has taken on this role of fulfilling this mission here on this planet. Our other aspects continue to evolve, and many have already evolved to higher dimensions. One thing that many of you don’t understand is that when you ascend, what happens to this aspect of the soul? There can be multiple fractals of the same dimension without any problem.

The more fractals a soul has, the more likely it is to evolve faster, because each one will be exposed to lessons that will evolve it, and will have the strength to pull out those fractals that don’t feel like evolving. Not everyone is the same. Even those fractals that were created to incarnate and fulfill a mission, over time lose themselves in the sense that they don’t fulfill what they were meant to do when they were created. And they become fractals, as you say, problematic for the soul because they do everything not to evolve, they do everything to stay where they are.

So the greater the number of fractals that want to evolve, the greater the force pulling on this more delicate fractal, and it is pushed to evolve at all costs. Is there free will? Yes, there is. But every soul is preparing to help it through this passage, to help it understand that it must evolve. Not all places in the universe have free will, that is a feature of Earth. So in those cases where the Earth fractals that are here on Earth don’t want to evolve, free will is respected and they stay until they feel ready to ascend.

So my brothers, don’t worry, you will ascend and you will find other fractals in the fifth dimension waiting for you. They are all part of your soul, they are all part of the same being, and it will be a great meeting to bring everyone together from the same soul. Right now many of you already have your fractals around you, but you don’t know it, you don’t have that information. But everyone is being guided to come closer. At this moment on the planet, everyone is coming closer.

Now it’s important to know that this whole process is not happening for everyone. The souls that are born here on Earth don’t have all this evolution yet. So this evolution will happen for those who are evolved souls, for those who have been here a long time. So don’t worry about what will happen when you reach the Fifth Dimension.

Your fractals, the fruit of the same soul, will be delighted to meet you to have a great party. Many people are afraid. “But I’ll die when I get there, because there’s already one?” There isn’t one, there are some, there are many. There is no exact number, there is the number necessary for the soul, for the evolution of that soul. So open your hearts. And most importantly, in your nightly prayers, before you go to sleep, ask the Higher Self to bring you the awareness of the evolution of the other fractals, so that all the fear that you have, all the uncertainty, is healed; that they give you back a lot of love, a lot of courage and a lot of strength to follow this path, showing you that it is a possible path, that it is a path that can be walked by those who want to walk it.

My brothers, be ready. The energies are intense. All is happening as planned. Emanate light. Emanate no pity or fear anywhere on the planet. Emanate light and love. So that those who are at the center of the problem can have their hearts comforted and know how to overcome all the difficulties. For there is a lesson to be learned. So may the Light help them find the way to understand what they are going through.

Fear won’t help at all, for your path has already been mapped out. Everyone will go through what they have to go through. There’s no denying it. There’s no avoiding it. Unless you choose to get out of the way, fall into that boiling cauldron and stay there. But here’s what I’m going to tell you: For those in the cauldron, everything will be much more difficult than for those outside. Understand, the separation of the wheat from the chaff is taking place.

So do your part. Radiate love and accept whatever comes your way as a great learning experience.

Translation by Helena do Lago Basile

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