Adama — Telos III — Chapter 6 — by Adama

Dear brothers! I AM ADAMA!

Today, we will comment on chapter 6 of Telos Book III.

Again, Aurelia holds a conversation with Dragon Antharus, and the focus of that conversation is magic. That has already been commented on previously. But it is never excessive to highlight this subject. 

Your children’s stories have always shown beings of every kind. There are those whose hearts are intimately connected to magic, who tell these beings stories, which you got used to calling legends. But today, with the consciousness expansion, you begin to be sure that those were not made-up stores. They were stories of the very souls of those who wrote them. 

We have already said here that we enjoy a few things done in your dimension, and even some movies, which show an ancient era without dates, but an age of many struggles, wars, and especially much magic. I would say that you may look at those movies and see fifty per cent of the truth. Unfortunately, those movies bring fear to many, and, of course, they could not pass without having something impregnated there that would make fear grow. 

But those who have an alive heart look at those movies and see themselves there in some way. It is as if a return to the past happened. Most of those here listening to me lived in the dark ages, where dark magic reigned. Power for power’s sake was something usual to happen. That is why there were so many wars. 

The growth of the domains was the reason for living for those who held positions of power. And, in a way, the world you see today was created in this way: the kingdoms, the territories, everything derived from these invasions and wars. But I am not here to talk about wars. I am only commenting on the magic that existed in that age. So, besides the living beings that fought amongst themselves, there were the beings summoned through black magic. 

You lived in that time. And many, as I have already said, see themselves in some of those scenes seen in those movies. But what is my point? In fact, I want to bring you everything you have already lived, the magic you lived. Not just the children’s magic that Antharus comments on with Aurelia. But the magic that subdues, the magic that kills, the magic that destroys. 

It is paramount that each of you accepts, within your heart, what you have done a long time ago. I can say here that almost all of you were magicians one day. Some worked with black magic, and as time passed, your souls evolved and began working with clean, Light magic. That was an evolution of your Souls. 

You must be aware that you cannot judge anyone. In fact, that has already been said for a long time. You blame the brothers of your world. But I can tell you that many have done much worse. So, the time has come to look at magic and understand that it indeed gives power, but it must be used with Love, much Love. 

So, what I want to bring to you is not saying there are fairies, elves and unicorns. You already know that. What I want to convey today is that you have the magic in your hearts. You lived that. You worked with it. Therefore, the time has come for you to resume all that you did in the past, all that you learned in the past. 

Your souls know the formulas, the ways, and the correct words, but to act within clean magic, Light magic. As Antharus said, the dragons are good allies for that effect because they work with the four elements. And you can, too. You need only to believe it; you need only to believe you have that power in your hands. 

Start by using the magic you have internally. Find the way to get to it. Ask your Higher Self to show each of you how to reach magic and learn to handle it. It is not a punishment, as many say. It is something inherent to your soul. It is something you can use for personal benefit as long as you never, at any moment, affect anything or anyone. It is only for personal benefit and to help others, never the other way around, because then you will again be using black magic. 

Make that retrospective in your souls. Ask your Higher Self for help. Ask your Akáshic Masters for help. Ask the dragons for help. But, as Antharus said, be careful when calling a dragon. Your heart must be immersed in Light. Ask your Higher Self to bring a dragon to help you. It will know who will come. 

I am not saying this to frighten you, but you must be careful and vigilant. But the moment has come for you to use your magic. The moment has come for you to help Gaia. The moment has come for you to help your brothers. You have this awareness. You were a magician one day. And no, there is no point in saying: “No, I was none of that.” You were. All of you lived magic because it existed. It was not something chosen. It simply existed. 

Therefore, use it for personal benefit to help you in this journey. But always asking from the heart, always with requests favourable for evolution. You can ask whatever you want. But never forget: each action always has a reaction. Can you ask for wealth? You can, as long as you employ that wealth adequately; may it not be just for greed. 

So, my brothers, start to handle your own magic. Start to act through magic, and you will see how your journey will become a little more childlike, a little lighter, because when you activate magic, all the beings you think, or thought one day, were legends will come to you to help you bring back that inner child who used to play with them without any kind of fear or any other negative feeling. 

Let yourself be led by magic. But never forget: at each action, there is always a reaction. 

Translation by Joana Rodrigues

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