Arcanjo Miguel – Restarting the Ascension Journey


I am here today to explain the interruption of the Ascension Journey. Let me begin by saying that you are human and anything can happen.

You’re at a stage where many things need to be looked at and cared for with much love and affection. And one of them is your body. For many of you, it may be that some undesirable things even appear on your bodies, but not in the sense of punishment or making you go through yet another suffering.

The goal at this point is to get you to look at the body you are wearing with great affection and love. Don’t ignore every sign. Don’t dismiss every little warning it gives you. You often think that small details do not mean anything. Until the day comes when those little details are nothing more or less than little warnings that you need to be more careful.

This sister who is speaking to you went through this process. She was prevented from continuing the journey because she was away from home. She was in an environment where it was impossible to do anything. I don’t want judgments that have already been made, but I want everyone to know how to reap what they have sown.

So what will happen? The Journey will restart. There really can’t be any interruptions, except for the weekend ones. So you’re going to start again today, El Morya. You will continue in the same way. Every day, each of the symbols that have already been presented. This will not cause you any harm, just a little delay. This will also give this sister time to fully recover from the imbalance that has affected her.

It wasn’t easy or simple. But the lesson has been learned and she is now taking care of herself with the proper attention she should have given her body. She’s fine. Don’t worry. The worst is over. It was a big scare. Those closest to her already know what happened.

I’ll say it again: I don’t want any judgments. Because every one of you is liable to go through what she went through. Don’t complain. Don’t make any kind of comment. Everything you’ve said has already been said. Everything you’ve thought has already been thought. So now just reap what you’ve sown.

I would say to you that this is another teaching: non-judgment. You don’t know what happened; I didn’t let you know, because not everyone who reads the messages has a good heart. And where she was, she couldn’t take another load of such bad thoughts. “Oh, but aren’t you protecting her?” Of course, we do. But there is the energy that you release. And where she was, that energy was amplified because it was a place of great pain and suffering. So, no matter how much we put her in a bubble of Light, it’s no use, because it’s a very contaminated place, very hard-worked so that there can be no healing

But it has all passed. Don’t judge her and don’t judge us. And learn to always understand. I believe that she has already left a very solid path behind her, and most of us who know her know of her integrity and her commitment to each and every one of you. What happened was something unexpected for her, because we already knew it was going to happen.

That’s what I said: pay attention to your body’s little signals. Because there comes a time when the body screams. And then it may be too late. I’m not asking you to forgive her. She won’t ask you for forgiveness. Because what happened was something she didn’t expect. But rest assured that her commitment to us was never broken.

Then, start again with the symbols and the Journey continues. Normally, as we planned. Rest assured; nothing has changed. But once again I remind you: be careful with your thoughts and words. Beware of judgments. Everything is very fast. And for sure. You will get back what you put out.

Translated by Simarea Marques

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