Arcanjo Miguel – Wait and Trust


As I had already said, the Ascension Journey has begun again and today the Seventh Ray ends. Tomorrow we will continue with the next Codes of Light.

My brothers, look at this Journey with an open heart. Do it with an open heart. Don’t think that a simple drawing has no power. Each drawing is a Code of Light generated by a Being of Light, and this code has all the strength necessary to fulfill its role.

Believe me, everything is becoming more and more subtle. Because you are on the path to becoming more subtle. So everything will happen in this sense. Don’t expect big demonstrations, big revolutions. Everything will come at the right time, in the right way. It is unnecessary to repeat, but I like to be insistent, that everyone is where they need to be, where they need to go through the tasks, the tests, the problems necessary for their evolution.

So, look at everything with lots of love. Don’t approach anything with anger or despair. Love must always be the primordial feeling, so that you can overcome every moment of pain, every moment of difficulty that has already come or will come. Believe me, we are not standing still.

Everything is happening and I can even say it very quickly. But you only want to see what is physical; they just want to see what happens in their world.

But at high energies, everything is happening. Soon, you will have a lot to comment on. A lot is happening, but it’s not up to me here to tell or explain, bit by bit, our tasks and what we’ve been doing. We have no ego, so this is not necessary.

Each of you need only look at your own walk; look at the path ahead; understand what needs to be done; find the right path. And let yourself go. Don’t go against what is appearing in front of you. Even if it’s not very good. Do not run away. Look at it with love and with the understanding that it will be a step in your evolution.

I can’t say there won’t be suffering; there will be a lot. By those who refuse to look at what is so clear ahead. And even for you who are on the journey, there will be suffering. Because you are not ready for so many losses, for so many difficult moments. But these moments, these losses, are necessary at this moment. Not just for you, but for those who are leaving.

Not everyone will have the ability to withstand what will come. So, many chose to leave early. And everything is being respected. Miss them. Don’t feel pain. Who knows, in the very near future, you won’t be together again? It depends on the choice of each one’s soul.

One other point: our summer camp is over. Like everything, even in your world. It has a beginning, middle and end. I will tell you the following: Repeat the exercises. Create many drawings, not just the ones I guided. Create drawings from your minds, play a lot. Do funny things. I guarantee you that this will be a very beneficial exercise for everyone.

Don’t put down the colored pencils, don’t put down the paints. Paint a lot, doodle a lot, scribble a lot. Make extremely colorful drawings. Use your imaginations. And you will see how beneficial this will be for each one.

The colony is finished as a group, but not for you. Each person can maintain it for as long as they want, repeating each exercise. Those who haven’t finished, finish, do it calmly, do it again, repeat the entire colony. There is no problem. Soon we will have more movement. Wait until we organize things and bring you everything ready.

We are not stopped and we will not stop. I want movement. I want joy in hearts, I want unity. The union of this great group that was formed here. The union of groups that formed in each city. And you will see how beneficial this will be for everyone. No charges, no expenses, as everything will be done so that everyone can participate. No one will be left out. Nobody.

But as I always say, the heart has to come first. So just trust and wait. And continue doing the Ascension Journey each day, gradually. And you will see, after a while, how much change has happened. And you didn’t even realize it happened.

Give it time. The Journey will be long. And certainly, each of you is receiving the quantum of energy necessary for your own evolution. No more, no less. Everything in its own time and in its own way. So just trust. And rest assured, we are not standing still.

Translated by: Paula Prado

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