Archangel Michael Live 06-03-24


Well, she’s already told me a lot about what I’m going to say. That’s good, because then I have more time to say more things.

First of all: where did I say that only those of the Light would go to the meeting? I didn’t say that! If you took it that way, you took it the wrong way! What I did say was that those who go for nothing, for a walk, to gossip, to play games would not go. This does not mean that the person is not of the Light, one thing is one thing, another thing is another thing. I said it and I’ll say it again: only those who I want to go will go! I won’t change what I’ve said!

Many people think that for some reason I didn’t let them go. So, come on, let’s think about this: it’s raining, it’s raining a lot, in front of your house there’s a river that you, out of habit for many years, always throw a little piece of paper in (mind you, I’m saying a little piece of paper), but just like you, lots of other people also throw a little piece of paper in. But the days go by, the months go by, the years go by and the number of papers thrown in increases, then it rains, it rains a lot and the river fills up. Is it entirely the government’s fault that the river is full? It’s very easy to always put the blame on someone else, it’s comfortable, it’s simple. So, “no, it’s the government’s fault that they didn’t clean it up!” Oops! But who threw the paper? Of course there are exceptions, there are cases and cases, I’ve just given an example that really happens. You clog up the rivers with rubbish and then want them to flow normally.

Oh, and there’s one more culprit in this story: the one who sends the rain, the one you call St. Peter. Poor St. Peter, he has nothing to do with it. So why did I give you this example? Because you always like to put the blame on someone else: “Oh, I couldn’t write! Oh, because Michael didn’t want me to!” You didn’t pay attention, you didn’t do your research, you didn’t get informed, you weren’t there at the right time, in the right place, but I was the one who didn’t let you go. Isn’t that right? That’s how you act!

So I would say this to you: the journey continues, that path to the Fifth Dimension continues for everyone. Now many are taking shortcuts, many are turning corners and not getting anywhere, precisely because of these little mishaps you make.

You still haven’t learned that there are no privileges! Privilege is a Third Dimension thing, it doesn’t exist on high! There is no such thing as the good guy who has everything and the bad guy who has nothing. That’s what you’ve been taught, but that’s not how it works. So don’t play the story as if I’d told you that you weren’t going, you were in the hammock drinking juice, relaxed, calm and “oh, I forgot to write it down! Oh, I’m going. Ah, it’s over! Ah, so it was Miguel who didn’t want me to go!” Yeah… I’m to blame!

Is it so hard for you to look at your own mistakes, your own faults, your forgetfulness, your absences? It would seem so! And in those moments, the tendency is always to blame the other person! “I can’t do it! I don’t know how!” But you don’t want to learn how to do it either, you always want someone else to help. And I’ve told you this so many times: the journey ahead is SOLITARY! There won’t be anyone else to help, but you’ll still be dependent on others.

When will you learn to look at your own shortcomings and try to solve them? When? Never, because you always… when you have a disability, “oh, I’m going to ask for help”, you go and ask for help instead of trying to learn, trying to solve the problem yourself, no, you always go to someone else! And the return comes, calm and clear, the return comes!

Yes, my brothers, it’s interesting how you behave, it’s very interesting. Very interesting! I wonder, or rather, I’m going to ask you the question:

At the first meeting, there were 400 people and the places didn’t run out soon, so why did this one run out so quickly?

Oh, because I said that only those who I wanted would go.

What was the feeling that welled up inside you?

Because it wasn’t ordinary or normal. The other meetings also had limits, but not like this, so why? Why did you want to show that you would go at any price?

So, I’ll tell you something, since you’re taking everything I say literally, I’ll tell you something else:

“The fact that you’ve signed up and paid doesn’t mean you’re going! Take it any way you like!”

And I’m going to leave an ORDER, here, now, at this moment:

“You cancel, no one gets in!”

This is so that you learn to see things through the lens of love, not through the lens that you saw. So, you may have 100 cancellations in the end, OK, you’ll have 500 and that’s it.

That’s how it works with you!

Those who have already arrogantly threatened me by saying:

“I’ll go!”

Well done! Let’s give it time! I’m not threatening anyone! I’m just saying that, effectively, now I’m going to say:

“Whoever is not of the Light will not go!”

Now you not being able to go doesn’t mean you’re NOT of the Light, one thing has nothing to do with the other. If your conscience is telling you this, then I would say that a crucial moment in your journey has arrived, because if you are still not sure that you are the Light, then there is something wrong!

So, my brothers, I have always said here and I like to repeat it:

“I don’t do anything without ulterior motives (this is the language you understand)!”

In my language: “I would say that I don’t do anything that isn’t a test for each of you!”

And then I just observe who passes and who doesn’t. And I say to you:

“The feedback from the test counts for the journey, so don’t think that everything goes unnoticed, that nothing has consequences. “

Well done! So that’s it! Any cancellations will not be replaced. Is that clear? I hope so. So stop asking me to save your place, to make a list. You made it, you made it! You didn’t make it, you didn’t make it, period!

Our May meeting will be very different from the others, very different I would say. So everyone needs to start preparing their hearts right now, right from yesterday,

to absorb more Light every day,

to be a more loving human being,

to be a human being who is more centered on their own journey,

letting go of many of the strange things you have in the Third Dimension,

so that when you arrive on the day of the meeting, your vibration is high, your frequency is high.

Don’t get carried away by pettiness or gossip.

Be true and honest.

That’s all I ask of everyone who already has their place guaranteed, or rather, their place bought, guaranteed only when they get there on the day.

Start adopting a different attitude to life, because you will all be responsible for the event. It won’t just be you and the other brother, you’ll all be responsible, you’ll all take part!

So start walking a path of Light!

Start walking a path of love!

Start walking a path of centering!

Think 100 times before you speak, before you act! You think too much to avoid making mistakes, to avoid attracting bad things!

My brothers and sisters, time is passing quickly and many are forgetting the necessary postures for the journey. And I tell you that there will come a point when you will no longer be able to take part in the journey.

You are playing with events!

Anything can happen tomorrow, so be ready so that if it does happen tomorrow, you’ll be able to continue the walk!

Leave behind those nauseating little things you worship so much!

Take a different stance!

Be balanced people!

Anxiety and despair will not take you to the Fifth Dimension!

And every moment you prove exactly the opposite! You let anxiety and despair take over. Trust doesn’t exist! You don’t Trust, you just act!

So I’m giving some advice to all those who have already signed up:

“Change your attitude, start preparing for the event! “

The event of our meeting, because all of you will be part of it, no one will be left out.

So start walking a WAY OF LIGHT! Start walking a path of LOVE, PEACE and, above all, BALANCE!

It’s interesting how you’re like ants attacking sugar! You go, like ants, one after the other, following a path, someone sounds an alarm:

 “There’s sugar!”

You all change direction to get to the sugar, without knowing if there’s sugar for everyone, if it really is sugar, you all forget the path and that’s how you’re doing.

With each different action, you show exactly how much LACK OF BALANCE you still have. It’s impressive, impressive! Yes, my brothers, few have learned, that’s why there’s not much more for us to teach. Now it’s just exercise, it’s the journey of forgiveness trying to bring a little Balance to each of you. But don’t put all your faith in one point, the BEHAVIOR, the THOUGHTS, the WORDS have to happen regardless of the journey.

That’s all I have to say, start preparing!

Now the telling me what’s going to happen will begin! Then I’ll give you another order:

No comments!

You’ll know what’s going to happen on the day of the meeting! So don’t speculate, don’t comment, learn to wait!

No anxiety! No curiosity! No comments!

This is an exercise! Do you see how everything I do has a test? So learn and behave as you should!

Now, I’m going to change the discourse. Part One (as you say) was a little scolding necessary for you to regain your BALANCE. But I can’t forget that many are on the line. I can’t forget that many of you are doing everything right. I can’t forget that many of you are following your paths fervently and I congratulate you!

And I also can’t forget that many really didn’t manage to register, which was a shame! So I made a decision:

“I’m going to open up more places!”

Now, don’t think that I’m going to act once, twice, three times, four times until I reach 10,000 people, that won’t happen.

So, I’m going to explain why I’m going to open more places:

“Because many people really were there, at the right time, at the right moment, but they didn’t make it and they are people who deserve to be there, because they are on the path, they have a shining heart, they deserve it!”

So, I’m not as harsh as you think. I see the heart of each one of you and, what’s more, those who didn’t make it didn’t complain a jot, they accepted it wholeheartedly. They didn’t comment, they didn’t make a fuss, they simply ACCEPTED! That’s it, that’s the attitude! So, for these people, because of these people, I’m going to open another 200 vacancies. Now it’s final and that’s that! And as I’ve already said, I’ll say it again so that there won’t be a flood of questions about it tomorrow:

“Each cancellation, each withdrawal will not open up a new vacancy!”

Let that be very clear! And again, I’m not opening today! It will have to be seen how it will be done, so wait and be patient! Be patient and everything will be announced at the right time.

The group was closed today and will remain closed until everything is organized. I don’t want anyone other than those who are going to the group. As I know that the majority will not leave, we will make other decisions! So stand by! Rest assured that everything will happen when the time is right. It won’t be today or tomorrow and I don’t know when it will be either, just wait! And don’t keep asking when it will be! It will be the day it has to be!

Learn to be organized! Learn to look for things! And above all, learn to ACCEPT everything that happens, but above all with love in your heart! You still have a long journey ahead of you, so I thought you had learned this already, but it seems not.

Review your steps! Review your walks! That’s all I ask! Look at your walk and do some self-analysis.

The QUESTIONS I left the other day, many answered from the heart, many shrugged. I would just say this:

“When the time comes, you who shrugged your shoulders will have nothing to keep you going, nothing!”

Because you get what you plant! Those who don’t plant don’t reap! Whoever plants wrongly doesn’t reap either! Those who are paying to see, will see! You will certainly see!

So, in conclusion, the group will remain closed until everything is organized and vacancies can be reopened! And be careful with your thoughts and words, they are not lost in the Universe, everything you emanate comes back to you and depending on your intention, often even multiplied!

Translated by Luiz Santos

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