Archangel Michael Live 07-02-24


Yes, I like these determinations! I like rules, you all know that! I like rules, because what doesn’t have rules brings mess, brings anything but light. So, yes, we always need to have rules! 

But today I’m going to say little about this event. I just want to say one thing: watch your tongue! I’m not going to explain why I’m saying this, whoever is listening knows! Watch your language, that’s all I’ll say! I’m not going to explain, the hoods will fall off (as you like to say)! Watch your tongue! No one here is apart from this group, we feel each one’s heart and when necessary we listen to each one. So, I’ll say it again: watch your tongue! No, I’m not worried about doing anything against anyone, because I won’t do anything. But, don’t forget that the process is very accelerated and the return is coming quickly, very quickly! So, be careful with your tongue, because the bite afterward can be very painful. That’s all I’m going to say! 

Do what is being asked! It’s not our organization, it’s yours! I would like to get here and say: “It will be in such a place!” And why don’t I do this? Because many of you would think that it would have been the decision of the speaker, you would not believe that it would have been Me. I defined the state, yes! Because we had problems in the last vote, I don’t want that person who told me there was any more. So I defined the two locations, the two states. Now where will it be, whether it will be at the top of the mountain, whether it will be in the river, whether it will be under the waterfall, that is your problem! I don’t get involved! Of course, based on the timeline, we already know where it will be, but this is a process that you need to go through. If we intervene, it will seem like you never have a choice. So, choose, it’s in your hands and wherever you go we will be, I guarantee that! 

Now many are taking it as a joke when I said that only those who I want will go. Also, be careful with your irony! Careful! Why keep saying cute things: “Ah, I’ll go if he lets me!” Beware of irony! Because you really could be put on the no-go list! My brothers, my brothers, the teachings are there, you are falling over yourself! You guys look like you’re forgetting everything you learned, fast! Why did we stop teaching for a while, are you going to forget everything? Interesting, very interesting! Because right now I’m not coming back with anything! I want to see how far you will forget. This will be a good test for all of you, how far do you remember what you were taught? Many seem to have forgotten! So, let’s see who will move forward and who will move backward! This movement is interesting! They forget very quickly, they are letting themselves get caught up in other points, other ideas, and everything at will! I don’t forbid anyone from taking other paths! Make yourself very comfortable, if your heart asks for it, go ahead! I don’t hold anyone by my side! Whoever wants to stay! But this movement is very interesting, very interesting! 

So, once again, as I said at the beginning of this journey of forgiveness, we would do whatever we thought needed to be done. So, the journey ends here and will begin again, from the first round, after the festivities.

And why is that? Why not amend and continue later?

Because this is not the meaning, the meaning is one turn after another. He finished the first one and started the second one the next day. So, we would have a stopover of practically 7 days, which hurts the meaning of the journey. 

“Ah, but am I going to have to do it all over again? Or can I start from the second?” 

You will have to start all over again because the journey doesn’t start on the second, it starts on the first and you have to go straight from the first to the second and this has been interrupted! So, pay attention so you don’t ask everything again tomorrow! From the 19th, the journey starts again from the first lap! 

Oh, and are we going to do seven laps? 

I don’t know! This I will determine during the journey! Understand, some brothers are arriving and need to redo, or better yet, need to start the journey. And many need to redo the journey because everything that was forgiven was repeated all over again, so forgiveness needs to be done again. 

So, don’t worry during the festivities about whether or not to make the journey, because there won’t be anything! There’s no point in picking up what was published a while ago and continuing because you’ll have to stop during the carnival. Don’t do this, because you won’t be gaining anything!

Everything will start on the 19th, including the first round again!

I tell you, my brothers, that there is no problem in repeating the same lap, seven laps, there is no problem. 

You must forgive more and more! Ask for forgiveness more and more, for the stupid things you continue to do! 

This period now is not enlightened, you know that! 

Oh, and why isn’t it an enlightened period? 

Is it that difficult to understand? 

There are many exaggerations and in these exaggerations, negative energies grow, because they take over the people who are there and live with them all the time, playing at carnival with them. So, I would say that many of you, who are on a walk today… I am not forbidding you to have fun.

Fun is one thing, excess is another thing entirely!

“Ah, I’m on the walk, then I arrive at Carnival, I drink, I take drugs, I have unlimited sex with anyone and then I start the walk again.” No, it doesn’t work like that! You will, of course, be able to resume the walk at the end, but I would say that you will go back a lot of kilometers and you will go through a lot of things that you had already gone through, to get rid of everything that you accumulated during this period. 

But, as always, we say: it’s a choice! Everyone makes their choice! Everyone chooses their path!

So, if you want to have fun, and want to take some time to throw everything out there, do it!

But, don’t complain after you’re at the end of the line again. The queue for the train is huge, the station is full! Or maybe you’ll want to take the tram? Then, it’s your decision! You’ll enjoy throwing everything away so much that you won’t want to go back anywhere, you’ll continue here in Terceira having a great time. OK, you can take your passport for the tram, you will be on it for sure! 

So, understand one thing: we don’t prohibit anything, we don’t demand anything!

The choices are always yours!

Whoever wants to follow the correct path will follow the correct path!

Now, whoever wants to follow the correct path, but from time to time takes a little leap off it, can also take a little leap off it, but they will not return to the same point they were at. You will regress a lot along the way!

“Ah, but are we (Miguel) the ones doing this?” Not! What you can’t do is do whatever you want, whatever you want, and think that nothing has any consequences for your vibrational frequency.

Your walk is an increase in frequency, it’s that building – which I’ve said so many times – with several floors, so you’re going up, with each floor there’s a higher frequency, if you slip you’ll go to the first floor again, it’ll start the whole climb again. Because you lose your frequency and everyone stays on the floor corresponding to their frequency. 

Now you want to have fun, fun, joy, everything is fine! As long as you shield yourself, as long as you have an open, enlightened heart, with only a feeling of joy, everything is fine! It will take a little bit from the frequency of the moment, but then you recover, the drop will be small, and you recover later. But, as long as you act only with joy, without excesses, without doing anything that harms your frequency.

 So, don’t come and tell us, “Ah, because the being of light prohibits this”, no, we don’t prohibit anything, we never have and we will never prohibit anything!

We show the way, the choice is yours! 

Do whatever your heart wants to do! 

Just don’t regret it later, because then time has passed, and time doesn’t come back! You only move forward, never backward! You can’t relive the moments and do things differently, because that time, that day is over, it’s gone! In this dimension, in your world, there is no return of time! It’s a line that only moves forward, not backward! So, think about that when making your choices, that’s all! And in the same way about our teachings. “Ah, this journey is boring! I don’t want to stay here!” Very good! Look for another way! Look for other teachings! There is no shortage of people teaching! I just hope you find good, honest, and uplifting teachers and everything will be fine! I told you, I don’t worry about numbers!

I want a small group, but one that knows how to wield a sword and armor of light, rather than a huge group that at the moment becomes scared to death, because it doesn’t trust anything!

So, my brothers, don’t expect too much! I can only tell you that this year will be a year with a lot to be done! I would say almost no teaching, just exercises! Whoever wants to make them, great! Now whoever doesn’t want to, great too! I lose nothing! If you think you’re not missing anything, that’s okay! Make your choice! I’m not arresting anyone! 

I’m impressed by the way many of you behave, still worried about your surroundings, still worried about what’s happening outside. Interesting! 

The walk itself doesn’t matter. What matters is what the other person is experiencing. The important thing is to criticize others. The important thing is to criticize the environment out there, who is wrong and who is right, wanting to point the finger, who is light, and who is a shadow. 

Be careful, you may look in the mirror and see more shadow than light!

 Don’t point the finger at anyone! Don’t try to find out who is light and who is shadow! 

Because you all have a little bit of shadow, no one is 100% light because if it were you you wouldn’t be here anymore, you would already be there in the Fifth Dimension. So, be careful when trying to point your finger and discover who is light and who is shadow, because your shadow may be bigger than your light.

Think about it! Worry about your path, your journey, the other person is their problem, not yours!

I’ve already said it here and I’ll say it again:

– You only need to worry about those who still depend on you! “Ah, I’ll just look after myself, so the children be damned!” No, it’s not like that! If you have a child who depends on you, you have to look out for them. Your choices will affect her, so know how to make your choices. 

Now, whether they are children, relatives, brothers, mothers, fathers, or companions, each one is a soul and each one is making their soul choice, so let each one follow their path! Don’t try to change anyone! Don’t try to make anyone follow your path!

 Your souls chose this path, theirs did not!

 “Ah, but then I’ll lose everyone I have around!” If this is the price you have to pay, it will be your choice! Everything is a choice! 

What is more important, your journey or being linked to everyone else?

Because when the time comes, everyone will go to a corner, you won’t be with them. Families will not remain together, those who leave the planet will be separated, they will not go as a group, they will not go as a family, they will not go as friends! They will each go to their corner!

And then, you will have lost your chance to evolve because of them!

But, it’s your choice and it’s okay, you go to the tram queue. Everything is alright! 

The train gets more and more comfortable every time! Before I could even admit it, people were standing because there were a lot of people getting on the train.

What is the train? That path to the Fifth Dimension!

Today there is space left, there are chairs left on the train because a lot of people are giving up, a lot of people can’t take it anymore! 

It’s a shame because we never said it would be easy, on the contrary, we always said it wouldn’t be easy and many didn’t believe it.

So, the train is empty, there are plenty of empty seats. But, everything is fine, because those who are on the train today, don’t want to get off it, they are enjoying the comfortable space, not having too many people and are doing their best to stay there so that when the train leaves they will be there, sitting. 

But, it is a choice for each of you whether you want to take the train or whether you want to take the tram! The team is the one that will leave the planet, simple as that, my brothers! Very simple! There is no middle ground! There’s no boat, there’s no plane, there’s nothing! 

Either you take the train or you take the goat, there are no other means of transport! There is no corruption, there is no blackmail, there is nothing that can make this change! 

What gives you the right to be on the train is your behavior, your evolution, and your vibratory frequency! Didn’t reach it?

You are automatically on the tram, whether you want to or not, you are there! We are even thinking about opening new stations because the trams are filling up too much, what can we do? There’s nothing we can do! Everyone makes their own choices!

There will always be a moment when you can change your mind and we hope that this happens in the future, that many people open their consciences and see that everything we said was true and that they made a bad choice in not believing what we said. 

There may still be time to recover from the loss, as you say. But maybe it’s too late!

So, be ready! It will be one journey after another, one exercise after another! 

Don’t you want to evolve? So, don’t complain about anything! Simply be ready for whatever comes! 

And we have a lot for you this year, just wait, those who want it! Those who don’t want to, that’s okay! Seek new paths, there is no problem! I’m not stopping anyone from leaving. 

I said it already:

– You do not commit to me! If your souls made an agreement with me, but your consciences don’t want it, everything is fine! Next time I charge from the soul, everything is fine with me! Next time we meet: “Oh, did you forget? Back then you forgot, let’s see if you remember now” and we’ll start all over again, as many times as necessary.

So, that’s it, there’s not much more to be said! Make your choices about what you want to experience in the next few days: joy or excess, stay on the path, or go back a long way. 

Choices, just choices!

Translation by Google Translation. It may have some typos

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