Archangel Michael Live 20-03-24


Today many will say that I will be lighter, I will be calmer, I will be talking about beautiful things. Yes, now is the time to forget about our problems, forget about our anxiety, forget about everything that worries us.

We are aware, each of us, that life on the planet is increasingly difficult to live. It’s hard to be happy, it’s hard to be happy all the time, it’s hard to connect. We understand all this, we know what happens on the planet.

Many people often answer me: “no, you don’t know what we live through, because you don’t live here.” And I will answer that this is a big mistake, because we see the energy of everything that happens on the planet and of everything that happens to every human being on it. So, I may not have a body, I may never have incarnated, but I trust and understand every point that exists on this planet. I trust the things we do. I trust the things we are bringing to the entire ascension process. And I know how everyone is reacting to this entire process.

We already said here, a long time ago, that it would be wonderful if Gaia made her ascension all at once, there would simply be nothing to transmute, there would be nothing to change and simply everyone would be in high vibration and the ascension would be complete for all inhabitants of the planet. This would be magnificent and wonderful in the Universe.

But unfortunately, this is not the reality of this planet. But it’s also not something that only this planet goes through. There are many other orbs in the Third Dimension that go through almost the same problems that you go through here. There is not just this planet going through this process. This is how those who do not adapt to everything we are presenting and talking about will be taken. We need to have a place to accommodate all these people and there are many orbs for that. So, the only thing I want you to start (yes, that’s the word: start) to have a new perspective on what the future of this planet will be. 

We have been saying that the new world is coming, a world where there will be equality, a world where there will be no hunger, a world where everyone will be equal, in every way. And many of you long for this world and this day, wish it would happen tomorrow. But, I would also like to remind you that the planet is not yet clean. The shadows continue to call the shots in many parts of the planet and each step we take needs to be taken very carefully, with a lot of planning so that we do not attract anything bad to each inhabitant of this planet.

You know many stories that the cornered enemy becomes increasingly violent, but this is unfortunately true and it is happening right now, on this planet. The loss of the war for them is inevitable. They have the awareness that they have lost, but they cannot simply leave of their own free will without leaving an important and painful mark on the inhabitants of this planet.

So, every time you plead with us, every time you ask, “When will it happen? Why hasn’t it happened yet?” You talk, talk, talk and nothing happens. You see the world not through the eyes we see it. We see exactly where evil has infiltrated, where evil still has power.

So, until we take away all weapons – and don’t understand as weapons only those that you know – there are weapons that you don’t imagine exist in their hands yet. Then, many of you may say: “But haven’t you managed to destroy everything with all this time?” And I answer: the most grotesque part, the heaviest part has already been destroyed. That part where they could press a single button and put this planet in the air was destroyed a long time ago. The weapons I am referring to are not physical and visible weapons, they are invisible weapons that could exterminate a large part of the planet, if launched into the air of this planet.

So don’t judge us. Don’t ask us to walk quickly, to make everything happen. The safety of the planet’s inhabitants must come first, and at this time we do not distinguish between who is light and who is not. Don’t think this way. Do not think that this would be a good time for those who are not light to be destroyed, because that is not what would happen. The enemy always protects himself. So, we are taking very careful and planned steps at every moment. We have achieved victories every day. But nothing can be at the speed you want. We must always be very careful. 

The only thing we ask throughout this process is that you don’t get discouraged and don’t give up on continuing your journey. Unfortunately, many have already had enough. Many thought it would be a snap of the fingers and everything would be resolved. So, I ask each one of you: how many lives have you had on this planet? How many times have your souls incarnated and disincarnated? What actions have their souls committed? Good luck, success for your souls. Now the bad ones need to be cleaned, they need to be eliminated so that you are in a position to have a sufficient light quotient for ascension.

And do you think all of this is also a snap of the fingers? You can’t even change the way you live. Many people to this day haven’t given up anything, because they think they can’t live without what they learned to like. To date, they haven’t been able to give up anything, but they want to reach the Fifth Dimension. They want everything to happen in the blink of an eye, because they don’t want to have to deal with anything. So, those who are giving up, who think the journey is too long, don’t serve as a lesson or copy for those around you watching.

May everyone who chose to follow this journey choose to continue following it for as long as necessary, for as long as it takes. Do not give up. Because every day that we don’t allow anything to happen to make everything quick, is another day that you have the opportunity to elevate yourselves, to increase your vibrations.

So why despair? Why the anxiety? Why so many questions have you been asking us? Everything will happen at the right time. When it’s ideal, when it’s safe and when it has to be. There is no way to be different.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of this planet has no idea, not even the slightest, of what is happening. They realize that there is something different in the air, they notice some different things on the planet itself, but they cannot believe that something will change. So, all this majority generates energy, generates thoughts that also delay the entire process. So, I’m going to use an expression that you often use, it’s almost as if we were drying ice. I say almost, because we are able to overcome what is emanated.

Every being of light that you know is on a daily and uninterrupted journey of emanating energy and light to the planet, so that it can neutralize all this negative energy generated by every thinking mind, which doesn’t care what is happening to it. the planet. So, if you who have some conscience also start to give up, start to be part of this other big block, what will happen in a while? There will be minorities that will be able to effectively evolve.

Because one thing is certain, my brothers, no matter the date, no matter the day, Gaia will ascend. There is no return on this, it is a process that is in full swing, it is moving quickly. And the moment will come when Gaia will ascend and will only go on this path with her, whoever is ready, whoever is not will not go. And there is no way, there is no bribery, there is no pleading, there is no crying, there is nothing. Because what will take away will be the vibration, nothing else. If you vibrate high, you will. If it doesn’t vibrate, it won’t . It’s very simple.

So, you who already have a conscience need not to doubt what we are doing. Do not doubt what is happening around this planet. Look at the planet. Look at your skies. What you have seen, and will see more and more, we are not inventing here. It is visible to the eyes of many that galactic beings are prowling your skies.

And is the planet the same as it always was? Of course not. The entire process that Gaia is going through to evolve is generating the changes that are happening in every part of the planet. But everything is at a standstill, isn’t it? We are doing nothing. So, I would like to leave a question, not in each one’s mind, but in each one’s heart: what do you actually expect ? What do you actually believe in? And I’m going to ask you more questions: how long are you willing to wait? Maintaining the same pace, maintaining the same belief and maintaining the same confidence, until when?

So, once again, I repeat: every day you have the opportunity to take a step forward, to climb a step in that pyramid . Is this not important? Well, it gives you more time to prepare, for you to learn more and more, for you to have more and more knowledge. Or not, you prefer to just charge, charge, charge and doubt. Doubt what we say, doubt what we do.

But, as we always say: each one has their own choice, each one chooses their own path. I’m not going to sit here and ask: “look, please help us. Keep your vibrations high, because otherwise we won’t achieve anything.” No, I won’t ask for that. Because we will do our part anyway. You increase the negative vibration and we increase the positive and we continue moving forward, nothing changes for us.

Now if you choose to abandon ship, if you choose to no longer want to follow the path, it is not us who will suffer, it is not us who will not go to the Fifth Dimension, it will and will be your choices. We will continue step by step as we are doing and go until the end. And if in the end Gaia ascends and does not have an inhabitant vibrating loudly, it will be so. Gaia will ascend alone and will be populated by high-dimensional beings, until you reincarnate here or not, as you wish. Nothing will change for us.

So, I just want to warn each one of you: what choice are you making of complaining about tiredness, complaining that you can’t take it anymore, that nothing happens, that nothing changes and simply abandoning the journey? But, if that’s your choice, it’s okay. It is a shame. Not for us, understand this. But, for you, because you will miss the chance to be that being who one day ascended on a planet in the physical body and will be able to tell this story to the entire Universe, so that the other orbs believe that this is possible. 

So, my brothers, the journey continues for us as well as for you. We change the timeline almost daily, so that we can speed up the entire process, so that we can bring the necessary security to act definitively. But, we are not irresponsible. We know exactly what needs to be done. And we would very much like to have your company in this fight, in this group that vibrates loudly, in this group that effectively wants to go together with Gaia.

I sincerely hope that each of you analyze, think, but from the bottom of your heart, what do you really expect from tomorrow? What is your attitude right now? Are you confident, regardless of any weather, are you confident and following your path? Or are you already tired, are you almost giving up on everything? Or have you had enough and given up on everything? Where are you right now?

Now, I just wish you would always remember what we say. We know we still have a lot to do, but nothing stops us from doing it quickly. So, will you be ready? Or are you counting and giving thanks for each day that we can’t do anything, because there’s one more day you have to do nothing too? And then, by the time you realize that you need to reach the necessary level, I guarantee you my brother, it will be too late. Don’t pay to watch, this is not a game. And we’re certainly not bluffing.

Everyone needs to take care of their own journey. With intensity and desire, regardless of what happens around you or outside your front door. Because the journey is necessary, evolution is necessary, so we walk towards it. Now, with a lot of faith, without caring about what happens outside. Just looking out for yourself, for your own preparation. This is what I expect from each one of you.

Look at your feet, at your feet, so you can see exactly the path you are following. And always be careful to choose the path that will effectively lead you to evolution. Making a mistake or leaving it for later is not the best choice. You need to be aware of what is happening and prepare. Or better yet, always be ready because everything can change from day to night.

We will never tell you how or when we will do anything, so many paths may lie ahead and anything could happen tomorrow. So, would you be ready? Or are you at least at an acceptable level for the entire process? Ask yourself this question. Seek the answer. But, seek with awareness, seek with truth, don’t let the ego speak because it will tell you that you are ready.

And unfortunately, what I have seen most is this, many people saying: “no. I’m ready. My walk is ready. I don’t need anything else.” And I look back and see an extremely dark path behind, that is, the shadows are still there, acting all the time.

It is a shame. It’s a shame, because I would like my warriors, today, that army that I always assemble, to be ready, but unfortunately it is not. Because the majority did, they did little of what needed to be done and today they still think they can leave it until tomorrow, “ah, I’ll start tomorrow. Oh, I’ll start next week. Oh, I’ll start next year.” Unfortunately, steps are being taken backwards and not forwards. 

So, may each of you look consciously at the path you are taking. Look carefully at where you are getting. And never forget: the journey is yours. Regardless of what happens around or outside your home, because the choices remain yours. Think about it. Think a lot. And there may still be time for many to return to the walk but don’t rely too much on time, because at any moment you could have many surprises. Oh, absolutely.

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