Archangel Michael Live 21-02-24


Once again, I have to tell you that people still haven’t learned to understand the things we say and the things we show them. 

I will tell you one thing today: the clock is ticking. 

The process is moving at full speed. 

Every action and event will have a reaction as fast as the moment we create the event. 

Many people don’t realize that. They think they’ve got their whole life ahead of them and many more years to learn and fix everything.

No, “I’ll continue to live as I am, and when I see that it’s almost time, I’ll quickly change things from water to wine and do it. 

If it were that easy, we wouldn’t have to come here to talk, talk, talk, teach, teach, teach. For what? 

We’d only have to snap our fingers, and everything would happen. 

So, brethren, the big question is this:

Why so much irony, so much arrogance? 

I will say one thing for those who say, “I will go whether you like it or not.” It’s your choice.

Look at the size of your arrogance and presumption because everything has a consequence. 

Do not worry ’cause I won’t do anything, nor any Being of Light will do nothing.

Time brings back the energy released, which means it returns with the same purpose for the one who sent it.

So don’t provoke and send messages that you’re going, whether I like it or not. Don’t waste your time. You should put your energy into going, and everything will be fine. The return will come because nothing goes unnoticed; it never has. Actually, there’s a little difference: things come back much faster. 

So I want to tell each of you that every step I take, every gesture I make, I don’t do it because I’m a capricious child, I don’t do it because I’m bossy (as many people say), I don’t do it because I want to do it. Behind each of my gestures, ah… there’s always something to learn, there’s always something to discover. Those with a pure, honest, and calm heart can see far. Now, if you position yourself with the feeling, “Who is he to stop me from going,” I can tell you that you’re still making the wrong choices.

The closing of the group was done at my command. 

 Because some people really like to talk, don’t they? 

 They like to criticize others and point fingers. 

Then, there’s the vast majority that does nothing, sees nothing, but when it’s time, they say: “So how’s it going? Why hasn’t it started yet? Where is it? Where is it? 

No, it’s easier to come and ask the other person. “I’m not going to waste my time listening; I’m going to ask. That’s it. So let me ask you a question: if you find yourself alone in the future, how will you manage with yourself? Because it all depends on the others.

So, my brothers, pay attention to your behavior.

A few days without news have made you forget everything you’ve learned. 

Your attitude worries me, but don’t think that I’m going back.

The journey of Forgiveness will go on.

What needs to be taught has already been taught; no need to repeat what has been said so many times and what you seem to have forgotten.

You’ve forgotten everything because the behavior was unacceptable.

I find it interesting when people who don’t go or don’t want to go criticize the situation and point out everything.

They have to give their opinion about everything. 

That’s an interesting attitude.

Let me ask you a question: What do you intend to do, create confusion, bring problems into the group, and undermine the energy of peace in it?

Hard to put up with, right?

Very hard.

Let me tell you something important, brothers: the cauldron is boiling.

Make of that metaphor what you will; understand it as you will.

Many people are standing on the edge of the cauldron, puffing out their chests and saying: “I’m almost in the fifth dimension,” but they’re on the border of the cauldron.

All you gotta do is give them a little push, and they’ll fall off. Although they think they’re ready, they’re perfect.

So start looking at yourself. Start looking at your own attitudes because they create tomorrow today. The attitudes you have today will have repercussions tomorrow. And it could be that TODAY, you are on the edge of the cauldron, and tomorrow, unfortunately, you’re in the cauldron. 

So I have only one thing to say to you: everyone’s path is personal, and everyone chooses how to walk it, whether it’s a path filled with love, trying to stand tall, trying to do good, trying to act in the best way possible, or a tortuous path full of stumbles. 

And why the stumbling?

You’re not looking at your own path because you’re looking outward. You’re looking at someone else’s path. So it’s one stumble after another. What happens then? As you stumble, you fall. Then, it takes time to get up again, and time is running out. 

So that’s the only message I’m going to give you today: 

The journey is unique; it’s up to you. 

Don’t criticize somebody else’s journey.

Don’t criticize somebody else’s taste. 

Don’t criticize someone else’s way of being.

Look in the mirror before you talk about somebody else. 

Look in the mirror, but have the courage to look at yourself. Demand your Divine Presence to show you who you really are. Things you need to change and to improve are what you need to deal with right now. Don’t look at the other person and think that they are strange, that they are wrong, that their opinion is wrong. Haven’t you learned that yet? Everyone considers what they believe and like are better and more important  than what the rest do.  

Look at the ego. The egos here are very inflamed. 

It is time for everyone to look at their own feet and see the path. Because you can get so caught up in somebody else’s path that you unintentionally step off your ow. This desire for the Fifth Dimension (remember you said you were already there?) will be left out for the next opportunity because you’re not in this one, for you’re worried about somebody else, not yourself.

Some people really start to disappoint me.They were on  a good path when suddenly they’ve changed their way. Do I feel sad? Yes. Am I upset? Yes. Because I don’t want my warriors to lose their direction. I don’t want my warriors to stumble along the way. But if that’s their choice, what can I do? I can’t. There’s nothing I can do; it’s up to each individual.

Look at the outside world, not the others, the world. Look at what’s going on around you, the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful things.

Which one are you attached to? 

What do you think the world is becoming?

Ask yourself that question because it’s crucial. Believe that there will be a new world, and that victory is guaranteed, but you have to believe. You must fill your heart and believe. You have to fill your heart and go forward. You have to fill your heart and radiate love, that’s all. The rest depends on your individual path. How you get there depends on your path.

So think carefully. Analyze. As I said the last time we met, I don’t care about numbers. If you don’t understand something, look elsewhere. It’s your choice. Because our teachings are over. It’s time to apply what you have learned with care, with love in your heart, plenty of peace and confidence, nothing more. If some of you get lost along the way, I can’t help it. It’s too bad, but everyone makes their own choice. Everyone chooses the path they want.

Be patient and calm. You haven’t learned that yet. Things have to be dramatic for them to happen; you have to make serious decisions for things to fall into place. It’s sad. And I still say, if it bothers you, don’t hesitate. I don’t care about numbers. I want a one-person army, but one person totally with me. Part with me, part at the edge of the cauldron, I don’t want that. Stay there. Eventually you may realize your mistake and try to go back. Will you have the time? I don’t know. It’s a risk many will have to take. 

Take a good look at the road ahead. Know how to look at the road and learn how to wait and go, that’s all. It’s so simple. It’s so simple. A still heart leads to a still walk. A fearful heart and nervousness never leads to a calm path because it attracts everything that’s bad. You’ve forgotten. So let’s all think seriously about the direction we’re taking, the path we’re choosing. And unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it. I only have to accept everyone’s decision.

Translation by Helena do Lago Basile

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