Archangel Michael Live 24-01-24


We can say that today we begin this new cycle! So, I just have a few points to make. But, first of all, I want to leave a small message: school is over! Yes, we closed the school doors! Like this? So, let’s go! What happens in a school? Apprenticeship; exercises; meetings; new friendships are created; and groups are formed. But one day this all ends because there is an evolution. So, I want to tell you that the time for learning is over!

 So, we’re back with old videos, yes! And I can guarantee that everything you heard fits perfectly with the current moment. The videos are timeless and always bring a new perspective to what has already been said. So, what have I been saying to you, a few times now? The time has come, that great moment, to separate the wheat from the chaff! Of separating those who are at school just to play, those who are at school to make a mess, and those who are at school without any purpose, just passing the time. So, I’m sorry to say that school is over! Oh, and I want to leave you, at first, very comfortable looking for other schools and continuing your learning. There is no problem! And I want to make something very clear here: none of you, listen carefully, none of you are tied to me! None of you owe me obedience! None of you owe me allegiance! None of you owe me anything! Because I don’t charge anyone anything! So, don’t come with that story: “Oh, I’m not going to do it because Miguel will punish me!” or “Ah, I won’t do it because what will Miguel think?” So, I answer: I will do nothing and I will think nothing! I didn’t put a ring on anyone’s foot! I didn’t tie anyone here! Everyone is free, as they always have been!

So, if anyone doesn’t agree, finds it boring to go back to the past, or finds everything that will be presented this year boring, no problem! You can look elsewhere and everything will remain the same! There is no longer any place for us to stay here repeating, repeating, repeating what has already been said. This does get boring! This is getting boring! We would just be here to (as you often say and I think it’s very funny) fill up sausages, what does filling sausages have to do with doing something to repeat, I don’t understand, but I’m using the expression you use! So, everything is ok! Anyone who thinks they don’t want to see things from the past, feel free! It’s like I said at the beginning of the week, nobody here owns anything! And for those who are also tired, the words I just said are worth it, I’ll repeat them:

Nobody has any commitment to me! 

Nobody has any commitment to Sanada! 

Nobody has any commitment to this speaker! 

Nobody is her employee, except those who work with her, that’s different. So everyone is very free to flap their wings because changes will happen and you will see as time goes by. So, I want this to be very clear in everyone’s mind: 

Make the choice you want, stay or not! There is no problem! 

There is only one thing I would like to make clear, what will happen this year? I will say nothing! It could even be that nothing happens, that I and all other beings simply disappear! This can happen!

And if it happened, what would you do?

I leave this question!

We are not crutches for anyone! So, the warning is given: school is over! What will happen from now on will happen in the moment, you will know in the moment. “Oh, will we have videos repeated throughout the year?” I don’t know! I will say nothing! Because if you’re already questioning it, then it’s not pleasing you. So take it as a choice! Very good! This is a point and I want everyone to feel very comfortable, there is no commitment to me! You are seeing me as a being who does not have unconditional love and I am not like that! So whatever attitude is taken, nothing changes between us, nothing! Now, the choices you will make will only reverberate within you, period. 

So, back to school is over and what happens in your world? You go to school, study, graduate, gain a profession, and when all this ends, because one day it ends, what do you do? They will apply everything they learned or not, and they will choose a profession that is completely different from what they learned, this is also a choice! But everyone will be ready to live what has been learned. 

So, this year will be the year of achievement! 

It will be the year of execution! 

It will be a year of experience!

It will be the year of applying everything that has been learned!

 “Ah, but I don’t want that! I want to continue studying! I don’t want to apply anything!” Okay, choose another school! Go somewhere else, because here you will no longer have to study! I’ve already said it here and I’ll repeat it and I’ll repeat it as many times as necessary: ​​I don’t worry about numbers, I want to have a whole one rather than half a million! I don’t worry about numbers! So I’m not worried about who’s going to leave and who’s going to stay, I have more important things to look at! And I’m telling you, make your choices, follow your heart! Very good! So, as I said, this will be a year of application. 

Today you received a video that brings Mary’s prayer, you don’t have to do anything! It’s not about going back to groups, no! This was placed on purpose! Say the prayer for yourself, each one says it for themselves! The video had another era, but the prayer came back, so use it for yourself! There is no group! There is no group formation! Attention, this has already been said! Very good! And how will we begin this new phase of realization? With exercises! And let’s return to a great journey, a journey that brought many good things to many and will bring it again. So, starting Monday we will return to the journey of forgiveness! There are seven laps and seven Masters! Remember? I hope so! So, we will have a good amount of review time. But not of matter, not review of the subject, but review of soul! Are you effectively applying everything you learned? Or do they just keep filling themselves with papers, courses, this, that, accumulating knowledge, but nothing good action? So, this is what we will start to see from now on, who is applying and who is not! And at the same time, making a great journey of forgiveness! “Ah, but I already did it back then, I forgave everything that needed to be forgiven!” And even?! And you became a fifth-dimensional being? He hasn’t done anything wrong, he’s always looking cute and what is he still doing here on Earth? Why hasn’t it evolved yet? Now, don’t give me your inflated ego! You make mistakes with every thought! So, don’t give me that “I’ve already forgiven everything I had to forgive” story! If you think this, don’t participate! All very well! It’s your choice! If you think you’re already clean, that you have nothing to forgive, don’t do it! Now, in the meantime, look for another school so you don’t get stuck, right? So as not to be left doing nothing! Or if you want, start watching the videos from the beginning, it will be interesting! 

So, my brothers, after the journey of Forgiveness, what will come? Oh, I don’t know! Everything will depend on the progress of the process! Because a lot is happening at the same time, so we need to be ready for each moment. So, we have practically 4 months of meditations, cleansing, and soul improvements. And it may be that I stop everything halfway, anything is possible! If something needs to be done midway, I’ll stop everything! Because I’m in charge here! Although many think that I am authoritarian when I say this, this is my group, this is my mission! So, I’m the one who coordinates this here! I don’t go around anyone’s head! So, if I see fit to stop halfway, I will stop and that’s final! Everything will depend on how the group behaves. What if I told you that suddenly, with one turn, the entire group was clean? Was I going to make the entire group do six more unnecessary laps? No, I wouldn’t! I was going to stop and start another activity! So, everything will depend on the group, it will depend on the people who want to continue. But, this is the path we have to follow now. Now follow whoever you want! Choose whoever you want! Make yourself very comfortable! 

Another important point! We have already defined the state where our meeting will take place, so now you will effectively have a basis to start looking. And there is a very important point that I want to mention about this, the first meeting was a group of people, the second was a little bigger, the third was exaggeratedly big, but I wanted it that way.

I asked a thousand people why.

Because I wanted to see exactly those who use these encounters for anything but evolution; less to grow; less to listen to. They use it to go for a walk, they use it to talk, they use it to gossip. I would stay here talking about a bunch of reasons. But, the primary reason is to participate in what is being done and receive the energy, ih, that remained outside, it did not enter. I wanted to see how many would do this, and I did! I saw many! I would even say that I saw more than I wanted!

So, the next meeting will be a little, maybe a little, smaller. Because only those who I want to go to the next meeting will go! So, don’t give me that “Oh, I couldn’t do it! Oh, because I can’t afford it! Oh, why that! Ah, why that!”, because if I want you to go, you will go! If I want you not to go, you won’t go! “Ah, but you’re being authoritarian like that, Miguel!” No, I’m not being authoritarian! I am separating the wheat from the chaff, because those who I will not let go are those who go to bother, to disrupt, to make up numbers, to do anything but add to the energy of the place. So these won’t!

So, let’s agree on something here and now: whoever made it, made it! If you didn’t get it, please don’t keep asking, crying, or begging for a place because you won’t get it! There will only be 600 places! Start mobilizing! So, it won’t have that mega, super, hyperstructure that it had in the other one, it will be simpler. And what’s more, this will be the whole day! And don’t think it will be a whole day of games, of laughter… And I’m not saying there won’t be joy, but it’s not a day for games. I would even say it will be an all-day retreat. 

And I’m going to want to see exactly who is ready to participate!

I don’t want to lose energy!

I don’t want energies that don’t participate!

I want a group of 600 people, who become 600 million by the Range of energy emanated! Not that some tarnish this energy. So, you can mobilize for the next meeting, 600 people and that’s it! There is no other expansion! 

What will happen all day? 

Neither she nor the other brother know and they won’t know! They will know at the last minute because they will have to organize themselves, but even they don’t know yet what we are planning. 

So, be aware that you will not go to a meeting of friends, to gossip, nor a meeting of friends to laugh, for joy, out of context. It will be a spiritual meeting, where you will be focused on emanating Light, this planet needs Light! And if I remember correctly everyone here calls themselves a pillar of light or am I mistaken? I do not think so! So, if everyone thinks they are pillars of light, let us be pillars of light! So, you are warned! 

Those who have a pure heart will participate easily. Now if you start to have a lot of problems, start thinking: “Should I not go?” Think hard, because if you don’t have to go, you won’t go! I’m warning you! 

Regarding the rest of what happens around the corner, be ready! The planet is constantly changing, it is accelerating its ascension process. Concomitant to the environmental imbalance, then you will see a lot happen! The causes could be countless, just be ready to go through whatever it takes! Because everyone is where they need to be for their evolution! And the ascension process continues to accelerate more and more! What will happen this year? Wait and see, I’m not one to give predictions! But, it will be a very busy year, I can say that! More than you can imagine!

The hidden forces are in full swing! They are not just putting their cards on the table, they are putting their weapons on the table, because their moment is coming. So, always be aware of everything that happens around you! Always be ready to keep your vibrations high! Don’t get involved, because they are everywhere! Especially inside your homes! No, don’t be horrified! Their function now is to cause panic, to cause fear, to cause intrigue, to cause fights, and nothing better than inside your homes. So, keep your vibrations always high, because you may even see them, but they won’t reach you! Now, those around me can’t say anything. 

So, do what you know to clean your homes, and keep your homes with a high vibration. Pass incense smoke constantly around the house! Go around the house with a glass of water with coarse salt! Always call a master and ask him to help you clean the house, and leave the glass behind the door as you were taught. 

It doesn’t have to be daily, but do it at least once a week! This helps to maintain an active egregore of light within your home, minimizing interference from these beings. They have nothing left to lose, they are in a desperate moment, so anything goes! 

Take up your daily prayers! Sleep protected! Never forget to protect yourself when sleeping! And don’t play, don’t play with what’s around you. Don’t find this funny! Don’t attack them! Don’t fight them! Don’t fight with them! 

what do you need to do?

Emanate love! Don’t talk to them! Emanate love! Just that, emanate love! 

When you feel like something is disturbing you – be a pillar of light! See yourself lighting up the whole house and this interference will go away! Because they don’t want the light, don’t try to take them to the light, because they don’t want that. We have already done this work and by their choice, they chose to haunt the houses, because that is what they do! 

So, always be attentive and be pillars of light, that’s what you need to do! Never forget:

We are just a thought away, just a thought from any of us and we will be by your side, helping you keep your vibration high, and keep your home clean! But, this doesn’t happen 24 hours, it happens at the moment when you are vibrating high, but you don’t stay like that all the time. You walk down the street and those in your homes who don’t believe in anything are easy prey, because any thought, any low-level vibration they emanate is enough for these energies to attach to them and enter your homes.

This is not the time to feel angry! 

This is not the time to fight! 

This is not the time to chat, nor to talk, nor to find it funny! 

Be careful, they are not little friends, they are there to destroy you, to create conflicts, to make you sick, to harm you. So, be pillars of light! Protect yourself and your family!

A great exercise is to think about it every day and transform yourself into a pillar of light, especially before going to sleep. Because then you push everyone away and everyone will have a peaceful night! No, your pillar of light does not go out! When you create the pillar of light and realize that it is illuminating, it will remain illuminating for a long time! It’s not indefinite, it’s not infinite, but it’s for a long time. Remove all these energies so that they do not disturb the sleep of any of you or your family.

So pay attention to what I am saying. I’m not putting fear in anyone, I’m passing on reality. Today they are in despair mode, so everything is being done to lower the vibration of the planet. 

“Ah, so the things that are happening have their hand? The things that are happening, floods, storms?” 

Some yes. The results do!

So, the higher you vibrate, the more you will be helping yourself, your family, and everyone! Remember this: 

You claim that you are pillars of light, so be pillars of light! 

The rest, we are just a thought away. Ask for our help! No, we’re not tired! You can call us as many times as necessary and we will be with you all the time, rest assured! We are light and we serve those who want to be light!

And always stay alert, don’t let yourself be carried away by the nitpicking, the cutesy words, the crooked words said by others! And don’t think, at any point, that you won’t be hit either, you just need to vibrate low, vibrate low, they’re there, close to you. It doesn’t matter that you are a pillar of light, you are vibrating low, and your pillar has gone out. 

So be careful! 

Let’s pay close attention to what is said, what is done, and what is thought. Because energy attracts energy of the same size, if you vibrate high you attract high vibration energy and push away low energy. Now, if you vibrate low you will attract low vibrational energy and push away high vibrational energy. It’s that simple, there’s no other method! 

So, pay attention! 

Always attentive! 

Use your weapons, you have already received many weapons, and many gifts, so use them! 

It’s not to put on the shelf and look at the trophies you have, it’s to be used all the time! Use them all at once, without any problems! 

So, I hope that I was clear in my statements, that there are no doubts, and that you are not filled with silly questions because I was very clear! There is no need to be in doubt! 

And one thing is certain, to conclude, whoever is ready today will remain ready and increasingly ready. Now, whoever is not ready today, is making a mistake, or is not really in the mood, will not continue on the path! One thing is certain, the obstacles, exercises, tests, and tests will be increasingly deeper and only those who are ready will be able to remain!

 “Oh, and who’s coming now?” Those who are arriving now will not be able to do it! You’ll have to go back there, start back as you did. It would be very funny for someone to start now and catch on later, this is also being considered. You will have lots of news! We are preparing a lot of things for you! Don’t worry about who’s going to enter, worry about your journey! 

Anyone who wants to continue is welcome and I guarantee it will be a beautiful journey this year! Now, whoever is in doubt, “Ah, I don’t know if I want to. I don’t know if I don’t want to!” I give you some advice: look for another school, because you definitely won’t be able to walk here! Only those who are ready or those who want to be ready will remain! We will be together, all the time! 

And one thing is important, the fact that there aren’t new videos every day doesn’t stop one of us from coming over from time to time. Not to teach anything else, but to bring our energy, to bring our love, to bring our light. What will it be like? I don’t know! We’ll show up whenever we want! My life will continue, I will be here every 15 days. Maybe I’ll bring guests to the lives, it will be interesting with each life I bring a guest! So, how will it happen? Wait! There is no longer a structure! There is nothing certain anymore, anything can happen! And that’s what I like, taking you by surprise and seeing your reactions, that’s fantastic! And this is how each person shapes their journey! 

So, simply make your choices, want to bet to see what will happen, and move forward? Or no, “No, I like something more prissy, I need to know where I’m standing!” Very good! So, choose another place because here you won’t have that anymore! And rest assured, everything remains the same, nothing changes! Never forget: we are all unconditional love! 

And what is unconditional love? 

It’s the one who doesn’t have the conditions, so I can never demand that someone stay against their will! 

I leave each of you with my energy and with my blue light, it will be surrounding your bodies at this moment. Feel the energy! Breathe deeply! It takes over the entire body and will remain that way and slowly dissipate. Keep it! I bless you all! And I repeat: 

I am unconditional love, I don’t demand or ask for anything from anyone!

Translation by Google Translator. Il may have some typos

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