Archangel Michael Live – Important Issues – Meeting on May – Journey of Forgiveness and Carnival 02-02-24


Indeed, today, exceptionally, I am coming here to give some messages: the most important one about the Journey (of forgiveness). As you can already see, the videos being uploaded were published some time ago, almost 2 years ago. So, we are not looking to make any kind of modifications, and even at that time, Hilarion had already thought about taking a break before starting the second lap. Interesting, very interesting how things fit together perfectly!

We will have a time ahead, of the party that you know, which I cannot say is a party of Light, quite the opposite, it is a party where people on the other side are very excited to be able to influence the minds of many, but not come to the point here now. What I want to say is this: today you receive the fifth day, which is Hilarion, on Monday you will receive Mestra Nada and on Tuesday Saint Germain, and the journey will take a break. “Ah, but you can’t stop, the journey was direct!” What did I say to you last time? That I could stop at any moment, remember? If you don’t remember, listen to the last video! It is not appropriate, under any circumstances, for you to carry out any type of procedure during Carnival. It would be very interesting for you to be focused on meditating in such a troubled time. I guarantee you that you will see some chilling things!

So, this first round ends on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we will have videos, and the journey will be stopped until the next Monday. During the entire week of Carnival, we will not have a journey and we will not have any videos! Did you understand? So, throughout Carnival week, from Saturday to Sunday of the other week, we will have no videos or journeys. So, on the 19th we will start the second round journey again and then we will walk, until when? I don’t know, it all depends! So this is a warning! 

I don’t want anyone asking, or desperate because the journey stopped, that it wasn’t published, and terê, terê. Pay attention to what is being said: the first round ends on Tuesday and we only return on the 19th, understand? I hope so! And during Carnival week, which I’m considering from Saturday to Sunday of the other week, the beginning of the other, there will be nothing, neither video nor journey. Did you understand? I hope so! So the message is given! I hope we don’t have silly questions, asking why the journey stopped because that’s what you do! Very good!

The second point is the meeting! It’s interesting when we say that there will be so many vacancies… has anything been passed? Or what do you think? That this side is making a list of those who are going and those who are not? So why do you keep asking or saying you want to go? What are you doing, sending me a message? I do not know anything! This is the kind of thing I don’t mind! So let’s learn to wait! Let’s learn to listen to the rules! Because there’s no point in sending messages that you want to go, the message is simply read and lost, there’s no point! Because I’m not paying any attention either! It’s not because you’re asking to go that I will do your will! I already said: whoever I want will go! But, it’s not asking me like this that you will!

Learn! It’s not possible that you like to always think of yourself as the one who has to get ahead, the one who has to be first, the others who don’t care. So, for me, nothing arrived! Learn to wait! There isn’t even a defined location, how do you want to sign up now? It will be the same as the last meeting, you will buy the ticket and that’s it. 

The one who is speaking will not get involved with anything, because it is my order, neither she nor anyone on her team! Let this be very clear!

It will be like the last meeting, you will buy the ticket and go in. “Ah, but I couldn’t buy it!” I’m sorry, wait until next time! Because I will not open one more vacancy, not one! I want 600 people in that room, including this one who speaks to you and the other brother, and that’s it! Not one more spot! Ah, I’m being authoritarian! I’m being too harsh! I know why I’m doing this! And I’m sure that the 600 people who will go will go wholeheartedly! Because this time it won’t happen, anyone who thinks they’ll just go for a walk, gossip, or meet friends won’t be able to buy it. This is not a sticker exchange meeting! You will have many activities throughout the day, it will be a little different from other meetings. So, it’s said: there are 600 vacancies and we’re done, not one more, let’s also be very clear! 

And another important point: the opinion belongs to the whole, it’s not just one, it’s many! Then, several will bring proposals, and then you will vote. There is no point in thinking that your proposal is better than someone else’s. There’s no point trying to push to be first. You will inform and it will be voted on later, nothing will be decided here! Everyone will vote! So, be patient, everything will be informed in due time! If you’re already looking, great, submit your proposal! “Ah, but there won’t be time!” So, do not submit your proposal, because the dates will not be postponed! Because whoever wanted to look has already looked, that’s all! So, you will inform the places you found and there will be a vote, simple as that. No one will decide, no one will define where it will be. The group will define! The group will vote and that’s it! Discussions closed! I hope you follow this itinerary! Stop questioning everything! Stop trying to impose your ideas! The whole idea is! It’s not her idea! Imagine if she got here and said: “look, it’s going to be like this, like this, like this, like this, like this and that’s it!” What would you think? Would you like her to make all the decisions, without consulting any of you? I’m sure not, and that’s not like her either! So, everyone will have their say! Everyone will vote! And whoever wins, wins! This is a choice! There is no imposition! There is no definition anywhere! Everything will be chosen by you! So, there’s no point saying, “Ah, because I want it to be like this, I want it to be like this. Why must it be this way? Because it has to be roasted!” It’s no use! What do you want, put it in your proposal and that’s it! It will be voted on if it earns you applause. Now, if you don’t win, it’s because everyone didn’t like your proposal! Learn, that nothing is what you want! Everything will be voted on! And respect the dates, if there’s no time to get up, there’s no time to get up and that’s it! Understand this! I don’t want any complaints! I don’t want despair! I don’t want unnecessary exchanges within the group! The group is to make proposals! 

And another point, which she will talk about, but I’ll tell you, accommodation, travel, how you will get there, is not our problem! Every man for himself! Did you understand? The last event was much calmer and I hope this one is even calmer because the number of people is much smaller!

So, focus on finding the information quickly! Do you want to impose your ideas? Put it in the proposal and it will be voted on! There’s no point sending it here, nothing will happen! Each person has their proposal, puts their place where they are going to speak, and closes the subject! You don’t have to keep sending it to her or her team saying, “Ah, this a, b, or c”, there’s no such thing! Put it in the proposal and that’s it! Whoever is voted will win! I hope this is very well understood! 

Unfortunately, many times, some of you seem like spoiled children, who want to do so much that your ego won’t let you, you have to show up, you have to put yourself forward, you have to give your opinion, and everything has to, you can’t handle it! Learn to wait! Learn to speak at the right time! That’s it! 

So, the warnings are given! And on Wednesday we will meet again!

Translation by Google Translator. It may have some typos

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