Ashtar Sheran – Everything Will Happen at the Right Time

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM ASHTAR SHERAN!

There is no point in you being apprehensive or anxious at this moment, because everything will happen at the right time; in the time of the love of God the Father/Mother. Things are very clear. Events confirm this. So there’s no need to have anxiety or any other type of apprehension. There is no date. Remember, we don’t work with time like you do. So for us there is only the here and the now. So the time will be, the right time defined by God the Father/Mother.

Don’t be attached to any type of deadline or day or time. Everything will happen on the day when your safety is absolute, so that there can’t be any type of retaliation. The battles continue; now, on the surface of the planet. Where every being is being displaced from their functions. But nothing appears to you? And why appear?

It takes strategy. It takes wisdom to know how to act in this time of shadows and violence, as you call it. The Light is   intense on the planet as never before The Sun of Alcyon is transforming the Sun of this galaxy, so that more and more energy reaches the planet

There are a lot of physical alterations in you at this time. Some don’t feel them and pass through them easily. Some receive them and the disequilibrium is notorious. It’s a fact. And how do you survive, you might say, all this time? With a lot of love in your heart, a healthy diet and plenty of water. Lots of water. Drink lots of water so that your bodies can get out everything that is being produced by their transformation.

Fear nothing. The Light is acting. Integrally, totally. And where the Light is active, there is no need to be afraid. However many times things happen that you don’t like or didn’t expect, they are all necessary for the evolution of your soul; something has to be learnt there. So look at everything with love, wisdom and the certainty that if obstacles are appearing, it’s because you are evolving. Those obstacles indicate that you are going through another test. And if you know how to get through it, you’ll make a quantum leap on your journey. And I think that’s what you expect Don’t complain about  problems. Look at them with love. And know, search for the wisdom to get through them and you will succeed.

We have said that a lot here: Fear nothing. Whoever is in the Light has nothing to fear. Whoever has a pure heart is enveloped in Light. And whoever is enveloped in Light has all of us just a thought away. Fear nothing. Everything is being done for the least possible impact. We know that it will be impossible not to cause disequilibriuns and perturbations. But we know that we can minimise this as much as possible. And we’re doing it. Connect with us. Let us help you. How? By keeping your heart illuminated.

Each of the galactic beings who are here around your planet connects with all the illuminated hearts, emanating Light, emanating Love. And potentiating their own hearts. It’s like a great exchange. They emanate and receive love from you. And this current is increasing every day. So open your hearts, illuminate your hearts. That’s what you need to do.

Don’t vibrate contrary energies, don’t comment, don’t speak, don’t think anything different from the Light. Look at everything with love. Those who have made the choice to stay in the shadows will continue to stay in the shadows. Unless, at some moment, they make the decision to come out of them. And we’ll all be there holding out our hands so that so that we can pull they out.   Everything are choices. And no choice is final. Until the moment of the evolution of this planet, everything will be possible.

So simply light up your hearts. Fear nothing. Don’t multiply negative energies. Multiply the positive. Say nice things, say good things, emanate good feelings. This will keep you in the Light and keep you very close to all of us.

Don’t be attached to dates. Don’t be attached to anything. Everything will happen at the right moment for each of you.

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