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Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM ASHTAR SHERAN!

Every time I come to bring you a message, hearts rejoice as they imagine that a new message, a date, the correct moment for our appearance. At this moment, many hearts are frightened because they don’t know our intentions. Many are still carried away by what is said and make a point of not believing what their eyes are seeing. They prefer to continue in the illusion that they are the only ones in the universe. O ego is too inflated to let them see that it would be totally absurd for such a large universe there is only one inhabited planet.

But the change in consciousness of the majority of the inhabitants of this planet is still taking time, because many are totally tied to and subject to the ideas of their religions. No accept changing them. Because any thought of trying to break a belief for them is punishment, for them it’s wrong. So why try? Life is already so difficult, why sow more problems?

But there will be a day when we will appear, and we won’t be an illusion. We will be a fact. And then there will be nothing that can disprove our existence. The moment of our appearance is very close. But, unfortunately, we can never give you dates, because that wouldn’t be safe for anyone. Nobody knows when it will be. Listen carefully to what I say: Nobody knows when it will be.

This information is shared only with the beings who are working on this process, but with any being on Earth, no matter how enlightened they may be. So don’t delude yourselves with dates, with events, with changes, which are supposed to be…, are the preparation for our arrival. We won’t do anything to arrive, we’ll just arrive.

So stop being anxious. Stop asking for everything to happen quickly. We need responsibility and planning on our part. Nothing will stop us from showing up. Nothing. They will try to intimidate us. They will try to show that we are evil. They will fake actions and say that they are our bad intentions. But that won’t stop us from getting closer.

Will we be attacked? Yes, we will be attacked. But we are ready to know exactly what our hearts emanate, only unconditional Love. Will they retaliate? They will revenge. But they won’t be ours. They need to bring fear and despair to the population of the planet. But we will stand there, totally immobile, without a single action. Until everyone comes to the conclusion that we are not what they say.

Will it take a while? It might, it might not. It will depend on the enlightened hearts of this planet to emanate trust and love. For everyone to realize that we are there to eliminate evil, not to bring it in. Now I ask you a question, and I leave it in the minds of all of you right now: Are you ready?

Listen to your hearts. Don’t rush out and say, “Yes, I am, I want to”.

We know it won’t be like that. There will be a first impact. There will be a first moment, of the new, the unknown, the different. Once that first shock has passed, we’re sure that all of you who love us that all of you who love and respect us will be ready for this contact. And of course, this moment has been eagerly awaited by us too.

We know in every heart what emanates from us. And we will know exactly who to who to approach, who to turn to, so that this whole process can really begin on the planet. We won’t arrive and leave. We will arrive and stay. And then will depend on the Love in everyone’s heart, the experience of living with us; the experience of getting to know us experience of getting to know us; and of expecting everything that we are bringing you.

Can we say that we are bringing gifts? You could call it that. We will bring help, so that you can survive on this planet that you are destroying. And be sure, the planet is galloping, going at full speed, towards the problems that you sowed. So it will be our help that will allow you to survive for a long time yet.

Wait for it. Wait with an open heart. That’s all you need to do.

Translation by: Leticia Balbino

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