Ashtar Sheran – Trust in Us, Trust in the Light

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM ASHTAR SHERAN!

No, don’t be surprised by my presence on the Ascension Journey. This journey is a collection of energies brought from all over the universe to each one of you. So I have also been allowed to be here leaving my Code of Light.

My brothers, fear nothing. We continue to appear in your skies more and more, more and more intensely. And everyone can already see us. I would just say that believing depends very much on what hearts are ready to accept. Many may even have the proof in front of them and say it’s an illusion; they’ll say it’s a program; they’ll say it’s something man-made. Because their beliefs are so ingrained that they don’t allow themselves to look with the eyes of the heart. They continue to look with the eyes of the Matrix.

We have landed at various points on your planet. We have made incursions into your soil. Many have seen us. And it’s interesting that we’ve observed their reactions. Many are afraid, and many are curious. At the moment, there are few reactions of acceptance and attempts to make contact. But this will come with time. Everything is being done very gradually.

Many truths will come out, told by those who have always tried to hide us. And then many will be in doubt. They won’t believe it straight away, they’ll think it’s just another government propaganda stunt to achieve some kind of result. But many will stop and think. Many will ask: “Why didn’t they ever tell us this? Why did they always say we were the only ones in the universe?” And the question that won’t go away: “And why did I believe all that?”

That’s exactly the question many will ask themselves: “Why didn’t I challenge it? Why didn’t I find out? Why didn’t I think a little further, let myself be carried away by all these beliefs that were imposed on me?” And that will be the start of a great process. It will be the beginning of the process of revelations and cleansing on the planet.

As we’ve already said here, our time is different from yours. But it is certainly very close. Even too close. You have no idea. In your own time. Because the time is already coming for us to start making our plans happen. More exhibitions, more ships in the sky. And little by little, we’ll show that we’re there and we’re not doing anything; we’re just showing off. Showing off our lights, our colors. Our little ships showing that they can appear and disappear quickly. This will intrigue many.

But that’s how it will happen, so that the majority who still believe will start to think twice, start to have other ideas about us. And don’t worry, we’re on the lookout for reprisals. We are on the lookout for those who will do things in our name. To frighten you, to show you that we are not pure love. But believe me, the truth will come out soon after. And it will become even uglier for them, having shown off so much to show a fake.

And more and more people will understand who really speaks the truth. Who is really of the Light on this planet. As we’ve already said: Some countries already have people entirely of the Light. They’re not big countries, they’re small, but they will make a big difference at the moment of our appearance and the beginning of the process.

Unfortunately, the most powerful countries on the planet will be the last to be affected by the changes that will take place, by the truths that will come. And everyone, without exception, will receive the result of their actions. Millennia and millennia of involvement of your minds will not go unnoticed. There will be justice, but not the justice of men, there will be the justice of the universe.

The Universal Laws will be applied here, whether you like it or not. There are laws in the universe that have nothing to do with human laws. Human laws were created exactly by them; not by us. We created the Universal Laws. So that they apply everywhere in the universe, without exception. And they will be applied here with all their intensity and rigor.

It’s up to you whether you accept them or not. All I’m saying is don’t judge us. Don’t be part of the current that will come against us. Because it won’t be good for you. You have to understand. The Universal Laws are severe. Precisely to maintain balance in the universe. Otherwise it would be a big mess. And it’s not.

The universe is totally in balance, precisely because of these laws. So be ready. No judgment. There can be no judgment of any kind. Think about what they’ve done to you, but not in retaliation. Nothing will be done as punishment. Everything is done as a consequence, it’s the result of the Law of Action and Reaction. What you do comes back to you, with the same or even greater intensity. And that’s what will happen here.

It won’t be pretty, it won’t be easy for you, but it will be necessary for a New Era to begin, for the era of choices to really begin: who will go into the light, who will go into the shadows. And everyone can be taken off the planet according to their choice.

The movement ahead will be very intense. Painful for many. Catastrophic for many. But things have to happen the way they have been programmed. And as we always say: Everyone is where they need to be, to get through what they have to get through. There’s no point hiding in a hut in the middle of the woods. Because if you have debts, you will pay them, one way or another.

So just surrender to the flow and let yourself be carried away. Trust in the Light. Whoever walks in the Light is trusting it. And they are following the path quietly, letting the Light envelop them and show them the way. This is what you need to do. It doesn’t matter if suddenly, in the middle of the path, there’s a stone and you fall off the raft. You may even get hurt, but it’s necessary for learning. Then you get back on the raft again and the calm begins again.

So be ready. Trust in the Light, trust in us. And you have nothing else to do but wait. But I assure you, at the end, you will say: “It was worth everything we went through.”

Translated by Luiz Santos

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