Ashtar Sheran – Trust the Way You’ve Chosen

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM ASHTAR SHERAN!

Once again, I have come to be with you. To bring all the Love I have in me, and along with it all the Love of all those who are with me at this moment.

Every day, our plans come true. Every day, the process continues at the appropriate speed to have the least impact on all of you. Gaia is on her trajectory of full ascension, tranquilly following her journey. And attracting those who have effectively allowed themselves to be transformed; who have allowed themselves to learn; who have allowed themselves to be prepared for a New Time.

You have to feel it. Time is not for seeing; it’s not for touching. The time is to feel. To feel in the heart, everything we say. To feel in your heart everything we tell you. To feel in your heart your own change, your own growth. And why feel in your heart and not perceive with your mind? Because every evolutionary step that you take, if it is perceived by the mind, feeds the ego; it feeds the feeling of superiority; it feeds the feeling of not belonging to the weeds.

When you feel with your heart, it doesn’t matter if at times you are still part of the weeds. By feeling with your heart, you feed the Light quotient that in your bodies. By feeling with your heart, your minds expand, your beliefs fall away, your wrong habits begin to be challenged easily. This doesn’t happen by chance.

you are being bathed in the Light of Alcyon. And this Light is transformative; is eliminator of all those points that you need to leave behind. There are no miracles here. There will be no miracles. There will be no rescues, to avoid going through anything. Will there be help? Yes. Will there be growth? Yes. Will there be changes? Yes. But everyone will have learned their lessons.

Everyone who will be involved in preparing the New World will have already learned their lessons. Those who insist on not getting involved, on not wanting to learn, on will gradually be asked to leave the planet. They will invited, little by little, to abandon it; not to be part of the new process. 

And why do they think that, if everyone is being bathed in the Light of Alcyon? Because despite all the high frequency of this Light, the Third Dimension, their habits, their vices, still attract these brothers more than a change, of what evolution is. Are their minds aware that they are being called to evolve? Yes, they are. And much of them don’t know how to deal with it. Much of them are completely bewildered, completely unbalanced, which is further increasing their lack of control and pushing them further and further away from evolution.

Because  nothing  is being received with the heart. Everything is being received with the mind. And the mind tells them: “This is no good. Get out of it. Stay where you are”. His will will be respected, but they won’t   stay here.  They will be taken away, little by little.  And those who remain on the planet will be taken to a New Time; to a new job; to a new way of living and seeing life.

The preparation for the Fifth Dimension isn’t an easy process, my brothers. But we have total confidence that you will get there. You have done a beautiful job. All of you who are here now listening to me, receiving my energy and my Love, have done a great job; you have tried, with mistakes and successes, to follow the path. You have tried to find the right path, and you know exactly what you want: to evolve

So, the Light of Alcyon acts on you as even more transformative, to make you see each day, each moment, as another learning experience, another new way of looking at life. Always clarifying, always eliminating doubts and fears, bringing  only light and clarity.

Believe me, you will never regret what you are doing now. Of everything you are giving up, and that in the future, you will see that everything you think you are giving up today was something totally unnecessary in your lives. And that it will be filled with habits and customs that will effectively fill, but not your minds, will fill your hearts.

Translation: Virginia Leite

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