Being Solar – Look at Everything with Love

Dear brothers and sisters! I AM ANIMANI, The Solar Being!

A great sun shines in the universe. The light of this sun illuminates planets, stars, and smaller orbs, but above all, it illuminates the beings who receive it. At this moment, every being on this planet is enveloped in a chamber of Light; receiving all the Light of Alcyon. Bringing with it new thoughts, new ideas, new paths.

Don’t rush anything. Everything will happen at the moment planned and conceived by God the Father/Mother. Today, exactly on this day, we need to intensify this mass of Light, to eliminate what has been generated in recent days. So why the rush? Why is it, that this needs for everything to happen soon?

Look around you. A lot is happening, and a lot more will happen. The siege is closing in, and revenge is coming very strongly. So we always have to be very careful with everything we do. Nothing stands still. Everything is happening exactly as we planned. There is no reaction to changing our plans.

But we can only say one thing: you want everything to happen soon; you’re tired; I would even say that many of you are already in disbelief, because from your point of view, nothing has happened, nothing is happening. It’s a shame. To them, I would say that they have allowed themselves to be enveloped by the veils of illusion and the veils of the Matrix because the signs are clear, crystalline, and easy to see. All you have to do is open your hearts and observe.

Likewise, the opposite signs. There’s a big battle going on right now. But everything is under control. But we can’t just act like fools. Could we anticipate? We could. But your safety would be at stake. So we continued with the initial planning, slowly, with a lot of responsibility.

Don’t see many of nature’s reactions as punishment; see them as purification. Don’t see anything as bad for the souls who were there. Everyone was where they needed to be to enjoy the moment of their passage. And so it will be with many. Understand this. The separation is happening. And many will be taken away. Each soul has made its choice, and this planet needs to be cleansed so that it has all the conditions for its ascension.

Live in the present moment. Live with light in your heart, with love in your heart, with hope in your heart. Don’t let yourselves be carried away by any other feeling. For you are now on the edge of an abyss, where any decision could throw you into it. So stay away from it. How? Just by emanating Love, emanating Light.

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