Gaia – We are on the same path

Dear brothers and sisters of my womb, of this beautiful planet Earth! I AM GAIA!

I bring you today a little hope, a little joy, a little balance for so many who are suffering right now.

The ascension process is not being easy, either for me or for many of you. I don’t like to see my children suffering, struggling to survive, trying to learn their lessons. But this is the path. It’s the path of planting and reaping. And everyone is reaping the results of their journeys, so many times over me, for so long.

Many people don’t realise this, many people aren’t aware of what’s happening to them. They think it’s all punishment, or worse, they blaspheme against me, against God, against all the Beings of Light because they are going through so much suffering. They can’t understand that everything is a consequence of something done at some point in the past. It doesn’t matter when.

I need to clean many places. I need to clean the water, I need to clean the air. And this requires a huge shift of energy; a huge shift of movement. You have no idea how many bad things are inside my womb, inside the planet. So many things that have tainted my caves. So many things that have destroyed my entrails.

These energies need to be cleansed. For nothing from this time can remain in me. Everything has to be cleansed. Everything has to be changed.

What is coming is not pretty and it will not be easy. I can tell you that it will be very difficult for many. But that’s what has been said here for so long. Everyone is where they need to be to get through what they need to get through. Those who understand and trust that all the suffering they have experienced is a lesson learned will see the results later on. Those who don’t, unfortunately, will continue along the same path, because the lesson hasn’t been learned.

The paths are very twisted. The paths of ascension aren’t easy for me or for you. But it’s needed to cleanse this planet: my home, my body. Human minds must be cleansed. Human minds need to evolve so that they don’t repeat the mistakes they’ve made so far.

Yes, you will evolve, but you will continue with your consciousnesses. And you’ll need a lot of willpower not to repeat the mistakes made in these times. The path does not end after the ascension. It will be a long road of learning and much, much willpower. Many will pass; many will not remain, because they will not be able to bear the model that is the Fifth Dimension.

You have a vague idea of what it will be like. I can only tell you that only love reigns supreme. Joy, friendship, unity. No low-vibration feelings remain in the Fifth Dimension. You are used to suffering and negative situations. I’d say you’ve almost learnt not to live without them. So you need to relearn how to live. Because they will no longer exist.

You will only have joy and love. And no other feelings can be emanated. Therein lie the lessons, the learning, the training. Everyone needs to start living this way, even in the dimension you are in. So that when you arrive in the Fifth, the transition will be easy and smooth. You don’t have to change so much.

So the path doesn’t end at the moment of ascension. There will still be a long road afterwards. Where many will stay. Many will not go forward. So start living in another way, with other visions, with other paths. Everything is possible.

I gave you my body, I gave you my water, I gave you the air. And humanity destroys it all. Nothing is clean anymore. But that will change and everything will have to remain clean. It has to. So be ready for a lot of work, because you will clean up what you have dirtied. It will take many years of hard work to clean up the planet. But you will succeed if there is love, if there is intention in your hearts.

Today I bring you my Code of Light. Look at it carefully. And receive each of the elements at each point of the code, within your hearts. And surely, the union of these four elements will bring the balance and focus you need on your journey.

We are not enemies. I’m not chastising anyone. You are reaping what you have sown. I just follow my course. The reactions I provoke are just a consequence of what you have done. But it’s not punishment. It’s a chemical reaction. Where everything that is done has a result.

I follow my ascension. Cleaning up where necessary. And we will surely reach the final day of ascension together. And then we’ll be able to join hands and start a new task, a new era, a new path.

Translated by I Arantes

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