Hilarion – Changes for the Fifth Dimension

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM HILARION!

Each moment, each day—it does not matter the time unit—each of you is following a path. Many move towards the Light, many move away from it, and many are stuck, waiting for a miracle to happen and make them walk.

Inertia, inaction, and lack of will to do something for yourselves are often permanent in your lives. Exhaustion from so many struggles, so many failed attempts, and so many paths that led to nowhere have made many of you disheartened, absolutely with no will to fight for anything. 

And many are just like that: seated, just seated. They neither move forward towards the Light nor do they go back to the shadows. They are stuck, waiting for something they do not quite know. I would say that, deep down, you know what you are waiting for. Many wait for someone to come along the way, look at them, and stretch out a hand. And this sure hand might lift each of you and help you move forward, like an extra strength, someone that you suddenly begin to trust. 

Many want something more. They want someone to pass by in a car, put them inside, and move quickly towards the Light. Others think a miracle will happen. Despite remaining seated for a long time, they will suddenly appear up ahead, almost at the door for the Fifth Dimension, without having to do anything. 

It is interesting how many of you get settled and think miracles will happen. I am not here saying that miracles do not occur. Miracles are nothing else but the answer to what you create with intensity. However, that point should always be considered. What are you creating? What have you created someday? 

So, the miracle must have a foundation for it to really happen. There must be something to really create it. So, many of you who are settled down become ill, weak, and disheartened without the will to even live. And why? Because inertia causes that. It causes your cells to settle down. It causes your body as a whole to settle down. And then, as the energy does not move about, illnesses arise. And then you get more and more tired, weaker and weaker. 

My brothers, the journey towards the Light is not just getting up and taking a step each day. It is much more than that. It is a whole change in everything—a change in the way of thinking, feeling, eating, relating to others, accepting others’ opinions, and looking at others. And I will remain here, giving thousands of examples. 

Journeying towards the Light is transforming yourself. It is creating a new being, a new perspective, and being someone different. It is impossible to be a being that wants the Fifth Dimension while remaining bound to so many concepts and things that exist in this world today. It is impossible. These are irreconcilable. The journey toward the Fifth Dimension is about letting go, detaching, and releasing. Not only that which is not good for you, but also feelings, bad memories, those who do not deserve to be in your path, and the things which… Why keep them? It is releasing, letting go, and transforming yourself into an entirely different being. 

You seek healing—healing for your illnesses and healing for your physical problems—but what do you do to make them better? Because each physical problem is nothing but the answer to attitudes, thoughts, words, and ways of acting and thinking. So, what are you doing to heal yourselves? Are you changing your thoughts? Are you changing the way you look at life? Are you changing your lifestyle? Many are not. They want miracles. They want a pill to exist so they can take it and heal immediately without the need for any change. 

Unfortunately, I will tell you that that does not exist. Change must always come from within—from the heart. The mind must command that change, but what really makes it happen is the heart. And why? Because it is the heart that emanates the purest of feelings, which is love. Therefore, when you make a change with love, then yes, it really brings about results. Changing for the sake of it, without feeling, without love, leads to nowhere. It is a foolish mistake. 

Do change. Seek the change in you, but it must be made with love. It must be made from the inside, and it must be a substantial change. It must be an eternal change, not momentary, not for that moment. My brothers, the journey is not easy. We have never said it would be. But you are capable. Many are making the journey, changing; many understand what must be done. 

We are here at a thought for help. Ask for our help, and we will undoubtedly be there, side by side, showing you what to do and how to be able to change. Now, a very important factor is necessary: confidence—certainty that we are always there helping you. It is this confidence that makes change happen because this is our role—helping each of you in this journey. And we get extremely happy when each of you succeeds.

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