Kuthumi – The Gifts We Give

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM  KUTHUMI!

Once again, I come to be with you, bringing wisdom, bringing peace, and much love to all. 

Today, I come to bring a gift. I would say that lately, you have received many gifts. It’s important that you make a list of all of them. These are enlightened gifts, gifts that will help you go through the ascension process more easily. 

Each of us is bringing a gift to assist you on this journey. So, make a small list of everything you are receiving. It may be complicated, difficult to activate all of them daily, but that’s where the focus and the real intention of what you want for your journeys lie. 

You complain a lot, and even when we give many gifts, you still complain. But you also complain about the heavy burden. Yet, we understand human nature. You would like something miraculous; a pill that could be taken, and everything would transform in your bodies, in your soul, and you would immediately be ready for the Fifth Dimension. 

Unfortunately, I tell you that this does not exist and never will, because the change needs to come from you. You need to want things to happen. You need to focus for things to happen. We cannot invade your free will. 

If it’s too much trouble to note all the gifts and how to use them, it’s okay; receive and forget. It’s all right. That doesn’t mean we will stop giving gifts because there will always be those who will use them and genuinely want to receive them at every moment. It’s up to each one to choose how to receive the gifts. With love, with joy, with gratitude, or finding it annoying; “One more thing to do daily!” 

Yes, we are trying to help, but if it bothers you so much, do nothing. Or you can also choose only some of the gifts, the ones that are easier, and use only those. There’s no problem. We won’t stop giving gifts because some don’t like them. We are doing our part. If it seems like too much to do, as I said, choose only some. But I can assure you that our intention is to help you go through everything that will come, in a light and quick way. 

So, what will be better? Doing nothing and going through everything intensely, complaining, suffering, or using the gifts we give daily and becoming stronger each time, so that in the future, the world may collapse around you, but you remain standing? What is your choice? 

Many choose accommodation, understanding that there is nothing to do; nothing to change; nothing to evolve. “I am what I am. I need to do nothing.” This is also a choice. This is also a realization. And in this case, I tell you that the ego continues to lead you. But if this is your choice, it’s okay. No one will be judged for their choices. You will attract the result of your choices. There is no judgment. So, open your hearts and receive or not. 

Know how to use everything you have already received. Believe that each gift is a quantum of energy added to yours, making you vibrate higher, bringing you much closer to the Fifth Dimension. Evolving takes work. Evolving is not easy. Evolving requires focus, requires wanting, requires committing to your own journey. 

So, may each of you choose the right path, or not. Because the right path for each of you is the one chosen by you. Let each one understand which path they are following; whether it’s the right one, the somewhat right one, or totally wrong. But no one will judge you. Never forget that down the line. If you are on the wrong path, there will be no one pointing fingers at you, but you will reap the result of your wrong choice because you will have strayed far from the path of the Fifth Dimension, and then it may be too late. 

So always choose your paths with the heart so that it leads you to the right path. You may take some shortcuts at times, but be able to return to the main path and thus continue the journey toward Light, toward the Fifth Dimension. No, I haven’t forgotten to give my gift. My gift is simple: this small guidance. 

Write everything down, make it a script, a guide so that you don’t forget anything. 

But still, I will leave a gift. My gift is a small pencil, a golden pencil, that has the power that everything it writes will come true, within what is possible. So use my pencil and write from the heart what you want to find on your journey; what surprises you want to encounter along the way.

And whenever you have a thought, a dream, take my pencil and write. I guarantee you, it will not be a waste of time because if you trust, if you believe, and if it is for your good, for the good of All, it will come true. Because today, all you need is to want, to believe, to effectively create. 

Translated by: Paula Prado

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