kuthumi – Whoever Follows the Light Will Go to the Fifth Dimension

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM KUTHUMI!

There is no rest in our time. We are always preparing and preparing new strategies, preparing new moments to act on behalf of this planet. Our hearts are filled with joy at the thought that many people will soon be standing side by side with us. Unfortunately, we would like it to be the whole World. But you know that’s not possible. Not everyone is ready to evolve, not everyone is ready to follow the Light.

But we still have a lot of hope that when everything comes to light, when the truths are revealed, many will come out of the shadows, out of the dogmas, out of the children, and join those who vibrate Light today. Those who are vibrating Light today must be ready to help those who will come, almost in desperation, trying to find a way into the Fifth Dimension.

The journey many of you have made here has been long and painful, but you continue to move forward, you keep accepting the proposals we make. And trusting in the journey towards the Light, towards the Fifth Dimension. However many of you will arrive, much further ahead in time, and you will have to run a lot, you will have to really want to change, to clean up, to let go. They will have to leave all their beliefs behind, but in a very short time.

But all those who choose to follow the Light may not have time to pass through the physical body, but they will pass through as energy and will be ready to reincarnate again in the Fifth Dimension. Then they won’t miss the journey. You won’t lose your way. Each of you doesn’t know how you’ll get to the Fifth Dimension. Many think they will go in the body, but they won’t. And many think they won’t go in the body, and they will.

Everyone already has a well-defined soul project, but the journey will never be wasted, because you are preparing for the Light and you will arrive in the Fifth Dimension as Light. And you can actually choose to reincarnate or not. There is no longer any obligation to do so. Everyone will do what their soul chooses. If they choose to follow the path of Light, rising higher and higher, that is great. If they choose to reincarnate to take part in this whole process, that’s great too.

Don’t worry about what the journey will be like. You have no idea what it will be like. But everyone who is on the journey will get there, one way or another. It’s important, my brothers, to stay on that buoy, letting the river take you. Without being afraid of where the river is taking you. If you lie on the buoy and let the river take you, the river will take you to the Light. Certainly to the Fifth Dimension. This is because you are surrendering to the Light. What does it mean to lie on the raft and let yourself be carried away? It’s surrendering to the Light, letting the Light lead the way. And this has only one result: it will take you into the Light, into the Fifth Dimension.

We all really want to be with each of you at the right moment so that you can get through with as little impact as possible. It is important to stay hydrated, eat a healthy diet, and most importantly, maintain a pure, enlightened heart and mind. Without letting any kind of bad feeling reverberate. And certainly not getting carried away by everything the outside world has to offer.

Be mindful of every step you take and every choice you make. Sometimes a simple fact is enough to set you back a long way. So try to listen to your heart. “Where should I go, what should I do?” Always listen to the Divine Presence within each of you. “What path should I take?” Ask for guidance. And lie down on the raft. Let the river take you.

Don’t lose heart. Don’t be afraid of anything. What happens outside, happens outside. What happens to others, others are going through. Focus on yourself. Make the decisions you need to make and follow the paths you need to follow.

And rest assured, you will get there. One way or another. Either physically or as energy. But you will get there. Trust in us. Trust in the Light. And surely you will reap excellent results.

Translated by Simarea Marques

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