Lanto –  Receive mine Gold Yellow Mantle

Dear brothers and sisters from planet Earth! I AM LANTO!

Following this trajectory of each one of us transmitting our energy to each one of you, today I come to bring you the energy of my Golden Yellow Ray. The Golden Yellow Ray brings joy, wisdom, calm, solution; it brings the rest to the heart , the rest to the mind, because the mind travels a lot when there is an obstacle to be overcome. There are many thoughts, many ideas, many feelings involved, and most of the time, what to do? The question never goes away.

To be under my Golden Yellow Ray is to receive wisdom, not the ready-made route, but let’s say subsidies so that you can make a good choice, have a good idea. No, don’t think that I always bring the solution and it will come to you; I bring the equilibrium of your mind, so that with a calm mind you can find your way. Because it is only in equilibrium that solutions appear. It is only with a heart full of Love that solution appears.

Now you have to the confidence that it’s the right solution. And how do you know it’s not something coming from the ego? If your mind is calm, if your heart is vibrant, the answer will never come from the ego. The ego always confuses because it tries to put so many ways out, so many solutions, that it ends up confusing your mind. So to find a solution, put on my Yellow Ray, call out to me, and I will immediately cover you with my Ray; serenade your mind, quiet your heart, and through your heart lavish much Love.

When all this happens you will see the solution, you will see the way, you will find peace in your mind and heart. Don’t doubt it. You are always capable of finding the right solution. It may not be the solution you want or would like, but rest assured that I will help you to find the right solution.

Translation by Virginia Leite

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