Mary – Honor My Son

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM MARY!

I come once again, to bring my mantle of Love and Light to each one of you. My sons and daughters, what does it mean to love my son? It is mainly to follow the path that he shows you, to follow the path of Love, peace, and harmony. Don’t use my son’s name in vain. Don’t think that you just need to say a few words and everything will be resolved, you will be on the right path.

My sons and daughters, we need to change, we need to believe that there is a lot to be done. You have to see that most of you are still a long way from reaching the right point. I don’t say this to discourage you, but to warn you because the ego keeps insisting on telling you: “You are ready! You did it! You are strong! You are powerful!” And this makes you believe that you have achieved it, that there is nothing more to be done, and that you are almost there, one step away from evolution.

As long as you have this understanding, you will be further and further away. Because, I will say, you will not reach the ideal point for evolution. You will be a little beyond halfway, but Father/Mother God, with his infinite mercy, will allow you to advance; will allow you to begin a new journey, but already within the Fifth Dimension.

So the big goal is to get to this point. None of you will be ready, 100% ready. For some of my sons and daughters, this process is not easy. You are still immersed in this world that you live in, where everything distracts you, where everything unbalances you, and you often let yourself be carried away; They don’t understand the trap, they don’t understand the trick, and they often jump head first into each process.

Continue the journey. Don’t be discouraged. But at each point, at each step taken, more attention is needed. I would say that the closer you get to that point I mentioned, the more difficult it will be to get there, because the challenges, the subterfuges, will be greater and greater, to effectively prove where you are. The tests will be increasingly intense, and it will be up to you to believe or give up. Nothing more to do.

Don’t hand over your journeys into our hands. Yes, we can help them overcome obstacles, but we can never take them out of their way. Honor my son on this date that arrives, on this date that was created by men. He has already learned that he has a birthday, as you say, twice a year; and he likes it. He likes to sit at the table where there is a family together, where Love is being distributed, where there is sincerity, where there is peace and harmony. Know that a place at the table will be occupied by him. Believe this and you will feel his presence.

Honor my son, not for the sacrifice he made, because he didn’t make any sacrifice. He was taken from this world by the greed and power of men, but he remained the great guardian of this planet and has committed himself to keeping the human population within the Love and words of his teachings.

Honor the one who helps you all the time. Follow the paths he taught, but follow them from the heart, not because “A”, or “B” or his religion prophesied so. Follow because his heart is connected to his, and he is there, inside you, watching, caring, and helping you continue on this journey. He is not outside, he will not arrive, he is, inside the heart of each one of you. You just need to allow him to enter, and just like each one of us, we will be there in his heart, but whenever you allow it. We will never invade this space.

Honor my son. Honor the Love that he taught you, and be on this date that arrives, the meeting of souls, a meeting of Light, a meeting of Love, and only then, will you be honoring everything he taught; everything he emanated. Never forget, my children, we never abandon you, but you always need to lead your paths correctly; and make the necessary changes; of course, we will always be by your side, offering you a hand, whenever you fall.

Believe this. We are pure Love, and it is this feeling that unites us with each one of you. Be Light. Be Love. Be unity among yourselves. 

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